Derrick Henry Escorts Titans Downfield for Tannehill TD – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Derrick Henry Escorts Titans Downfield for Tannehill TD

Derrick Henry helps lead the Titans to the end zone to put the Titans up over the Patriots. The Tennessee Titans take on the New England Patriots during the Wild Card Round of the 2019 NFL postseason.

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Go Gators

Dolphins: we can’t make the postseason with Tannehill
Titans: Hold my beer

    A A

    Adam Gase should stop coaching.

    Tubal Cain

    You are welcome Titans. The Dolphins gave you the team you could beat. Now go sit next to them and watch the real teams play.

    Go Gators

    @Jack Lambert dolphins are mammals not fish

    tsc 701

    @Go Gators not on the way to the playoffs…

    a random user

    @MRTUPAC 28 = A Legacy Of Failure


Wow if the Patriots lose at home in the playoffs against Tanninghill 😂.

    yourlocal Minecraft bandwagon

    @Go Gators it really didn’t

    Mr. L

    MRTUPAC 28 Yup

    Hokies/Cavs At Best

    Your Steelers got bested by the Jets, I wouldn’t be talking about another team

    a random user

    Mrtupac28 =🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

jaiveer d

Cmon titans all of America except for pats fans needs you

    jaiveer d


Hugo González

Henry is just different breed


Henry is the key to this game


    Lieutenant obvious, here is your promotion to Captain.

LeeTravius Mckay

“that is an outstanding route” 🏈

raven miyagi

unfair, Derrick Henry gains 3 yards falling down

    perfect stranger

    to say DHenry finished the game strong is an understatement 21-13 Belichek out ?

    Morgan Jones

    Cause he’s great like Earl Campbell. Pats fan comment right here. Feel the Misery Pats! hahahaha


    You can see some career decisions by the LBs not wanting to take a direct hit.

    Bon Paoi


    Daniel Perez

    raven miyagi lmfao 😂


D Henry gains 5yards getting outta bed

    Supreme Eddy777


    perfect stranger

    not me. I take a knee when it comes to productivity 😛

Josh Q

Win this for texans Tennessee

Drew Ayers

Didn’t even mention the guy who caught the TD

    Polar Bear

    Drew Ayers yes he did

    Th3Aggr3ssiv3 Cons3rvativ3

    You’re deaf

    Loy Bhowmick

    ummmmmmmmmm yeah they did lmao


    Henry made all that possible though……

Alex Roblero

Imma ravens fan and I’d rather have Baltimore against Houston cause the Titans run game is scary man

    Daniel Palatucci

    No one touching Baltimore.Truss

    James Thomas

    Daniel Palatucci lol “truss” someone’s impressionable

Michael Guastella

People say Ravens and 49ers running is fire
Henry: Am I a joke to you?

    fog soup

    Henry is the best running back by far is very probably the best running back in the playoffs Tennessee is the real deal young fast strong and hard hitting defense

Bosanac Pravi

Brooo the Titans are about to win this, Henry is a monster running the ball

    Bosanac Pravi

    @Captain Cortez brooo the icing on the cake lol


    2 players ended this season with a pick six: Jameis Winston and Tom Brady.

    Bosanac Pravi

    @Importal Brady is a sore loser too. Didn’t even stick around after the loss smh

    Bon Paoi

    Yes a

    killerboy 1155

    Bosanac Pravi yeah but the defense is lacking chiefs passing will destroy them

Jon Davis

I knew the titans would win lol said it all week

Rosendo Benitez

Let’s see how many bandwagons will stop being Pat fans next year. lmao

    I Can't State an opinion on the Internet

    Lmao I wanna see too



    Bon Paoi

    Yes y

    Mike Marek

    I want to see how many patriots fans were “brady fans”

jboimoneygodly .223

Who’s here after the Pat’s lost

    Michael Venuzaur



    @ExtraSalt Doesn’t get much better. Superbowl will be fun to watch not no matter who reps the AFC.

    Prueba XD

    jboimoneygodly .223 presente wey neta que chido que perdieron los mierdatriots me cagan

    Carlos Oquendo

    The whole NFL fan base

    Toxic Toxic

    Sage VVV me

Captain Cortez

And now, The Evil Empire is dead. Thank you, Titans. Here’s your reward: A game against Ravens in Baltimore.

    Dellway Hellway

    Its gon be a gg we aint no hoes #TITANUP

    Joe Doe

    Watch them win 😎

    Joe Doe


    yourlocal Minecraft bandwagon

    @Joe Doe bruh


    Honestly tho lmar isn’t all that good as he’s hyped up yo be he don’t even or barely got 3500 yards this season I mean he’s good but not a Clark Davis you know


Brady’s washed up ; time for him to join the retirees ..


    Time for the HALL OF FAME

Jayy AKA Kidou

Only if the cowboys fed Zeke like titans fed derrick

    Ezeb is too good plz nerf him


Riley McCallister

Brady: know a free agent

Also brady: starts talking with the browns


    If anything I fell he would go to raiders that need him more even if he’s 60 years old Carr is 2nd worst qb of all time behind his big bro bro

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