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I swear these two teams go against each other every year.


    Why does it seem like the Seahawks play the Vikings a lot too?

    Dangeruss Wilson

    @Vondeebs yeah and they played 2 monday night games past 2 years


    @Jermaine Harris If we go against the Panthers in a season that means we automatically go to the playoffs!

    Jermaine Harris

    WoahhWilly we the number 1 seed rn and we clinched the playoffs🥳🥳🥳

    Jermaine Harris

    Probably not after tonight but still 🥳🤪

    Edit: even if the saints win tonight, we are still the 1 seed

Matthew Greco

Why do the Seahawks always make everything interesting???



    Shin Gouki

    If by interesting, you mean stressful, then yes. They make everything stressful.


    Because the Seahawks are The World’s Most Interesting Team. Stay thirsty my friend.


    And stressful lol, let’s go hawks.

Eyeman Igur

2019, where the best QB is black and the best RB is white.

    Christopher Day

    @d bc of course but he gets the added bonus of taking hits like a running back. Remember what happened to RG3 and Andrew Luck?

    Jay Bee Dreams

    Your pretty much right… That’s today’s game I know my stuff Carolina ain’t nothing no one can do it all like Christian 💯 but the other white running backs where are they.

    Sheila Robinson

    Tyler Allen The Ravens won vs. the Seahawks but the defense carried the day. Lamar was average that game. He’s clearly MVP but don’t embellish his accomplishments in order to belittle Russell Wilson. That is not a good look 😩


    @zigolleid I knew a young hoe once, she was koo.

Fernando Comics

“Finally, a win that isn’t a close game.”

Seattle: “Did you say close game ?”

    Justinn Zamora


    Hawks be like, “Do you want us to play with your blood pressure?”


    Stolen comment

    Khalil Ali

    Justinn Zamora that’s their kink


    No, that’s the Saints’ objective more than anything.


Score: 30 – 10
Seahawks fans: Are you guys finally going to blow out another team this year?
Seahawks: No, I don’t think we will.


    Seahawks: Not when you have money on the spread

    Wathnak O

    Seahawks: We don’t want u guys bet money on us..🤭

    Ryan Staiger

    I think every game except for our losses has been 1 possession


    had them as my def this week – effin aholes

    Douglas Brisbois

    @Ryan Staiger Their only win that was by more than one possession was against Arizona early in the season.


seahawks panthers lowkey good rivalry over recent years

    Mike Green

    @John M why do you care so much man? If you’re are a Panthers fan then good luck with the rest of the season. I hope things get better for your next year.

    Sea Hawks

    How about the last 10 years, 3 of 5 lol

    Sea Hawks

    7-2 vs Panthers in recent…8 games

    سريع جندي

    Sea Hawks the years before the 5 games Seattle were Super Bowl contenders, then Carolina were super bowl contenders

    John M

    @Mike Green lol never meant to put so much effort into the comment, I just thought it was funny. I swear I’m not bitter also, I have a soft spot for the Seahawks (especially wilson) and want the panthers to keep losing as we rebuild. You guys have a great team. I hope you knock the Saints out of the playoffs.

Jephthe Simon

Congratulations Pete Carroll for 100 regular season wins.

Go Hawks

    Marius van Rensburg

    Jephthe Simon Increased gum sales by 200%.


    @Marius van Rensburg LOL

Another close game

This is the way

    Markel Henry



    This is the way

    Alec Poff

    This is the way

    Max Jensen

    This is the way

    Colin Scott

    This is the way

K Jack

Seahawks locker room before easy games: “let’s keep it close for the fans”


    Or, “lets keep it close for vegas”………its seriously getting suspicious at this point

    P 12345


    only truth

    Naw , for the Vegas ‘BOOKIES’ ! …

    only truth

    @JOE SIX PACK … EXACTLY , Dude ! … 7mins left , they up 20 & carolina hadn’t done NOTHING ALL DAY ! … 2mins left , The Games’ ON THE LINE ??? … 🔊 C’MON MAN , it’s some ‘Funny’ stuff goin on ??? ! … 😉👌

    Loukhi Lee

    @JOE SIX PACK you’re so right… Vegas gambling owns the NFL and has ruined the sport


Seattle somehow keeps finding different ways to make every game close.

