Around the Locker Room vs. Jets : “This right here is one we let slip away” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Zechariah Barajas

Offense has been bad ALL season.

Abukabar Muncongabo

Jujus voice crack was on another level

Deplorable B.R.

I think the Duck experiment is over. Prep Lynch this week and let the chips fall where they may.

John Peverill

Quit the interviews and focus on your opponents. Yeah the limelight can be intoxicating but you seem to forget or take lightly your opponent. Too many picks by throwing late into coverage, double coverage.

Damien Perry

Cinderella (Duck) the slippers are off.


    Stfu negro

Most High Michael

“Coach of the year” started the season with a broken qb, mishandled AB, Bell, Munch and the QB situation, cut the QBwho started several football games for him, has a JV high school substandard OC and traded away a first round pick so that he could have another 8-8 season. Yayyy. Mediocrity. Oh yeah he also hired and started Moncreif. 🙄

    Kyle Burks

    I feel like your overreacting considering what he’s working with. Would any other team in the league have 8 wins playing with a undrafted qb.. he made the most out of what we had and we fizzled out and the titans are more deserving than us

    Most High Michael

    @Kyle Burks he’s working with what he’s working with because of his decisions. Ben was injured during camp. Munch took a lateral move. He decided to start Switzer and Moncreif. He decided to draft two safeties that can’t get it done. He decided years ago that he, Randy and Butler would reunite to coach again. They sucked then and they suck now. He decided to waltz into foxboro with a broken qb and a team that looked like they prepare for games 30 minutes ahead of time instead of preparing the team to battle the champs for six months. He decided to cut Duck, only to have him lead the team to a few undeserved victories, only to bench him after a bad game or two. Tomlin has fucked this team and organization by pissing off quality players and coaches, running a circus like locker room, extending and promoting malcontents, drafting bums, trading away the only chance in years to draft a decent QB for a safety a year after drafting two safeties, promoting Hillary Clinton, not handling the protest garbage properly, not holding his players to the old Steelers standard and so much more. This team consistently loses to the dregs of the league, hemorrages talented coaches and players and is not sniffing playoffs or championships with a very talented, misled roster. Tomlin is decent coach of the year. Pittsburgh deserves better than mediocrity year after year.

    Kyle Burks

    Most High Michael I feel like not all decisions are on him though and he gets too much of the blame. Imo they finished where i thought they would be and that’s even w/o ben. Actually thought we overachieved considering the circumstances.

    Most High Michael

    @Kyle Burks we’ve consistently underachieved in the Tomlin era. With the rosters we’ve had and the talented coaches, Bellicheck could’ve won more Super bowls than with Brady and co. I expect excellence and compare my chosen team to the best and the best coach wouldn’t be losing to the Jets, Browns, Oakland, Jaguars consistently like our coach of the year does. You have to beat the teams you’re supposed to. Tomlin loses to sub .500 teams over 25% of the time. That shouldn’t be acceptable to the city of champions. New England getting #7 before us should be sickening to fans from the 70s. Coach of the year is mediocre regardless of roster. No championship worthy and championships are the only reason to play the game.

    Kyle Burks

    Most High Michael If your talking about the big three era to me I never saw us winning a championship. We weren’t a complete team and our defense wasn’t good. We were only good on one side of the ball so to me weren’t good enough. Last year to me hurt the worst but this year is bittersweet. We won 8 with a jv offense so we can only go up in that direction

Damien Perry

Ramon Foster is too fat n slow, time to go.

    Klutch Gaming

    @Johnny Pastrana Yeah, he blamed it on he’s always had those snaps but Ben had bigger hands to grab them. Even Decastro has seen some struggles on run blocking. I think it has to do with our offensive line coach going to Denver.

    Damien Perry

    @aKa SpooKz did you see him try to pull, absolutely horrible, couldn’t even get out of his own way. My 2 yr old is faster than him

    Most High Michael

    @Johnny Pastrana remember that Pouncey threatened to leave when Ben retired. This is not a team first guy. Also, beating on the browns players helmet with his bare hands when he makes his millions with his hands was beyond stupid. Saying that he blacked out and didn’t remember shows some sort of mental issue and a complete lack of discipline. We had a head coach coaching our line and they performed as such. Now we have a guy coaching them and they are playing as such. This squad and coaching staff needs blowed up and replaced with team players and a talented disciplined coaching staff.

    aKa SpooKz

    @Damien Perry lol yup! Thats why hodges got sack from that play action. All always trying to hold pouncie hand lol damnn!

