Franco Harris on his NFL career, the Hall of Fame and the Immaculate Reception – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE


George Productions

Can he play QB for this team????

Lynn Mitzy

Ahh, those were the days πŸ–€πŸ’›πŸ–€πŸ’›πŸ˜πŸ˜Ž

Freddie's Kitchen

13:32 Jimmy Warren (#20) of the Raiders celebrates too soon, or he would have most likely tackled Franco.

Waxman68cards #CARDCREW

The Steelers of the 70’s will never be duplicated. The teams that have been winning the last 20 years would not have won as many Super Bowls if they had played under the 70’s rules.

    Intellectual One

    That team were cheaters and deserves asterisks on all their titles.

    Waxman68cards #CARDCREW

    @Intellectual One 🀣🀣🀣

Little Neutrino

I was 13 yrs old Franco’s rookie year, And he caught my attention…..been a fan now 47 years, thank you Franco for being a part of a magical ride for so many fans.Love you man!

    Debra Willard

    love franco harris!!

    Debra Willard

    he is so humble and great!!

Jas Beck

Steelers used to be something. Now, they cant even beat the jets! The Bengals can do that

Jeffrey Grumbine

We lost Ben and our center Al pro . Getting healthy for next year. And lost others. We got a defs I am a Steelers in the 70s

Football Legend

The black players made the organization and teams great, but theses black players have never been given the credit they deserve. I will make many fans & media wouldn’t like the truth about the organization and the Rooney family & Chuck Noll. Franco is being modest, he knows there were things going on in Pittsburgh that was not right. My opening statement basically says is that the black although this team started winning the black players were envyed through out the state of Pennsylvania And the city of Pittsburgh was some racial Injustices the black players had to deal with, that the media will not talk about. For instance joe Gilliam had his problems with drugs , but he also had his problems of being black. And here’s the evil getting death threats from area KKK was the death of his career for being black. I can write a book and make some money about the true nature of the black players in Pittsburgh Steelers uniforms. There’s more to this story that why there’s has never been a movie about the greatest football team ever & the story of joe Gilliam. The shock and horrors of the Pittsburgh Steelers would be the name of the making of my book. To be continued ! I’m not finished either !

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