T.J. Watt after Week 16 loss to Jets: ‘We’ve got to get back in the lab as a team’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
James Jones



    Intellectual One omfg i said I was bragging about his potential u dumbass. Learn to read

    Jake Jeffries

    @Intellectual One he gave up a touchdown

    Jake Jeffries

    @Intellectual One watt has 7 forced fumbles 14 sacks and 2 interceptions how isn’t he the defensive player of the year

    Jake Jeffries

    @Intellectual One watt had gone up against many great QBs as well

Robert Langston

They have a good defense but need an offensive coordinator. But they are only doing what they wanted . No one expected 8-8 this year. Overachievers


Defense was fine. Can’t say the same about the offense.

    Intellectual One

    You played Sam Darnold


    Jets scored 16 points against Pittsburgh. When they played defenses that were actually bad, like those of the Giants, Redskins, and Raiders, they burned them. The Steelers loss falls squarely on their own offense.

    Jake Jeffries

    @Intellectual One why are you here

John Bruce

Feel sorry for TJ Watt. This offense broke the teams back this year. Worst offense in Pittsburgh since 1971.




    @John Bruce I am not saying Tomlin deserves to be named that by analysts like Jim Rome and several others. I am saying neither you or I have the skill set to determine who deserves that award year in and year out. Tomlin or Butler are not getting fired until they have back to back losing seasons. Ex. Nick Saban is considered one of the best football coaches. He failed as the NFL coach of the Dolphin. So who do you want and can get to replace Tomlin?

    John Bruce

    Ihatefracking I don’t want Tomlin fired. I want him to figure out to get to the playoffs and win once he does. There were a couple of writers at the Pittsburgh Post this past off season who believed if the Steelers missed the playoffs in 2019, that Tomlin most likely would be fired. Then Ben went down, and with that expectations of anything. I do believe that if Ben comes back reasonably healthy in 2020 and the Steelers miss the playoffs or are one and done, that Tomlin should be fired. Better yet, if Washington offers two future first round picks for Tomlin, I would love to see him go in 2020.


    @John Bruce Merry Xmas. Hope Steelers luck into the playoffs. Steelers had a good game against Ravens last time, maybe Raven will rest their starters and gives us a chance on Sunday to make the playoffs.

    John Bruce

    Ihatefracking if I’m coaching the Ravens, I let the starters play the first half at minimum. I wouldn’t want my team having two weeks off. But yes, it would be nice to get a win!
    Merry Christmas!

Jeb Bush


Carter Knight

We could be a great team if our offense knows what there doing

    The Punisher

    Man we just need AVERAGE quarterback play.

    Carter Knight

    I ag5

    Carter Knight

    I agree


Mad respect to what the Steelers have done this year. And you’ll most likely be facing RG3 next week so dont count yourselves out just yet. Looking forward to next year when Ben is healthy and we finally get to see Lamar vs Ben.


    ravensosnation although we hate each other bc of the rivalry, i gotta give y’all respect too! lamar is a GOAT


    ravensosnation man as a huge Steelers fan of the Steelers don’t make it I’ll be routing on lamar and the raven to beat Brady for the title


    wtf you are way too nice lmao

    Steve Spears

    Ben is the cause of this running his mouth:please

Nic Stokes

It’s all love wish we had made it but it’s still Steelers Nation we still here behind y’all no doubt

Kevin James

Back in Hurt for playoffs can

Nverquit 830

We basically have two rookie QB’s out there. They’ve played like it. It is what it is. Were lucky not to be in the basement with Cinci.

Nick Watts

TJ is the definition of a great football player

Sarah Sundstrom

That was painful to watch. What a mess ugh

SpockMcoy Issmart

I’m not going to say it is anyone’s fault. What I can say is I don’t know if I’ve ever seen an offense so shattered in 1 season as this one. Loss of QB/RB/WR/C/and on and on and on………..’Next man up’ is a nice thought, but IF the backups were as good as 1st string, they’d be in the game already. The Ravens are licking their chops to beat Pgh into the ground for all the years of stealing their hopes/dreams of going further in the playoffs. This is going to be JHar revenge game. He has said he wanted to model his teams after Pgh. Well, he has with good D, good O.

a b

Is it possible to have an entire team of Watts 🤔

Also a Watt if a unit of power
All I’m saying

chase schneier

Need to shake up the O line or Ben will get creamed. So much for the best O line in the league.


You are a true Steeler!!! Through and through!
Keep hitten hard baby!

Evansville Sports

TJ is defensive player of the year


Best defensive player for the Steelers since Troy

ronnie banik

Watt is not your fault, the defense is great. The offense should be ashamed of them selves they suck. From scoring 30 plus a game to barely being able to score 10, shameful.

Christopher B.

Tj is the MVP of this team.

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