    Connor Lee

    @Joe Bloe ok buddy we’re #1 seed in the NFC but ok


    @Connor Lee *#1

    Connor Lee

    @AsapZombii even better


    @Connor Lee number 1 you bot.

    Livingthat Twelvelife

    @Joe Bloe Uh, no. It’s called the two minute drill, and almost every team is susceptible to it to some extent.

mark b

Seahawks in start of 4th Quarter: Hey something’s wrong…

Seahawks by end of 4th quarter: Now that’s much better

    Blaize Watts

    I hate that. It looks like when their in control, they get the call. It’s time to start point shaving.

    Joseph Webb


    Shin Gouki

    @Hasan Abid At least he’s consistent.

    Nowhere Man

    It’s the 2015 Panthers syndrome

Nick Estes21

Seeing shades of beast mode from Carson. Hopefully he doesnt go to the raiders also lol


    No. Never beast mode, it’s Carson mode.

    Toxic [GD]

    He has the potential to go full sicko mode

    Rip Cameron Boyce

    @Toxic [GD] now that I say yes to

Slotty X

Seahawks still in the hunt for most heart attacks in a season.


    11-3 with a net point of 26, lmao

    Jason M

    @Akielah Wiggins yeah Panthers aren’t terrible but after losing the Superbowl they haven’t been the same

    Akielah Wiggins

    @Jason M oh i know trust! Thats why they fired Ron because he hasn’t been the same either while keeping inadequate staff because they friends



    Sea Hawks

    I’m 37 , no gray hair yet, Mariners, Sonic’s, Seahawks…


At this point, the panthers should just put McCaffrey as their starting QB. Dude already does everything for the team.

    Ryan Purple Nintendo Eater

    @Ryan Staiger would help if they actually played there other 3 backs they might as well cut them


    He is literally the only reason they even get any points at all. That’s bad.

    Alex Yang

    Did you see his attempted pass tho?

    Eric Machleit

    panthers should honestly pick up Mariota in the offseason and run an almost college style offense. If Mariota is used right that offense could be elite

    William Newman

    @Eric Machleit or at least better

Full Send

Me: No don’t say it

Jinx: close game

Seattle: Did I hear close game?

Purple Panther

Seahawks: Let’s not completely destroy them

Keep it close yeah?

    Sakura Gittens

    Purple Panther yep

true Aquarius

Smh give Josh Gordon more receptions, he’s a top talent

    Sea Hawks

    Or he does bail us out….

    kalle roseworld

    @true Aquarius thats why ur sitting in the YouTube comment section instead of calling plays


    @Mark Bailey 😎 sorry not sorry bub.


    Tobias Spears agreed. Pass defense is terrible. Our vets bailed us out with turnovers. Zero pass rush. Now without clowney, Kendrick’s, shaq, b wagz, ansah, quandre diggs, penny. I would honestly not be shocked if we lose to Arizona

    true Aquarius

    @kalle roseworld Stfu it’s not that deep

Kasim Mawari

Highlights: Show extra point

Me: Oh no here we go again


    hes my kicker bcus i was thought he was over having bad weeks -_-

    Sea Hawks

    It’s so aggravating….


Me: I can carry 100 pounds

Christian McCaffrey: I can carry the entire Panthers team

    Rip Cameron Boyce

    @Connor Lee it was a example you steroid monster

    iSLaND CHiEF

    C0135 oooohhh

    Connor Lee

    @Rip Cameron Boyce lmao steroids? im 15 my dude and i can squat like almost 200 and i dont even work out that much

    Jordan Taylor

    @Rip Cameron Boyce my morning dump is 100lbs

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