J.J. Watt’s Huge 3rd Down Sack in 1st Game Back! – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

J.J. Watt’s Huge 3rd Down Sack in 1st Game Back!

J.J. Watt comes up with a big stop on 3rd down to hold the Bills to a field goal. The Buffalo Bills take on the Houston Texans during Wild Card Weekend of the 2019 NFL postseason.

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I instantly went to T.J’s Twitter when I saw him on his phone lol

Larry Legend is a GOAT

This was a huge momentum shift Houston needed

    Alexander Jiang

    @MRTUPAC 28 Nah BTW the texans won imma watch the patriots right after this game

    MRTUPAC 28

    @Alexander Jiang 😂 you said binge watching like you are watching Netflix. What do you mean?

    Ba Doai


Yo Yo

The bills really are dominating this game

    Ed Serrano

    Ohhhh yeah Baby!!!!

    Captain Obvious

    Yo Yo not anymore

    Ed Serrano

    @Captain Obvious Bill$ just tied it 19/19

    #Saquon Barkley#GOAT#Better Than Zeke

    Ed Serrano what about now ?

    Ed Serrano

    @#Saquon Barkley#GOAT#Better Than Zeke Hats off to Texas JJ Watson. Congrats.


I was watching the that was a nice sack they are still showing it every other play

Aries Anderson

Bills left tackles : 😧

AirRay 05

Man these broad casters are worse than joe buck and they give me a headache

God Kaioken

I dont believe it the texans just took the lead with an extra 2 points! It would have been sad if they didnt get the TD after hyde dropped that ball, coulda been game changing.


I’m watching this it’s been since 2009 the Texans have gotten to wildcard Deshaun Watson deserves this meant since texans won wildcard

    Ba Doai


    Myles Curry

    Nah we beat the raiders in 2016-2017


    Last time the bills won a play off game was before josh Allen was born so y’all need to stop complaining 😂
    Don’t come at me about the cowboys superbowl drough atleast we’ve won a Super Bowl

    Daion Crumbley

    We literally went last season


Play that shifted the whole game in thought it was too early for them to make a video lol let’s go!

#1 Fragi Fan

Seeing TJ’s reaction just makes me feel happy inside, 2 brothers supporting and caring for each other, this is nice to watch

    Chris Alvarez

    Kinda like Peyton in super bowl 42

up all night

JJ watt. Man he can sack. He is good. They need to watch out for him

meron Kesete

He is just a Great LEGENDARY Player. He wants his superbowl ring


NrG erupted when this happened!

meron Kesete

Great game thanks 2 both teams powerful heart playing game we love it.

TooMas Sauce

TJ watt is winning DPOY I’m calling it now

Tbh I’ve been calling it since week 3 but still

Mark Dowse

Simply put, it was THE game-changing play.


Love this guy! Good luck the rest of the way houston!

Q Beaulieu

This makes me so emotional he inspires me so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Chucky 713

This man changed our entire city’s mind last night. What a guy!! Love ya JJ from clutch city

Edie Li

Houston’s Beast!!
Big love to HOUSTON TEXANS!! 😉

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