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Ted Phillips on 2019 season

President Ted Phillips addresses the media on Tuesday at Halas Hall to talk about the Bears 2019 season.

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Chicago hustle Zone

Sell the team you don’t care to win

    Lu'Shawn Laws

    I wish he would we need to win asap


Enough Ted.

Jerry Kwerve

Damage control


You can tell by this interview he doesn’t care about any bears fan at all. He only cares about is himself.

    Chicago hustle Zone

    amit1986 facts

    Chris Emery

    Ur a moron

Fabian Villarreal

One pathetic owner

lebeR Ogun


Face C-Dubb

BULLSHIT🗣 Mitchell Trubisky. Will not get better … I

    Face C-Dubb

    Don’t Think so. I don’t trust this franchise


14 likes and counting? Lol, why? This guy is a big part of why Bears suck. And, like past seasons, he won’t be going anywhere anytime soon because this franchise just loves to be miserable. Clearly, they only care about the money and nothing else and I think this can speak for some of the players on the team too.

Shawn Webb

he sweating big time..if the bear’s loose 3game’s off the bat next yr boycot

Art Soto

Why even aak this guy, he don’t even have a clue of what’s going on


Someone needed to ask, “If Ryan and Matt don’t turn it around this coming season,then what happens?”

Raul G

If Mr. Phillips is being truthful and honest then I guess we’re headed the way of the NY Giants.
See y’all next year.

James Holman

Ok..8-8 next season. No changes, no improvement

Steven Martin

They keep reflecting on “last” year.

William Carothers

I appreciated the candor.

Brady Mays

We should be in the playoffs but we got bums like this


This guy has been stealing since he got here. He must have tapes on somebody.

enTer ZoNe

HEY TED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

youngblak Wall Street

This is a minor setback setup for major comeback this was an up and down 2019 nfl season i believe the Chicago Bears will learn from this i see the glass as half full not have empty im not like everyone else i see something brewing in the future getting better and working to eliminate inconsistency i see the BEARS getting better and making changes in certain areas on offense and defense this team should won 10games i will be praying for this team resurgence in 2020

Todd Surkamer

Fix this mess and let’s get back to wining…. Da Bears

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