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Another example of Stephen a smith being wrong

    Shifty Sticks456

    HTX 713 I swear there biggest choke artist in the world example them getting tackled on the one yard line losing the super bowl bc of it and also they had to win this game it was very important they will most likely lose bad to the saints

    Shifty Sticks456

    Then if if Houston wins there next game it’s all over

    marty chambers

    @L G R W They will they not beating the ravens and that not what I saw when I looked it up

    marty chambers

    @L G R W yep I think we can do it

    Gamer Boi

    Welp I was wrong too

Josue Tejada

The AFC South is one of those divisions that never disappoint when the rivals play each other



    Stan ezen

    Same for nfc north 98% of the time

    Lord Zeno

    @Joey Kelly Except for the colts #notacoltsfan

    RockyRock95 G

    What I’m noticing especially this game, Texans Defense is slow. Very slow, i see how teams with fast HB and WR can easily beat the Texans D, maybe even TE. They do decent in zone and man coverage, but in a long run… Texans don’t have the fastest dudes.

    RockyRock95 G

    And Texans only Pressure, J.J. Watt, out for the season, old as he is, Texans don’t seem to have any way to put pressure as Watt has. So my guess, Texans will make playoffs but not make the cut. Shame, but i am glad they have played so well as they have.

Rodney D

Great game Texans.
To my titans fans we need a kicker!!


    Yea That’s true. But in succup defense he has been injured most of the season. What turned the game around wasn’t the missed field goal. It was the great defensive play from the Texans on the 1 yard line. If his helmet never Jared the ball loose it would of been a touchdown. That int on the 1 yard line turned the momentum on the Texans favor.


    We need a D line…QBs have all day to throw

    Dellway Hellway


    Graham Hearn

    We would of been in overtime if we didn’t miss that field goal.

    Dellway Hellway

    @Graham Hearn or couldve won if jonnu wouldve held da ball but he did get hit hard

Frosted Ice Pharoah

My opponent had A.J. Brown and I had Derrick Henry. RIP


8:08 wait what?
Oh, and congrats to Hyde, 9er fan.

    S A

    For real! Wtf do they want these guys to do, tackle them with their minds?!


    @S A One’s mind is the strongest thing in the human body… let me stop


    imagine how Chiefs fan feel..they had Hyde during the preseason….imagine the KC offense with a more capable RB like him..scary

    S A

    @MarloSoBalJr 😂


    Hyde is a Beast!! First 1000 yard season!

Eman Gamer

8:07 “personal foul, tackling, defense #57”

    Th3 Kool Aid Man

    What a terrible call… that was a solid hit.

    G. T.

    That call was BS

    Uppity Sombitch

    whenever the crowd goes “oooohhh” expect a penalty

    100% worldview

    Making it female freindly

Tyler Miller

If this costs us the playoffs, I’m gonna have to wait extra time to have something to look forward to.


    @Go Steelers and got beat 21-7 by browns hahaha take your L


    @Go Steelers btw we play saints and Texans y’all over here playing jets lmao I would love to see Steelers have a Titans schedule

    Go Steelers

    @ar brah y’all dudes aren’t relevant at all we have an easy schedule this year wow whoopie due y’all the type of team to have an easy schedule and be garbage we play way better teams than y’all year in and year out last time y’all played Baltimore they held y’all scoreless at home and y’all are known to lose to Cleveland just stop kid your teams trash asf

    Go Steelers

    @ar if u new anything about football you would know we were depleted that game against a crazy browns roster lol your just a hater go find the nearest bleach bottle and chug it down like water

Milli Macro

That interception at the 1 yard line was amazing and he almost had the pick 6


    amazing as in flukey? yeah. but very good run

    Myles Curry

    B A ong, he is always hustling and making plays, and Mercilus is a beast. Justin is my favorite defense player besides Jamal Adams

    Connor Terry

    Theyve been soilid all year long. If we beat the cheifs hopefully we can breat down alvin amd brees


    Oh my fault I thought you were talking about the titans pick at the beginning of the game

    Godly Tings

    It wasn’t amazing at all bs interception

Chandler Jurenic

AFC South time and time again is the most exciting division when they play eachother. Absolutely incredible game.

Raymond Grover

Do the Texans really have to give me high blood pressure every game

    Myles Curry

    Raymond Grover at this point we just gotta be used to it 😂😂 if you an og Texan fan than you should mostly expect this lmao

    That OneGuy

    For real tho man


    Since 2002


    Ya, you don’t get the adrenaline dump watching Hallmark theater. 😏

    William Sanders

    Could be worse…you could be rooting for Dallas! lmao


When Will Fuller plays it’s harder to beat the Texans this is simple people. Blown out by Ravens and Broncos with no Will Fuller. Beat Patriots and Chiefs with Will Fuller.

    Juan Marquez

    corinth202 we should’ve kept vyncent Smith and released coutee, keke has been having some problems with staff

    Donald Pace


    Corn Star

    He has some catching problems but he’s a great receiver, personally I’d take Stills over him in my fantasy



    I think you are reaching because Fuller only had 1 catch against New England. It’s not like he was doubled team either.
    Those games you mentioned the Texans lost the defense gave up too many points.

    The Saints beat them the Texans with Fuller playing also.
    The way the Ravens are playing it doesn’t matter who lining up against them. They clicking right now.

