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Carny 2021

If Charles Leno is on the team next year we don’t deserve to win a game

    Edmin Rossy

    This is absolutely a FACT

    S Jones

    He’s got a $10.2 mil cap hit w/ that being $7.3mil in dead cap money if cut. Sorry bro but he’s definitely going to be on this football team in 2020

    Andrew Z

    @S Jones Damn he makes that much? How old is he? Can he get better? One of the most penalized players.

    GT Extra

    Damn right he has no nuts 🥜 too soft at LT


    If Leno,Massie,lucas 111, and coward are on the team I’m not at all going to be optimistic of their chances in fact they will be worse than this year . Because point blank they don’t know how to run or pass block they SUCK on every level they’re not even on the high school level.

Bronko Nagurski


    Lamuel J Sackson

    In Vince McMahon’s voice lol

Face C-Dubb

Who Wrote dat Speech? Lol 😂


Mitch has had enough time to prove himself. He can’t read coverages and makes bad decisions. Nagy and Pace will go down staying with Mitch.

Jon Cash

Stop bringing QBs that know Nagy system they are not starting QBs bring in real competition and make Trubisky work for his job not just hand it to him

    Larry Pound

    Would you be ok with Alex Smith if he is healthy? With them doubling down on keeping Mitch he might be the best backup that can actually play


    Nagy really doesn’t have a system.


    He flat out said he’s bringing in competition at BACK UP QB… He doesn’t want to bring in a challenge for Mitch.

    Censored 1

    I bet they bring back Chase

Rod Brewster

Is being consistently inconsistent consistent?

Shawn Webb

mitch needs to practice all yr around..


    he needs to call up payton manning or drew brees in the off season to practice with

    Shawn Webb

    @devang88 agree..


This season was definitely about regression, and inconsistency. Great job. . . . . NOT! 😂

Robert Layslow

Ryan pace so nervous look at all that armpit sweat!😂🤣

James Holman

They aren’t going to make any meaningful changes. Too much pride. I figured as much.


They never are specific!! Talk about the OFFENSIVE LINE!!!!!!


    BCNation they fired the offensive line coach

    all business

    Being specific will cost them their job because they would have to take responsibility for their actions. This is the worst B.S. of honesty and we’ll fix it speech and we don’t know what happened give us a couple months to look at tapes. Smh. They’ve been looking at tape all year. They would make more progress at home depot looking at tape.

    Censored 1

    They said all 5 are coming back well possibly not Long at least they fired Harry the so called genius coach. 2020 going to be another long season

Joseph Balinski

Mitch is our starting QB! After 2020, X is our new GM!


Young QB it’s been 3 years already lol smh.

Pusha Tee

I’m tired of hearing about “OTHER NFL TEAMS” Mitch sucks on my NFL team let’s fix that!!!

    Andrew Z

    I’m with you. He let us down. I believe Nagy let us down too. He always has an excuse. One hit wonder.

    Andrew Z

    We should have been blowing teams out last season and this season. The only team I remember blowing out last season was the Bucs. May be others. Won a lot of close ones and lost all close ones.

    Be nice to get that Chargers and Raiders games back and were in the playoffs.

    Pusha Tee

    @Andrew Z they jus fired 3 offensive coaches and a special teams coach assistant!

    Censored 1

    @Pusha Tee So what they also said no competition for Mitch and bringing back the 2 failed TE’s again

Gregory Hunt

Emery and Tressman 2.0

…meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.

Mike In Indy

“Why did we regress in so many areas”? Glance to your right Ryan. And the offensive line that you banked on that wasn’t very good in 2018

HaM Zoo

Once ryan said Adam shaheen is coming back I lost confidence in the whole staff – will not have any high expectations for this team in 2020…..


Floyd need to be cut too

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