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Texans Defense Comes Up BIG on 3rd & 4th Down

Houston's defensive line brings the pressure to force a turnover on downs. The Buffalo Bills take on the Houston Texans during Wild Card Weekend of the 2019 NFL postseason.

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Nehemiah Howard

This is so bills



Deja vu. Week 1 jets blew 16-0 lead to bills. Wild card bills blow 16-0 lead to Texans.

    Blackthorn 461

    amirhasdrip_ they haven’t yet. It could go to overtime


    It’s has

    Blackthorn 461

    ryan17 yup

    Spencer Osei

    Buffalo still choked , shouldve ended in regulation.

Mackenzie Cutshaw

Hey now nfl there still time left for the bills to atleast take it to overtime

Frantz Lenin

Lmfao Josh Allen is such a bum 😂😭

    Yael Nunez

    Frantz Lenin yeah he did do some dumb things but even the commentator said that’s not his problem the problem was the coach calling very bad plays when they needed a first down and please be smart he ain’t no bum he outplayed Watson

    The Goat

    Tyree McGee Your not seriously comp watson and allen? Y’all’s Offenseive line is better than ours but yet still lost..imagine if watson had a better o line.

    Frantz Lenin

    Yael Nunez

    Lol he did not outplay Watson, that’s why he lost lol

    Frantz Lenin

    Yael Nunez

    Watson played against the 3rd best defense in the NFL, Allen played against the 28th best defense in the NFL. Allen did not out play Watson, you’re drunk and dumb.

itachi steff

Damn wtf, really big plays god damn

An angry Jets Fan

This 4th quarter has been entertaining

Lil Berrr

This game is a little intense😂

Ty A

Singletary really blew that one, shoulda had the vet in

    I’m wrong but

    Ty A dude there were like 3 people


He had the whole o line on 4 guys and still got sacked lmao

    Samantha Winstead

    Brett Knutsen watson has a WAY WORSE o line and still made magic happen.

    Hai Voai


    Brett Knutsen

    Samantha Winstead Yeah and Allen’s not as good as Watson


    Samantha Winstead he’s faster more agile slippery and more athletic he’s gonna be harder to sack than josh Allen who is very athletic but he ain’t athletic enough to do anything when his whole offensive line acts like it’s a HB screen


    Brett Knutsen Allen don’t even have a true number 1 receiver Watson has dhop fuller and kenny stills really good receiving core not saying Watson is better or worse but to do what he did with the receivers josh Allen had he’s pretty damn good

Leo Dunson

The game is on the line bro, just throw it smh

    JonMarc Daley

    Leo Dunson THANK YOU!!!! OMG THE WIGGA DIDNT EVEN TRY TO RUN FORWARD! Man some of these white boys got no speed

    Cole 19

    @JonMarc Daley you wanna be pursued by 3-4 6’4 270 pound men whilst trying to get downfield

I’m wrong but

he got so lucky at the end

360 Cam

The fact that JJ watt is playing rn is remarkable 🤦🏾‍♂️💯


LOL @ Josh Allen! Here let me lateral it and throw it to an OL! Both teams suck but the better team won.

    Samantha Winstead

    It’s real simple. One team had deshaun Watson and one didn’t.

Tara Plock

Josh Allen has the IQ of a 4 year old.. He takes the WORST sacks known to man

    Chaldean King

    Frantz Lenin yeah it is she’s making the blood sign what else you think that is 🙄 confident in ur ignorance

    Frantz Lenin

    Chaldean King

    Nobody makes that sign except white girls on Instagram, it hasn’t been a gang sign since like 1990, lol boomer.

    Hai Voai



    Tara Plock ummm have you ever been across the line from Jj watt one of the greatest ever and Whitney mercilus one of the best now there are good pass rushers on the Texans

Prison Mike

And it still went to OT 🤦‍♂️

Texan Football Houston

Got lucky we did with poor play calling 22-19 🤘


The bills really did this to themselves

Samantha Winstead

Just here to remind y’all that deshaun is a goat in big moments🥰🥰

Jaguar Warrior

Texans are true fighters, kept up with the Bills even when they were counted out.

Todd P

When it was all said and done, Allen played like the QB I’ve always knew him to be.

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