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Ode to Sleep

Jones played amazing game shouldn’t have been that close.

    Tyrone Guiles

    Our defense sucks thats why it was that close out offense is our defense right koe n that’s the problem

    Ode to Sleep

    @Tyrone Guiles Yeah defense needs loads of work


    Shouldn’t is for dreamers. Fix the D for next year so Giants can make the playoffs

    Ode to Sleep

    @Frankincensed With a fixed D and less early season injuries we have a fighting chance next year.

    Ronnie Mantovani

    Fix the D already good god I hope they get rid of Betcher!

kenny Joseph

one player wont make us good if we have a strong free agency and draft we can be a really good football team


If he gets 4 next game he’ll have the record in only 12 starts… 🔥

    Whip Gaylick

    I thought he beat Charlie Conerlys record already. Stood since 1948!

    Brett Tanchak

    @Whip Gaylick i think the original comment was referring to the NFL rookie passing touchdown record in a season.


    Brett Tanchak

    Yes, the rookie record.

    Meme Miester

    Holy crap I was just thinking about saquon maybe getting to 1k rushing but if Danny has another great game he might break the record! Wow


    he need 5 to break the record, but yah 4 to tie it in 12 games would be nice af.

christian miranda

Lost out on Chase but looks like they have their franchise QB

    Big Daddy C

    @christian miranda All those physical talents but no production. I am not that convinced he is going to be a great defensive lineman. Is it me but he has no hustle in his game??

    christian miranda

    @Big Daddy C – Well he does have production but against who?

    I went back and looked at some tape and there are a lot of holes in his game(I know no player is perfect). Again the Michigan game was a red flag he was pushed around pretty easy.
    I went back and looked at Bosa and well Bosa well Bosa left a year to EARLY!!!!

    Big Daddy C

    @christian miranda To be honest I love 2 way defensive lineman like Strahan that played the run as well as the pass. Not a Chase Young fan.

    christian miranda

    @Big Daddy C – Strahan is an all-time great
    and had everything you wanted from a DL.

    prateek chauhan

    He may be going back to school OSU for his senior year Maybe the giants know this

Macky Mode

Defense is still horrid, this game should’ve been a blow out win, good bye Bettcher


    The fact that the Redskins came back to tie this game proves why we need a pass rusher.

    James Brawl

    ^Facts were the new York football giants. We’re supposed to be known for that

    James Trusock

    and Shurmur

Jay James

That one dislike is Dwayne Haskins

jim bo

Good bye chase young

    prateek chauhan

    jim bo he’s going back to osu not entering draft


Finally humming on offense. Now if only our defense coordinator could call a good game….

    golf rep

    “Humming on offense” against 2 of the worst teams in the NFL ain’t say’n much


    @golf rep Humming is humming my friend. There’s a reason they play the games.

    golf rep

    @The ATTIC DWELLERS get back to me when the Giants put up the same numbers against the 49ers, Saints or Seahawks..then the Giants “O” would be humming


    @golf rep Next year tough nuts

Stiltmans Stilt

You notice Darius Slayton , a promising rookie who was shutout today being that fired up on Smith’s game winning TD catch?
That’s quality character imo and just something I liked seeing . This team’s future is crazy bright . Jones has 3games of 4td passes or more and no picks , and missed 4games this yr. I believe in Getty and what he’s building . I really do.