    The Texans need to find a groove before playoffs start

    Peyton Daily

    It’s a shame that adoree was out to today. Will love to see the game week 17 with everyone healthy

John Smith Something

That moment you’re about to score a touchdown and the same play ends up being a touchdown for the other team

English with Rich

Mercilus! What a fantastic name for a linebacker!

    Fred Shute

    And his first name is Whitney

    Tradon Allgood

    The Whitney takes the FIRE out of it tho😂😂😂


    I bet you fools wouldn’t laugh about his first name in his face. No Merci 💪🏽💪🏽

    Tradon Allgood

    @JONES ROYCE SELASSIER A bet you’d win. He seems like he’d poke fun at that oxymoron-ish name tho.

Lamones Jr

Texans should bring back Stills next season


    I believe he’s under contract for next year

    Lamones Jr

    @stebo5562 Yea he is solid Stills Fuller and Hopkins are a hell of a tripple threat


    Real talk

    DawgHouse Fitness

    As a Saints fan it was hard to see him go. Hell of receiver and will make his best plays during the biggest moments. Watch him shine during the playoffs.


Time index 08:08 call for Unnecessary Roughness? Seriously?

He barely touched him.

Not to mention he’s wearing pads.

    Tradon Allgood

    @L G R WGood point, There’s also the ball carrier stiff arm directed towards the defenders facemask that is somehow accepted in the league. Twisting any players head opposite the direction of his bodys momentum is dangerous. Offensive & defensive players alike. This should be common sense.

    L G R W

    Tradon Allgood while we’re talking about officiating, IMO they really need to stop review just pass interference, and expand review to all penalties OR just stop reviewing penalties altogether. Makes zero sense we can review pass interference, but not delay of game, offside, roughness, etc.

    I don’t see why that isn’t reviewable considering it is a black and white, not like pass interference where we can disagree


    it looked like he leaned and the ref saw it with only his eyes and in real time, then once we all watched it 5 times at 3 different angles at .25 speed we saw it was the wrong one. whatever


    The NFL needs to start using VAR on penalties aswell as remembering that it’s a physical game and stop treating the players like preschoolers.

    The players themselves need to remember that also and think about how much they are getting paid to play the game and grow a set.

    If they can’t take the physicality of the game, retire and let someone that can take their place.

    I know I keep bringing up Rugby when I talk about the physicality, but it’s because they play a similar game yet only get a half time break and wear very little protection in comparison, not to mention get paid less than someone NFL players.

    I know it will never happen, but it would be interesting to see if the rules were changed to eliminate the two separate squads in a team and have them play both defense and offense at the same time like members of the public do whenever they play at home or in the park.

    Considering the offense do it in order to give the Quarterback time to make a pass, so it begs the question as to the need of two squads to begin with?

    It’s not like the defence can’t score when the opposing teams offense is on the pitch.

    Not to mention imagine how awesome it would be to see a interception followed by a long pass from the quarterback to score a Touchdown.

    For example. “INTERCEPTION!!! on the play. Gronkowski to Brady. Long pass to the Endzone. TOUCHDOWN!!! Patriots.”

    Kieran Law

    I love football so much…and that kind of call makes me just want to turn off the game.

Logan J

Scarlett unnecessary roughness was bs, that’s a clean shoulder what we love in football

    Pawaaof Negativaty

    Clean phuking hit

    marty chambers

    @Pawaaof Negativaty they made it up by not calling pass interference on the aj brown fade

    Chairman Meow

    yea that was a bunch of bullshit. he lead with his shoulder.

    Johnny. 987

    Would be nice if they could review/challenge some of those calls. I know you cant always do it or open pandoras box but sometimes these calls are just way off….

Doktor Bundy

8:10 these calls making me ask myself, if I want to follow NFL further

Ssolaym Rrezki

This game is an example of how one mistake in the first quarter can cost you the game

    Rayford Thomas

    Ssolaym Rrezki that INT on the 1 yard line


    Both threw picks inside the 10 so it equals out

    Damian Avalos

    Texans threw two int! Imagine if would’ve scored


    Yep lol

    akaPrisma Alt

    Can we take a moment to appreciate our blocked field goal that won us the game

Craig Whitmour

tell me how the hell did the ref call roughness on 57 with a shoulder tackle.


    because they saw it in real time on the ground once and we watched 4 different angles at quarter speed at least 5 times and saw that it was 3 inches away from the head

    Trxx_ PhArOh

    Jacorey Burton too far


    It´s a mulit billion dollar league and they cannot assign, lets say 3 refs, for each game. Replays are almost instant nowadays. Whats so hard to put 3 refs on each game in the booth to watch the replay quickly and then overrule the ref on the field in such obvious situations.


    @bowlchamps37 because the nfl has enough stoppages as it is. and cfb is obnoxious af for the reviews on every single play or score. and having calls go one way or another way is just the way a sport operates. and this non-call was not “obvious”. it was ver close. you even hear the clank similar to that of two helmets.

    Bao Khong

    The ref didn’t really see the hit. Im sure he heard the hit, saw the player getting jarred, and was like “Im not sure what happened but I think that was illegal”. Flag!


“Unnecessary roughness” Translation: “He tackled him!”

    Oscar B

    DieFlabbergast foreal. That was a clean tackle. Satisfying to watch too. I keep replaying it 😂

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