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Let’s go Chiefs

    [HEL] beastmode

    Yap go of chiefs

    Po Coatl Mexia


    Chikin nugets

    He said greetings from Mexico


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J. Carson

Man I turned it off after the 3rd quarter lmfao this game was over from the jump.. wadup #KC


    J. Carson Best Highlights of the season🔥


    It was like the raiders game, over in the first half

    J. Carson

    @InfamousDylanJ ha lol and those bums lost today

Justinn Zamora

Snowy NFL games are always a treat. Good win Kansas City.

    Mike Young



    Being at them is another story, your freezing your toes off but still having fun

Ahmier Oliverwilliams


    CoolCat 33

    @Steezy wasn’t choking or lucky. Tom Brady just had more experience in playoff scenarios.

    Louis Harley Aguilar

    Stop yelling, yall gonna choke like always


    I’m a chiefs fan but we’re not gonna take it all. We have a tendency to let the big games slide out from underneath us. I hope I’m wrong.


    @CoolCat 33 I know Tom is way more experienced, but calls for both teams were very iffy, roughing the passer on Tom was a highlight of a bullshit flag.

    Denver T Varley

    They will be out first playoff game! Ravens all day!!

Michael Boychuk

3 things consistent in my life
1. Being single
2. Being unemployed
3. Chiefs winning

    Reg Abarym

    Definitely 3 things that will change

    erwin fischer

    @Zach Drake 3 points bro

    erwin fischer

    A lot of bandwagon donkeys here who are sakty that kc will rule the leage the next decade while broncos gonna suck. Hope you enjoyed your manning time cause its over

    Zach Drake

    @erwin fischer We did enjoy the Manning years. DEN sucks now, but they always bounce back fast. The team Dominated and won a SB. What has KC done is the 4 years since SB 50? Nothing. Mahommes gets hurt every game. How long will that sustain?


    Michael Boychuk so go get a job

Jack Passan

Chiefs look like a super bowl team


    @Jack Passan Chiefs beat the Ravens this season already didn’t they 😁

    Davonta Action

    @Slim is chillin yeah but if he play chiefs it will be at home lol. Both of the games he lost against the chiefs was om the road and lost by less then a touchdown.

    Davonta Action

    @Raresnce yeah but ravens will be at home this time with marcus peters,jimmy smith,terrell suggs,lj fort,chuck clark and josh bynes right😁😁😁

    Slim is chillin

    Davonta Action won’t matter. The chiefs are actually better on the road than they are at home

    Fsu08 Alvarado

    But there the chiefs so they won’t be

Senya -

Denver: “We got this. We’re on a roll”

Mahomes: “Hold this deep ball”

    Dont fear Basher is here

    @Myst1c L3g3nd sure but mahomes got even MORE Talent

    Nicholas Denittis

    @Aaron Weaver Dude, your team sucks. Shutup.

    YaBoi Blaze420

    @Myst1c L3g3nd but lock did throw an interception.. he actually threw 2 if u count the Int by Tyrann that got brought back by an imaginary hold on Ward.. atleast do u research before u run ur mouth

    YaBoi Blaze420

    @Never Sober mahomes is no Lamar jackson u say.. it’s funny that mahomes is 2-0 against lamar and the ravens lololol


Mahomes deep balls are just beautiful!

    Danny Carmichael

    jeffhreid You beat me to it. Like minds. 👏👏👏


    ha gay!


    He knows a lot about beautiful balls.

    RDS Respect -

    Who else read that wrong

    John Downs

    I love how Mahomes says “screw the bad weather, I’m just gonna keep gun slingin.”

Aryaman Varshney



    Aryaman Varshney Best Highlights of the season🔥

    Water Girl

    Patrick Snowhomes! ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

Aryaman Varshney

The snow makes this game just that more funny


Denver: Were going to win this game!

Denver’s Defense: Aight ima head out

    Bobby Tucker

    @Post Stalone thats because drew lock is the antichrist

    Post Stalone

    Bobby Tucker give the anti christ more credit. No way he’d play so badly

    Bobby Tucker

    @Post Stalone you just opened my eyes ……..ur absolutely right lock is antigood

Shawn Christianson

Matthieu and Clark are looking like the additions KC expected them to be. I’m loving this defense.

    Mark Froman

    Pio Pius Lets see them shut down a good offense in January when it matters most.

    Blake G

    Donald Wilson the only two good players yk of That is

    Amateur At Best

    @Phil Swift can’t wait to see even more of Okafor. Dude is a beast 💪

    Amateur At Best

    @Phil Swift really hoping he recovers quickly.
    And I think Ogba is out for the season 😪

    Fsu08 Alvarado

    Till you play the Ravens lol


Nothing like football in the snow

    reduce cotwo

    @6:50, lol

    CoolCat 33

    Would like but you’re at 420

    Bryan Gorman

    I was the 420th like.

