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Bears Almost Pull Off Last-Second Lateral Play!

Chicago almost finds some last second magic with a lateral play all the way into the red zone. The Chicago Bears take on the Green Bay Packers during Week 15 of the 2019 NFL season.

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NFL Bears Packers

Kenneth Teng

What is 49 doing

    aaron berhane

    Kenneth Teng trying to be the hero of the game instead of taking the W


    Never should come down to 49


    Kenneth Teng he couldn’t have it would been a penalty

    Curtis 23


The awesome guy

Actually saw this live while waiting for the Rams-Cowboys game.

    aaron berhane

    DangMamma yeah man sure

    Ramon Turner

    Congratulations whoop di doo so did 10 million other Americans

    Omni Pepper

    Ramon Turner that’s a minority of Americans so good for him still

    Eric Mendoza

    So what did you think? To The awesome guy..

super allstar

Why tf the tightend didnt lateral

ARC Music

NFL player need to learn how to rugby pass then these lateral plays would be a lot more successful


    As an english fan I couldn’t agree more

Josue Tejada

As a Packers fan, I had a heart attack watching this


    The packers won because of a terrible punt catch interference call it is game 2 that they won because of bad officiating

    aaron berhane

    Josue Tejada packers be giving us heart attacks with these close games

    aaron berhane

    MafiaboysWorld you never know lol

    Justin Credible

    cstriet sure that was a bad call but football doesn’t always come down to one call, especially in the start of the game. Besides you can’t be certain the bears would’ve got a touchdown off that play.

    Tree Hugger boi

    @Justin Credible yeah but the packers scored off of that bad call. It was a good game either way.

Omni Pepper

I almost got a heart attack

    Khii SG

    Good to see u again

    Omni Pepper

    Khii SG you too man!

Tariq Ginkinger

49 could’ve just pitched it Robinson and it would’ve been a touchdown

    Tariq Ginkinger

    A I dunno but it wouldn’t have been forwards Robinson was about 2 yards behind the guy with ball


    A nah Robinson was behind him

    Joe Shaloom

    I know, 49 probably had money on the Pack to cover because nothing else makes sense.

    Joe Shaloom

    @Tariq Ginkinger Lol, you have no idea what you’re talking about. You should stay far FAR away from talking football.

    riyaz ajmeri

    But his idiot self cant see

Jorge Naranjo

Could had lateral ot to the last guy (12) and he walks it in

    Bloc Thief

    49 wanted to be a star

    Anas Hussain

    Bloc Thief yea he ain’t gonna be in the league next year so he wanted to be a hero🤦‍♂️

    Roxann Athey

    @Anas Hussain atleast he made it were u at oh yeah ur house💀

    RespectThaGoat 2k

    Roxann Athey where* you at? In the bathroom with #49 in your mouth

philly_ sports

0:15 Look at how wide open Allen Robinson is. If he gets the toss, it’s definitely a touchdown. Shame.

    Perrione Harris


    Bloc Thief

    17 could’ve also picked it up

    #Trivia Number1

    Bloc Thief, wtf was Anthony Miller doing?😂

    Anas Hussain

    #Trivia Number1 I think it was considered as a forward lateral if he picked it up I don’t know i thought it was a fumble tho they didn’t explain that


If he pitches that ball it’s a td

Surya Subramanian

If he had immediately pitched it to #12 right after he received the ball, they would have scored


They should of won this game but there was a terrible call

    aaron berhane

    cstriet I agree but they still should of had to get the 2 pt conversion

    STaTiiC Clan Official

    Which terrible call?


horsted tried to outrun 4 players instead of flipping it to an open allen robinson. feels bad:(


49 just wanted to shine…….smh

This is a good representation of the bears season tho

    aaron berhane

    Gary1234 exactly he wanted to be the star instead of taking the W 😂😂

    Joe Burrow Highlights

    Gary1234 this got me so mad, my Saints just need the Packers to lose one game for us to get #2 seed, now we have to rely on David Blough and Kirk Cousins…


    aaron berhane Probably because he doesn’t get much playing time 😂

    Tyron Wells

    Joe Burrow Highlights Vikings can beat us if we play like this

HT82 Smash

First the Patriots last year and now this

Jamisa Sana

Who did 49 think he was?? PRIME AP???

    Roxann Athey


Shawn Bell

17 could’ve just picked it up. My eagles won but somehow I’m still mad after seeing that effort 😂😂 😂


    No he couldn’t. It was fumbled forward. Which means it can’t be advanced. The only thing they could do was hope the defender picked it up and they could force him to fumble.


    dash4800 no, 49 pitched it backwards as he was being dragged down then the ball went forwards off the packers defender’s foot, so 17 could’ve picked it up

    Jason Cigan

    Forward fumble recovery in final minute of game = you get the ball where it was fumbled, not where it was recovered. That rule is there specifically to prevent situations like this where it could be a backdoor way to lateral it forward

Breon Mitchell



RIP Bears season 🙁

Hopefully we get an actual Tight End and Offensive Line for next season.

kyle clark

Did watch this game but after seeing this I would have been really mad watching it live but ya he should have lateraled it to 12 but instead he fumbled

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