Deshaun Watson Brings the OT Magic! | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Deshaun Watson Brings the OT Magic! | NFL 2019 Highlights

Deshaun Watson helps secure the Wild Card victory with 247 passing yards, 55 rushing yards, and 2 touchdowns. The Buffalo Bills take on the Houston Texans during Wild Card Weekend of the 2019 NFL postseason.

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Emperor Palpatine

That tackle breaking play in overtime was awesome..

    JAMES HARDEN 3time dpoy

    To the 3rd string special teamer it was amazing

    Blade Runner

    @JAMES HARDEN 3time dpoy ?

    Nak Loves Jesus

    I knew I was going to see the emperor somewhere in comments… 😉😀

    JAMES HARDEN 3time dpoy

    Blade Runner the RB Taiwan Jones hadn’t caught a single reception from Watson he didn’t even get a single carry either until week 17

    Hai Voai



Watson is the magician

Lil Berrr

Watson really said “I don’t get tackled”


    Lil Berrr LETS GO TEXANS

    Jacob Stevens

    Except he got sacked 6 times this game??


    @Jacob Stevens you must be fun at partys 😒

    21 Records

    Jacob Stevens 7


Waston is a beast and Bills well have a great summer 😂.

    Go Gators

    @ruben rodriguez He’s a steelers fan. But the ravens whooped shittsburgh too

    Ruby Gill

    Go Gators ravens destroyed your team

    Jekadon Mack-Castilleja

    We will be playing Kansas City Idiot

    Go Gators

    @Ruby Gill So did 10 other teams? You want a cookie?

    Julius Gilliard

    rodriguez  hard to beat a team twice but the Ravens focus is on the Titans right now. Texans was coming off a bye week when they played the Ravens. The got stomped but they should have Fuller and Watt back this time around should they neet

Baker Mayfield

Watson is amazing. That last play? Pure magic

Booger McFarland

The Texans won, because they scored the most points by the end of the game.


    First Last it was sarcasm


    MRTUPAC 28 how you know they laughed

    Taylor Hairfield

    First Last it appears someone didn’t get the joke

    Taylor Hairfield

    MRTUPAC 28 you just don’t get the reference you idiot 😂😂😂

I play Random games

Deshawn looking like Superman out there

Ale Aguirre

Idc if the refs helped the Texans. Bills u choked a 16 point lead at 3rd quarter 🤦‍♂️

    Dan Torr

    Help how lol

    Harlan HOG York

    The refs won the game if you didn’t see that you lie or just an idiot

    Go Gators

    @Harlan HOG York only an idiot ignores that Bills choked a 16 point lead

    Rod Munoz

    @Harlan HOG York Just keep repeating that over and over when you sleep tonight. Maybe it’ll make you feel better.

    Harlan HOG York

    Rod Munoz why would it make me feel better???

Travis Gomez

I’ve never seen someone stay up after being hit SO damn hard. Beast

    Rod Munoz

    @Antonio Caballero You’re blind. You didn’t even watch the game. How would you know? Ha ha ha


    It was no one blocking that guy who came from the edge it was a clean shot and he stayed up don’t count deshaun out I’m a browns fan I was so mad we didn’t draft him


    Antonio Caballero you don’t know football bro that guy had a clean shot he came through unblocked full speed and could not take him down deshaun Watson has incredible will he has the it factor

    Gulf Side

    @Antonio Caballero Go make me some hot wings or something. Don’t forget the ranch either lmao

    Arriani Iman El

    Got hit twice 😂😂

Javian Johnson

Deshaun Watson vs Patrick Mahomes next week >>> 🔥


    @Mr Psychometrics I know. I hate it when people act like the game that their teams go against each other in, is the game that matters most when determining which qb is the best. It just doesn’t make sense. They don’t play against each other.

    Sharon Sims

    I’ll love to see the Ravens or the Chiefs or the Texans win the Superbowl

    Samantha Winstead

    xUltimatexInstinctx the Texans beat them in the regular season at arrowhead.

