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Watson breaking that sack reminds me of Madden when u trying to hit stick and another AI defender pushes u the other way

    Elijah Reed

    True dat I hade a perfect sack that will be a fumble and I got pushed and missed it


Man, this game was exciting. Allen is gonna have a bright future.

Charles Vicencio

This season’s wild card games more exciting than the last Super Bowl

    Kannon Jones

    Charles Vicencio might be more exciting than this super bowl but who knows

    Xavier Ezell

    Charles Vicencio no funni

    Douglas Ernandes keep dreaming pal…

    Jim Johnson

    @Omega8kilo because “great defensive games” no longer exist. Once upon a time defensive games were great, it was just straight smash mouth, head hunts etc. Defenses like that is what got me and alot of other people into football, and I’m only 26. But the reality of today’s NFL rules make defensive games boring as all get out to watch. It’s just games of wrapping up softly for the most part and barely anyone driving down to score. Sadly football is a different game that it used to be and defensive games are like watching golf now. Only the end is watchable now just to see who wins.



Jason Walter

The Bears could have gotten the “Michael Jordan of football”….instead they got Mitched 😑

    Jim Johnson

    @Nick Nickens yes but the only great passers of those guys are mahomes (who looks more white than black anyways) and Watson and potentially Murray. Lamar is an outstanding runner and reader of field for running but he has passing ability is suspect, but that doesn’t matter as of now sense he is young to keep running out and open the field for open passes in the endzone. But eventually he will have to get better at passing if he wants to last beyond his 20s. Jacoby is solid. And Prescott is very suspect at passing, can only throw the simple passes, which are available always because of that oline and teams mainly only focusing on stopping Elliott. If cowboys don’t sign Prescott, Prescott will go to another team and eventually be benched.

    gee davis

    @Jim Johnson 1-game, does not make a season full of bad execution by Trubisky…
    You don’t Trade up, don’t give away draft picks for mediocrity…
    You don’t pass up more accomplished QB’s. What you can do is ‘explore’ his reasons why…
    The tired-steteorypes of black QB’S is a discussion, we could have-it requires an open mind-tho.

    gee davis

    @eoe123321 after all the points, I have made, & you still have
    No Clue, I can’t help ya…

    Nick Nickens

    Jim Johnson mahomes doesn’t look white . You sound dumb as hell. He’s clearly light skin black. He’s mixed. I’m light skin black similar complexion to him n I’ve never gotten white from anyone only black or mixed. Anyway Lamar is a great passer. He’s patient, he is accurate, he has nice touch on his balls, and most impressively he can throw the ball from so many different angles. The man threw 30+ touchdowns and you say he isn’t a great passer. All of the black quarterbacks that are currently starting are starting caliber. Lol just wait till Teddy Bridgewater gets his second shot. Bottom line is black qbs are good too, and can do anything a white can do. If you think otherwise then your wrong.

    Benny Wave

    @AK 74 no. You’re wrong. Black QBs ARE rising and taking over the NFL period. The top 3 QBs in the game are all so called Black. Time for slow boring white guys to move aside

Ricco Baffa

D watson – legendary clutch player
D singletary – lengendary in short space
Duke Johnson – most underused weapon in the league

    G. C.

    Easy on the legendary talk buddy. It’s his 1st Career playoff win.


    #25 > #23 for sure (imo)


    G. C. First of many. He’s only 24.

    Jackson Roth

    Both running backs, Hyde (#23) and Johnson (#25) were picked up in the last few weeks of training camp, they’ve both been outstanding for us. Hyde is the work-horse and Johnson is the specialist, I get excited every time they touch the ball.

    HOUSTON 24/7

    They should of kept feeding duke yesterday 🤦 Hyde is good just wasn’t his game

Alexander Perez

The stadium was so loud at the end took me back to the first time Texans won a playoff game.

    Andrew Larson

    Lil K actually this is O’Brien’s 2nd playoff win. They beat the Raiders in 2016 for his first. But yah the team’s first was against Cincinnati

    Paul Aguilar

    @Lil K o ok wow i didn’t know that lol

    Edgar Mendoza

    Hype Master ok ik I’m making a pretty bold prediction, but hear me out. I bet the titans can beat the ravens. Can’t stop Lamar? Just run for your life. If you get that initial drive going with good runs it’ll open up play action giving the Titans the a really good chance of scoring 30 through out the game. And think about it. The reason ravens get so many points is because their defense gets stops and “3 and outs”. They’ll score a lot but the Titans defense isn’t too bad. Gave up 0 points to the Pats in Gillette stadium the whole 2nd half. The reason the titans offense couldn’t get going was because of the rain not letting the Titans pass the ball, and that’s why they pretty much knew that running was the Titans only option. If the titans can play keep away from Lamar and get just a FEW stops on defense I bet that the Titans win this game (Not a Titans fan)

    tori wilson

    @Hype Master Everyone is saying nobody can tough the Ravens. Will I seriously have a feeling the Ravens will implode. To much pressure on Lamar Jackson. The playoffs are different. We’ll see what happens.

    The Redcorn

    Hype Master Tennessee has been second best team in the league since Tannehill took over

emotionally constipated

Texans with an end game clutch, im shocked, good game to both teams.

Crazy Quest

Texans giving me a heart attack in the playoffs

    Ok Boomer

    Crazy Quest dude thanks for winning and giving my chiefs a second bye week. 😃

    Jae Morris

    @Ok Boomer we will see sunday. Definitely not gonna be anothee bye week for yall. Its a good matchup. Both teams are capable of beating each other.

    Ok Boomer

    Jae Morris sure

    Jae Morris

    @Ok Boomer its literally more evenly matched than you think. Both have pretty good offenses. It’ll come down to defense. It will be a shootout.


