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George H. McCaskey on 2019 season

Chairman George H. McCaskey addresses the media on Tuesday at Halas Hall to talk about the Bears 2019 season.

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Ramon Medina

a bad season

Bears Review


Peter Folga

You can tell he doesn’t know much about football

Sergio :v


Dewyone Childress

fire ted Phillips he sucks too

Russell Webster

I hope the stands are empty next season, push u to do something!! Once they start loosing revenue i guarantee they’ll make a change

    KLAY Wharf

    Russell Webster dumbest thing I have ever seen in the bears comment section

    Midwest Krazy83 Turner

    @KLAY Wharf no it isn’t. They need something to happen because these excuses are getting old!

    all business

    Exactly. This guy is not a leader. He’s a powerless loser. I own this car but you drive however you like and I won’t tell you nothing I promise. I’ll be in the back with no seat belt on. Let’s Ride!

MisteR SiR

He smiling because Da Chicago Bears fanatics are some of the dumbest honorary mfz on the planet and helping to increase his family’s wealth

    Luke Juarez

    MisteR SiR This guy and ownership make me sick. They are ok with mediocrity as long as they are making money. GET EM OUT!!!

    Midwest Krazy83 Turner

    @Luke Juarez wish they could just leave, but they own it and most likely destroy it

Luke Juarez

Sell the team, you guys don’t know how to win.

    Elijah Perry

    And how many teams have never won a Superbowl and we have there are historicaly trash team and we ain’t one of them🐻⬇️


    8 playoff appearances in over 30 years. Fans with your viewpoints are another part of the problem with this franchise.

    marcus fobbs

    Chitex03 big facts

    Nick Chaplin

    Chitex03 wow you must really not know about how unfit the McCaskeys are for their jobs, I get that they are her kids but we need people who know and care about football, not accountants

    Luke Juarez

    Chitex03 I’m having a hard time getting this comment please elaborate?

RR Ralph

I wouldn’t think he would throw shots at the receivers😳 but he correct they need to catch the ball and run the correct routes

    all business

    Dude needs to be able to throw to the receivers not over throw or short through. Real game play is not the same as practice and it takes a real QB to adjust. Sometimes you have to have variations in route running and throwing. This guy can’t make a throw unless they are in the exact place in practice. The otherwise team is here to win and not to help our offense, this is not practice.

ben dover

This ownership is trash!!!

Joseph Balinski

Ownership is perfectly comfortable celebrating mediocrity

Raul G

What’s Mrs. Mccaskey have to say about the season?

Football Addict

I’m sorry but as long as these clowns are in control of the bears we ain’t winning no championship no time soon

Yoshibro 456

I’m telling you guy’s, the mccaskeys are handcuffing everyone on this team

Destroyer 1320

Beat the Damn Packers this is getting old

Thomas Boesen

This is total BS. As a STH, I see zero accountability. Smh.

Jeffrey Arao

Last year we avoided the injuries we had this year. We also had surprise factor on other teams. Trubisky’s scrambling hid the oline weaknesses last year and his lack of scrambling until late this year exposed what true football analyst s saw from the line…but contracts were given out.

Peter Parker’s Burner Account

He sounds like the casual fan 😂….but It doesn’t sound like he believes in mitch at all lol

R.D. Henderson



This team is cursed with our owners. Sell the damn team

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