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Gilmore sealed DPOY with that 60 yard pick six.

    Ty Nao

    Gilmore the cheater


    Ty Nao Gilmore the cheater because Dalton throws right to him?



    Ctsmtbw Ctsmtbw

    @brandon carter MT had 8 catches for almost 90 yards as a rookie caught a long one against him as well go watch the highlights now i want to see him stick with him the whole game if they meet up in the SB

    brandon carter

    @Ctsmtbw Ctsmtbw I watched the game.. he only had two catches against Gilmore… that was Gilmore second game playing for new england…he didn’t do good that year until December when he really started to lock down recievers… saints will never make it to a super bowl so that match up will never happen again…


Gilmore has 2 touchdowns on the season and has given up 0 touchdowns. Defensive MVP?

    Ctsmtbw Ctsmtbw

    @Colin Keaney he @cantgaurdmike tho


    He definitely should be in contention as he is a shutdown CB and nullifies the best WR of the opposition.

    Ctsmtbw Ctsmtbw

    @vipahman he @cantgaurdmike tho


    Hell yeah!

Tony Zheng

Stephon Gilmore is going to be defensive player of the year

    Zane Fiorito

    @L . O . R Nick Bosa

    L . O . R

    Zane Fiorito Nah. Him and TJ Watt are in the same boat. Gilmore is beyond every corner in the league right now. 👌🏼

    Bentley Blandino

    @Andrew Z they have 21 INT so far this year with Buff and Miami to go

    Harry Singh

    L . O . R AD winning DPOY

    L . O . R

    Harry Singh Who the hell is AD?

Brian Streng

Dalton tried throwing in the towel, but that got intercepted too.

    Arn Saknusun

    @Go Steelers As if the Patriots needed to cheat to beat the shittiest team in existence. Belichick had nothing to do with the film crew whatsoever in the least. And this will soon be stated publicly by the NFL itself.


    Damn. See what u did there. 👏

    Brian Streng

    @Veilded who exactly is the “original guy?” If you read the comments, someone actually reminded me that I made a similar comment during the Jets/Patriots game. So if anything, they copied me.

    Ste Ven


    bigg Ralph

    @Go Steelers I knew somebody was going 2say it lol

Intellectual One

Dalton plays fetch with his dog

That gets intercepted too

    Ty Nao

    @Intellectual One why you a cheater?

    Intellectual One

    @Ty Nao Don’t talk about your team like that. Even though are cheaters doesn’t mean you should call them that.

    Ty Nao

    @Intellectual One My team doesn’t cheat I’m not a Pats fan

    Fortune Maker

    @MRTUPAC 28 that is the sound of a joke flying over the top of your head so fast you didnt notice

Dingy Plingy

Gilmore user lurking like its madden.


    PoloNoLogo LOL

    Nocturnal Recluse

    @Dingy Plingy Idk bout this year tho

    candace thornton

    PoloNoLogo ppl postp

    Dingy Plingy

    Nocturnal Recluse The pats depth last test was worse this year, and last year we still won. I still have faith in our chances

    Nocturnal Recluse

    We’ll see.

Lost KingXJX

*Stephon Gilmore had a sprite cranberry before the game*

    Alex Rivas

    Ty Nao you just made that up lol


    PoloNoLogo u see that burkead juke tho 🤮🤮🤮


    @Juan Cortez Muro no one cares about ur shitty video

    Ty Nao

    Gilmore is a cheater

    David Huezo


Day Be Trippin

Andy Dalton must’ve thought Gilmore and Jackson were aj green

    Juan Cortez Muro

    This Video Will Make Your Day🤣🤣

    L.L. Craft

    In his defense, Gilmore’s twp picks were just great plays, especially the first one where he caught it one handed with the receiver trying to break it up. Second one he plucked that ball right out from between the receivers hands, He just keeps getting better.

    Matthew Rosemeier

    Day Be Trippin 😂


N’Keal Harry is gonna be the key to get this offense going again

    Ty Nao

    @Rusty Nail search “Pats cheating” even the ballboy’s text messages who deflated the footballs leaked. Are you too stupid to research?

    iraje hall

    @Ty Nao you should be carefull all of that cheating your wife does and all her texts to her lovers don’t get leaked… oh wait, nobody cares for a whiny loser having a cheating wife… too bad i guess.