Sports gamblers alike most have had a world of emotions today lol

    Hai Voai

    Yes a


    Yeh I picked Eagirls, Patriots, Texans,and saints.
    Pats let me down👎👽

    Anthony Ciancio

    I don’t understand betting. Like you may be right but let’s just say it to Watson got hurt and you picked the Texans. Then your screwed.

    Word To Yo bama #What's Braking Nigaa!!

    Anthony Ciancio if your aunt had a BBC then she would be your uncle


    The only two teams I wanted to win both lost in wild card

Jordan Likes Memes

Houston Watson’s and the Tennessee Henry’s both won today


    @Severin Pasqual Mettler we beat them already and it was at there stadium soooo… on paper they could win but idk

    Amy Smith

    Severin Pasqual Mettler Watt’s sack turned the momentum around for Houston, but he did not win that game single-handedly. Watson exploded in the 2nd half. Give credit where credits due

    Debra Willard

    wow what a game!! great by both teams


    You REALLY don’t understand how to use an apostrophe…

    Say Soun

    @Amy Smith In that case, please give 100% of the credit to the refs as they made the Texans win. First, that second half kick-off was a touchdown for the Bills. Second, that blindside hit was a complete BS call that might have prevented the Bills from scoring.

Marvin Munoz

This is a true case of “they had us in the first half not gonna lie”

    Bradley Istre

    Soooooo many salty fans in here. He gave himself up arms back asking for space to catch the ball, then tossed to the ref like it’s been done thousands of times in the NFL. Always looking for reasons to blame the L on. Sad af

    spitting laughs

    As a Texan I gotta admit the blindside penalty was suspect. But still kudos for coming back from 16-0

    Bradley Istre

    @spitting laughs you can make a block if the ball carrier is already past you, automatic blindside no matter how weak it looked. Themselves the rules

    Stephen M

    @Bradley Istre So he can kneel for the anthem but not as required by rule in the end zone? OK
    And the ref wanted nothing to do with the ball because he knew, just sayn’ not looking for anything to read into it.

    Bradley Istre

    @Stephen M go back and watch about 100 kickoffs this season. Tell me how many return men actually kneel.

Kevin A.

Cancelled each other’s tackle…. wow 😂

    Danny Rodriguez

    Never seen that ever. So crazy

    Miyagi FatGhost

    Hell yeah bcuz if it was solo either one woulda been game…. Physics is cool lol

Jose Bocanegra

A little historical irony that the Buffalo Bills initially dominated, took a lead, and then choked against Houston in Houston.

    Evil Andrew Luck

    No Andre Johnson held the coach at Gun point

    Bear 7453

    Trash will always be trash

    Dylan Melton

    Not unless you’re stuck in the past.


    Exactly, and instead of Houston fans complaining about the refs now it’s the Bills fans. Talk about flipping the script. Now the shoe is on the other foot, like deja vu in reverse.

    Say Soun

    @Ale Aguirre No, it wasn’t. He never waved his hand or knelt down. That’s why the ref moved away from the football when it was tossed at him. Just like several weeks ago, during the initial coin flip, the winning team never said they were deferring to the second half so they ended up kicking off in both the first and second half. Same for this play, he NEVER waved his hand or knelt down so the ball was still live. Also, that BS blindside block call probably prevented the Bills from winning as well.

Brett Wolff

Add “ageless wonder” to the list of terms that announcers have beat to death.

Carbon Claw

This was one of those “it sucks only one team can advance” type games. Both played very well.

T Mac

It’s so impressive to me how good these QB’s like Watson and Wilson can be with trash OL’s

    chad donicht

    O M V R he’s in the pro bowl

    Bro Darius

    @Christopher Murry Duane Brown is the greatest lineman in Texans history… You stupid

    Jim Johnson

    Watsons oline is well below average, sucks. But Wilson has a solid oline.

    Brandon Ohara

    Seahawks texans and Bills o-line suck

Jumanji Woe

Josh Allen was like “this might be my only playoff game, I’m trying everything”


    @Bear 7453 he’s a talented young QB with a solid team around him. He’ll have a nice career if he stays healthy and continues improving.

    Bear 7453

    Team Alpha you people are making it seem like he’s gonna make the playoffs every year because he’s 23 lmao, it doesn’t mean anything.

    Artur Moroz

    Bear 7453 calm down buddy Sam darnold is overhyped it’s ok time to move on

    D!ck Harper

    @Bear 7453 He is shaping up to be the best QB of that draft class, plus the Bills have a solid Def. If Allen improves a little on his accuracy next year and they get some WR help, they will return to playoffs.

    Brandon Ohara

    @Bear 7453 but the Bills have a bright future so yeah I’m willing to bet they make the playoffs next season too.

Mac B Chill

Can we all just appreciate the fact that football is lit asf this season… ratings going up for sure 👍🏾

    Polk For President

    So much better than last season. Love to see it!

    Supreme spooder Man


Noah Landsberg

Houston and Tennessee won

Everybody in the AFC South liked that

    Texans12012 Fortnite

    Everyone in the afc north hated that

    Noah Landsberg

    @Texans12012 Fortnite yeah…

Jonah No7

Bill’s got stud back in Singletary but don’t like to give him the ball.


    He was the Bills’ leading receiver…?

    The Way

    As a bills fan, I put so much of this loss on Daboll, the offensive coordinator. Allen’s first playoff game and we have Allen throw the ball 46 times and singletary rush it 13 times. Unreal

    Jonah No7

    True, but I think they would have been more effective handing him the ball to run (more often). He usually average around 5 yards a carry.

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