Jim Schwartz & Mike Groh Discuss Playoff Matchup vs. Seattle | Eagles Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Supa Man

Ok well let’s use that package then Jim. That is all….

Jeff Railey

23 Jesus said to him, “If[a] you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.”
Mark 9:23

    Jeff Railey

    I state this because nobody’s opinion on social media has no value. When we won Super Bowl LII, who outside of us believed in us? Answer: a small minority.

    Jeff Railey

    Fly Eagles Fly 🦅🦅🦅

DeAndre Solomon

Rasual needs to play that safety position and let MJ play linebacker. Sul is a ballhawk I been saying this since he cane into the league!


You see groh is just playing 6d chess, they surely wont expect us to be stupid to run the same screens again.


Cowboys scored 40+ points against the Rams and 40+ against the Skins and 9 against us. What he did to shut the Boys down is nothing short of amazing.


    FiringallCylinders just the team performance at home is top 5 in the league

    Chris Schaller

    Yes he stepped up when his job was on the line I’ll tip my cap to him

Maggie and Marcos Cortez

Go eagles fly fly fly


The NFL didnt even put the Eagles in the commerical for the playoffs Lol we counted out by everyone Lets go prove everyone wrong

    Jeffrey DragonFire

    P B dam fr😂

Chuck Pestacchi

I believe the Bird’s will beat the Seahawks, I know they can, and we’ll all have to wait & see it happen.

    Jekyll Hyde

    *It’s All About Containing Lynch & Russell… If That Happens Eagles Win*

Jhordan Dreibelbis

Jim doesnt get the credit he deserves. Just like Doug has helped the offense push through without much talent, Jim has never had a #1 CB and look at everything he’s done for us.This guy’s secondary has been non existent since the start.

    Chris Schaller

    He’d get the credit he deserved if he did this for 16 games instead of half of the.

    Jekyll Hyde

    @Chris Schaller *Stfu Phony Fan… You Clearly Didn’t Pay Attention At All This Yr In The NFL Let Alone Eagles’s 2019 Season.*

Anthony Stimmel

Man I hope all the eagles coaching staff are back next year. They killed it this year. Great Job!

Serious Fireworks

Schwartz is like Schwartz from Christmas story..rest of coaches scared of him


Rasul Douglas better better better not get burned this Sunday dammit.

Jekyll Hyde

*It’s All On The Eagles Defense… They Have To Play As A Team And Not Play Hero Ball… No MISS TACKLES!*

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