    Julius Gilliard

    @xUltimatexInstinctx you mean like they did in KC during the regular season?


    @xUltimatexInstinctx you never know. Texans ran over chiefs this season up to the last 2min of the game when texans played extra soft defense.

The Big Man

Watson just saved o Briens job


    He still needa go his playcalling damn near cost us the game

    Shane Douglas

    @Chris yes because there is no way in hell that game should have gone to OT

    Myster Noventas


    Samurai _ Official

    The Big Man faxxxx


I don’t think people appreciate what an absurd football player this man is.

    Yurugu Killah

    He has athleticism so we’re supposed to say he’s going to get injured.

    Eric Casanova

    And that’s without their #two weapon

    Nicholas Wilson

    Y’all don’t feed into this guy’s ego. He doesn’t have half a clue about what he’s talking about. Let’s just appreciate the performance of this franchise QB against a tough defense.


    Antonio Caballero you sound stupid


    @Antonio Caballero hold that L

Dewitt McDidditt

Watson is showing a national audience why he was considered an MVP candidate. He’s a God-damn wizard. Lol

Edit: Notice I used the word “was”. Of course I know he’s not the MVP. I was saying there’s a reason at the beginning of the season why he was for sure a candidate. My mans even took a kick to the face and threw a touchdown with one eye against the Raiders. I’d say he would be in the same calibre as Russell Wilson at one point. But yes, I know Lamar Jackson is totally deserving of the MVP. I agree with that.


    @Dewitt McDidditt True. Should win MVP just for saving Bill’s job.

    Navon Myhand

    Watson is super underrated, I hope he wins a MVP or something at some point and doesn’t get the Brees treatment

    Dewitt McDidditt

    @Navon Myhand my mans straight ballin, and not in the Jameis Winston kinda way

    Chris Fowler

    @3lement2010 I agree, a lot of these moments is because coach Bill forced these moments to happen… He’s bailed Obrien out so many times… This game shouldn’t have even went to overtime.

    21 Records

    MVP means most valuable player yeah even tho Jackson is on top Watson is still a candidate can’t say he is not. Now not saying he will win but what he does as a player makes him valuable so he should still be in the race. I mean jj watt comin back n getting sacks easily makes him the most valuable u can see the major difference when he is on to off the field. But when rg3 plays in ravens they still a great team.

Jonathan King

I hope this game is just a glimpse of things to come for these playoffs🙌🙏

    I Got The Rx

    Being shutout in the first half….if the Texans do that in baltimore it’ll be over in the third quarter

    Mark Bravo

    I Got The Rx if titans win then they would play Ravens and Texans will face Chiefs

    Hai Voai



Bro looked like a magician out there with magic gg bills

Moe Moe

that O-Line was sorry most of the game

    Robbie Rushing

    Welcome to the Texans

    Kisha Sun

    Ye this was a good win but they have no chance of winning or even going to the Super Bowl if that how they Olin work


    O line sorry huh…..dont forget the Bill’s have the 2 best defense in the NFL 🤘🤘🤘🤘

    Moe Moe

    @tshine65 i know that but that O-Line could have done batter early on, they came thru starting late in the 3rd thru overtime

Reno Dorestin

D Wat is a beast I thought my tv glicthed when he escaped that sack


The Bears drafted Tribusky over he & Mahomes. It’s hilarious.

    Skrilla Mayne

    Never forget 😂

    Alan Eiler

    @Mess1ah8x As a bears fan I totally don’t find that funny!! Trubisky is going to be a solid 3rd string Quarteback on the practice squad somewhere! How bout dem apples?😜😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Nathan Canady

    Thank Y’all bro…. 😂🤣

Daniel Hernandez

1:07 So nobody gonna talk about Watson dragging 2 defenders 7 yards into the endzone 💪🐏

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