    @Amazing Guy he doesn’t have a secondary

    Stiltmans Stilt

    @David Canizal for real? Every big off-season trade looks brilliant right now. We traded Odell “headache ” Beckham for Jabril Peppers, Dexter Lawerence, and Oshane Ximines. Beckham has done nothing this yr, and a team on the rise has gone down the shitter with him. And we got essentially better production outta a 5th rd rookie in Darius Slayton then Odell and his mega contract produced. Also let Landon Collins walk, and he signs mega deal with Skins.. Same skins secondary we destroyed today. Also got a ascending S to take Collins place in Peppers who was doing really well b4 his season ending injury. Obviously way cheaper and just as good as Collins has been.
    The Olivier Vernon for Kevin Zeitler trade has worked out well for us also. Zeitler has been rock solid all yr and our most consistent lineman for the season while Vernon has done very little for Cleveland .
    And obviously you mentioned Markus Golden . I’d also add Golden Tate has fit in well,as I thought he would . Yeah he got suspended but had he not , and he played a full yr, he would be zoning in on round about 65receptions 900yrd 7td with a game to go.
    And of course getting Kaden Smith in here was a big time move for us . His drafts have been stellar and he stayed the course taking Saquon when lots of people were saying we had to take a QB, and of course going with Dan Jones at 6 , which looks masterful right now.
    Even undrafted FA pick up from last yr Nick Gates looks to be a keeper . Gettys doing great imo. No GM gonna be perfect but our future is about as bright as can be. And we get another yr of early rd draft picks and a bunch cap space coming up.

    Amazing Guy

    @PrinceCastro It’s not just that it’s his playcalling and the lack of discipline.

    David Canizal

    Stiltmans Stilt Nate solder Alec ogletree Golden Tate all fat contracts to players past their prime. I agree getting rid of Odell and Vernon was a smart move and we clearly won out on both of those but when I say offseason acquisitions I’m speaking about free agents exclusively he isn’t good in that department a 6/10 at best but when it comes to evaluating talent in the draft he clearly knows what he’s doing at least for the most part at like a 8.5/10

    David Canizal

    Stiltmans Stilt we can’t keep our coaching staff though that’s our biggest problem. Shurmur couldn’t inspire the sun to come over the horizon. When you have a playmaker like saquon barkley and can’t design plays for him effectively idk what to tell u

Hotshot 14380

May have lost Chase Young, but we can still get Andrew Thomas for our not very strong O-Line. Hopefully Jones can get 2 or 3 more in the Eagles game, he would break the rookie touchdown record while only starting 12 games. That would be insane.

    prateek chauhan

    Chase was going back to osu for his senior year anyway so giants didn’t lose out

    Nick Bronson

    Passissmokes Baker had 27 to Jones needs 5 against the eagles to beat it. It’s a shame he would’ve had over 30 had he not been hurt

    Lil Robux

    @Nick Bronson He’d certainly be tied at least.

    Hotshot 14380

    Bakers record is 27 and Jones has 25, I think people are leaving out his 2 rushing touchdowns as well.

    Nick Bronson

    Hotshot 14380 not leaving them out but the record is for most passing TDs and they don’t count. That being said Baker didn’t have any rushing TDs so I’m not sure if the record would still stand or if someone else has more total

Charlito Mani

Daniel Jones is a career backup

– Todd Mcshay

Daniel Jones is the Farthest reach in the NFL draft ever”

Skip Bayless

    Ronnie Mantovani

    Guy threw for 23 tds and missed a couple of games!…the fumbles still an issue. Hangs on to the ball sometimes a bit too long.

    James Brawl

    Can be fixed easily^ literally the most fixable and teachable QB problem


Kaden Smith is a BLOCKER. He was killing guys

David Reeves

If he stays healthy and the defense learns to stop plays

Amazing Guy

#DannyDimes for ROTY!

George Vreeland Hill

Jones will be a great QB. He needed this game. To hell with losing for Chase Young. We may even get him anyway.

Amazing Guy


Amazing Guy

Let’s knock the Shitguls out of the playoffs next week!

Pablo Sanchez

Let’s go gmen!,!!!

Adrian Tomelloso

Oh I know Landon Collins was just heated

Lukinhas Matos

People act like Chase Young is the only player on next year’s draft who can make an impact on this team, he is not, there are a lot of promising talent for 2020, guys like Andrew Thomas, Derrick Brown, Grant Delpit, Epenesa and so on, props to Giants and Redskins for playing for the win until the final whistle and giving us a great football game

    NYGEEZ State of Mind

    It’s just a fact that chase plays at a higher level then the players mentioned…still positions to fill to make the team better is what I’m for.. but a game changer I also believe in to make a difference

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