    Anthony Desanto

    He might be key beat ravens


    Capitol City Fence its the receivers not the Tom Brady take a look at the dropped passes and how much Tom Brady has to throw the ball away.

Uncle Ruckus

Dalton: Want to see me throw a pick

Want to see me do it again

    Stuart Coupe

    First time could’ve been a fluke. He proved it wasn’t. 👍😆

    Juan Cortez Muro

    This Video Will Make Your Day🤣🤣

    Mike Doyle

    Wanna see me run to that mountain and back?

    Wanna see me do it again! Lmao



    Jayion Fields

    Uncle Ruckus lmaoooooo


Gilmore is defensive player of the year


    @HALO LOVE how? You do know the Patriots play 16 games like every other team, right? You don’t think he’s saying Gilmore is player of the year from one game, do you? He has been doing this ALL YEAR!!!! He is doing things rarely done by a cornerback statistically. A lot of ex NFL players are talking about how great of a year he is having.

    Ty Nao

    @QueenFanPiper62 stop cheating

    Weston Parker

    @HALO LOVE the “bangles” haha that cracked me up

    Andrew Martin

    @Ty Nao how

eric houtman

Dalton got real mad at the sidelines; threw his helmet, Jackson intercepted that too

    Juan Cortez Muro

    This Video Will Make Your Day🤣🤣

    eric houtman

    @Bronze Tiger thanks. Comment section is the place to be

    Ty Nao

    The Pats recorded that play too

    Darth Belichick

    @Ty Nao And your brain is “DUMB TOO”

    Divyne Apollon


Jayden Joseph

It’s always fun to watch a QB who has great chemistry with his receivers. Dalton and the Pats corners were on the same page all day.


    @Kenneth Moaratty so true lol


    @ArmadylRush with the filming it’s very obvious that they did 🙂

    Crimson Dawn

    Too bad they were on the same page but the wrong book when playing KC.

    BH Music

    Rivers had studied with the Vikings D too

    idanos 1611

    Yeah, Jackson and Gilmore were like telekinetic

abdul-rahman hussein

the Bengals QB threw up after the game

but that was intercepted too

    The defaulty Boi

    abdul-rahman hussein lol


When you try to throw the game and that gets intercepted too.

    Hafsa Wafi

    You made my day

    LP6 Sports

    Hafsa Wafi he literally copied the top comment lol

Chesscom Support

Dalton in 1st half: Guess who’s back? 🙂
Dalton in 2nd half: Guess who’s back? 🙁

    Potty The Parrot

    Chesscom Support Pats remembered they were onto Cincinnati

    Gage Johnson

    Back again


I looked at the offensive rankings:

I saw the Pats twice

    John Gaskill

    Well when you have the easiest schedule itd be sad if you had bad offensive rankings.

Fiona Wang

When your defense has more receptions then your top receiver…

    Juan Cortez Muro

    This Video Will Make Your Day🤣🤣


    They have a top receiver? 🤔

    Hafsa Wafi

    You guys are hillarious yall make youtube betta

    Jayden Joseph

    @Hafsa Wafi I love reading the comments on highlight videos, they’re so good

    Ray Marshall

    @armyreader1 Yes they do. His name is UR Momma. Been catching balls via tea bags for years

Jesse Shapiro

Gilmore is locked in that defensive player of the year I legit think he’s going to finish the year with less than 500 yards receiving given up 0 TDs and he will probably lead the NFL in picks or be top 5 for sure

    Josh Jones

    Going to be hard to beat Minkah Fitzpatrick.

    Jesse Shapiro

    @Josh Jones hes had some bad games he also gave up the TD to AB and he gave up the TDs in the fight game against Cleveland


When Gilmore’s on the field…the receiver becomes the cornerback.

    Ty Nao

    It’s almost like he knows their plays…

    Cruz Faria

    The corner is the reciver to

    Tommy Poulin

    Ty Nao keep on hating kid

    Ty Nao

    @Tommy Poulin keep cheating kid

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