    Damien Perry

    @aKa SpooKz lol


Ugh!!! LET’S GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Johnny Pastrana

    Ugg…lets pack our bags and get out of Dodge…

Tyler H

Aww man, juju shoulda made that catch but now I feel bad for him. He did his best but it want enough, hard loss.

    Klutch Gaming

    I don’t really blame Juju. He hasn’t played in 4 games. He stated he wasn’t near 100% and you could see it in his release. With the season being this close to the end we shoulda let him rest up.

    Vinny Oddo

    @Klutch Gaming he will prob play next week

    Klutch Gaming

    @Vinny Oddo Yeah I think so too. But possibly only on 3 wide receiver sets again.

    Vinny Oddo

    @Klutch Gaming that’s how they played him this week

    Klutch Gaming

    @Vinny Oddo Yeah that’s what I said, but I mean even on 3 receiver sets they know he can’t do much. They put a linebacker on him in the Jets game a lot of the time

PrimeTime Doge

Put lynch in hogdes is not gonna get us anywhere

    Captain Danger

    He gave them an infusion of excitement and I think he can be a quality backup. He’s not winning you a Super Bowl. He’s not Jeff Hostetler or Nick Foles.


Duck is officially trash lol y’all let him get too comfortable we gotta win next week tho

    call of duty ruined my life

    def was way to comfortable

    call of duty ruined my life

    @Itz Sombra no lol defiantly not defense

    Debra Willard

    wont happen

    Los Lara

    Put lynch in give the guy a shot we have the goose a shot why not lynch


say what you will, but it is clear this team misses Ben, LeVeon, and AB..

    Johnny Pastrana

    They also miss the entire 1970s Oline…now they can’t run or pass block…doesn’t matter who the QB is.

    call of duty ruined my life

    Just ben. We dont need leveon, AB maybe but he probably does more harm then good tbh. AB is purley regular season stat padder. He never got us remotely close to a SB. We made an AFC champ game but got destroyed and AB was a non factor.

    Steve Spears

    Ben Ben Ben;Steelers was 0-2 with BEN;#7 need to retire;Andrew luck and draft Bryce Perkins;

    John gotti

    @Steve Spears ben always starts off slow nothing new but ur not a steelers fan and talk ish now but look what we did with a 4th string qb and a 3dr string lol i would be worried when ben comes back cause last time ben had a top defense super bowl laugh now cry later

Mathew Torres

Paxton lynch wouldn’t be such a bad idea honestly he’s experienced and we have weapons so worth a try


Not even close on being on juju wtf it’s mostly the OC and qb

    Debra Willard

    the oc

GiJokester 69

I seriously don’t know how this team has 8 wins. Honestly tomlin isn’t the best coach but he isn’t the worst either. He’s got experience for sure. If a shitty coach was here it would be a 3-13 4-12 season. If tomlin moved to the browns he would turn them into a 10-12 win team

    call of duty ruined my life

    well he aint going to the damn browns bro

Amnesia Happenings

Yeah I love how he says “we lost it” and Mason Rudolph was the only one who put up points..

Christopher B.

I blame the receivers, I’ve never seen so many players standing around in the secondary. Extend your route, run back, do something to get open, and why are they so slow, anyone can keep up with our receivers. Pure butt son. Seen better highschool teams.

Willard Colclough

Just be real it’s over move on to next season. THIS offense is BAD. playoffs who cares one and done anyway, “REBUILD THIS OFFENSE” including its OFFENSE COACH!!

    Debra Willard

    highly agree

    Los Lara

    Willard Colclough I hate the coach he coaches as he look like a slob he calls the most stupid calls



Kenny Ray Powell

Offense has struggled big time. That offense only ben can flourish in. 🤣great part they finally got a defense. It’s one or the other defense bad offense good, now defense good offense terrible. Pittsburgh needs a big reciever in the red zone. I think the McDonald experiment is done especially watch george kittle in san fran.


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