    Gary Oakham

    Dome stadiums are crap

Sahar Aruk Bissong

nobody is talking about that sick 2 point conversion by the chiefs

    Derek Mathews

    That was a crazy two point conversion!

    Jaime Acosta

    That was a thing of beauty under those circumstances. Lamar who? Patrick being Patrick.

    Jaime Acosta

    @TheRadKad Fazo Fire on ice!


    that was a middle finger to the donkeys


    Sahar Aruk Bissong ahhhh your mad

Andres A Brito

Looks like Lock is still a Chiefs fan


Mahomes, Jackson, and Watson will be the face of the AFC for a long time

    Blurry Face

    Bobby Tucker if lock had a receiver who could catch a pass That might help. If they could run the ball and not pass 40 times might help. If the line gave him more than 2 seconds to throw. That might help If the defensive backs could cover someone and not let a team complete every pass they throw, that would help So Drew must suck since he can’t play every position

    Dic sheff



    Zach Drake I feel like the rules are changing every year to allow running for qbs more and more I know it can take just 1 bad hit but there getting rarer and rarer


    What about Kelce?

Feminism Destroys Men

Media last week: Drew Lock is a Franchise QB
Media tomorrow: The jury is still out on Drew Lock

    Derion Sanders

    @Rayford Thomas I want Burrow and Lawrence

    Rayford Thomas

    Derion Sanders you know damn well that ain’t possible. Their record too good 😂

    Derion Sanders

    @Rayford Thomas yeah because we don’t tank

    Rayford Thomas

    Derion Sanders and out of the playoff picture 😂

Adam Holubar

Travis Kelce is a Beast!!!!!


    Adam Holubar Best Highlights of the season🔥

    Jaime Acosta

    The dude this year is the best in his position. George Kittle for San Francisco is right behind him.

    Benjamin Knoll

    @Jaime Acosta This year? I mean, I hate these discussions but you could easily argue 3-4 years now

    Shane Nelson

    @Jaime Acosta While Kittle is a monster, and Ertz is the model of consistency to an extent? Kelce has been a monster for a prolonged period of about 4-5 years. Broncos fan here, and his route running is maybe the best we have all seen from a Tight end. Ever. Not the fastest. Not the biggest and strongest. But he is so crisp in, and out of his routes he gets open even with the other teams best, and most athletic cover guys shadowing him. Kittle reminds me of a poor man’s Gronkowski. Physical specimens, and supremely athletic. But they will have shorter prime window, then a guy with an elite level skill set that Kelce possesses. He is shifty, durable, great hands, and has something that ages well in the NFL. Elite route running. Guys like Jerry Rice, Tony Gonzalez, and Larry Fitzgerald? They will play as long as they can and be productive because they are so hard to defend even when they lose a step. The best coverages get beaten by best route running receivers, and Tight Ends. Anyone strictly relying on elite athleticism? They have a dominant small prime window, and then they are done. Kelce is still quite a bit ahead of Kittle. 1 1/2 years of elite play does not get anyone mantle of leagues best at any position. Aaron Donald did not take leagues best defensive lineman mantle that quick. Kittle sure as hell ain’t. Just my opinion as a Broncos guy who sees Kelce 2 times every year. Probably closest thing to a perfectly rounded Tight End the football Gods could create themselves. Unlike young and prime Gronk who took the biggest shots due to his physical stature? Has no real negative attributes. His blocking is even average, to slightly above. He will probably play till the mid-late 30’s while doing it at an All-Pro type of level. Very special player, who will be hard to surpass at that position, with Mahomes throwing to him.


Chiefs have come a long way since that embarrassing loss to the Colts.

    Benjamin Knoll



    In self defense, almost all of their best playmakers on both side of the ball were either getting injured or were already injured.


    @Mr1mar4 and houston cause how did broncos beat them but we didn’t

    Sam Deabler

    ExtraSalt I would say the most embarrassing loss came from the Titans… coming from a chiefs fan who watches every snap. That game really woke the team up because they had no excuses. Everyone was healthy for the most part. They just lost a game they shouldn’t have and now they’ve won 4 straight since then.


    Hg_TwO_EaSy12 the Broncos are a decent team, the Texans deserves the win against the cheifs

Kevin McClintock

Broncos fan here – I hate saying this, but the Chiefs look like a Super Bowl bound team.

    James Medina

    Kevin McClintock Ravens Flock

    Greg El-Bitar

    James Medina they beat the Ravens convincingly in week 3

    James Medina

    Greg El-Bitar If they meet again it will be in Baltimore

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