Seattle Goes BEAST MODE on 2 Minute Drill TD

Marshawn Lynch goes BEAST MODE and scores to extend Seahawks lead. The Seattle Seahawks take on the Philadelphia Eagles during the Wild Card Round of the 2019 NFL postseason.

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Emperor Palpatine

NFL fans: *hes washed up*

    bman classics

    @Toxicc used to. B a every down r.b. now jussssss..ain’t..

    bman classics

    @Yeeto DaCheeto more like relieved u seen Josh Jacobs???

    LeeTravius Mckay

    You’re washed up Emperor 😂

    JD C

    Washed up into the hall fame with those numbers

    Robert Baker

    @bman classics If the blocking aint there..

Emperor Palpatine

Remember people saying they got Marshawn Lynch because they were desperate….

    bman classics

    They were…. and Carroll is used to Workin round ppls flaws

    bman classics

    @krepler STFU he’s obviously a kid like u….. u doofis

    internet internet

    @The Jack Rabbit no. trust me. boomers suck and this meme will live on until they all die


    Relax dude. You guys played a depleted Philly team without their starting QB. Do it next week and we’ll be impressed. It’s easy to bully around a team that’s not well put together right now.

    Vlad Mkrtumyan

    @Darknight lets not act like the Seahawks aren’t depleted either tho

360 Cam

And they said he wasn’t going to make an impact 2 games and 2 touchdowns

    bman classics

    @Egg Bird and another guy to push the Skittle guy in the end zone…

    bman classics

    Yeah but Metcalf is the new beast mode tho.. marshawn is just mediocre mode now like tb12 running on fumes and reputation fellas….u wanna see real beast mode JJ WATT on the field with a torn pec less than two months ago and still getting SACKS!!!!

    Leo Lopez

    @Rich Hutchinson you just described textbook offensive plays boomer.

StevenYT ROS

Like if feast mode is Underrated🥵


    No your thinking of Eddie lacy that dude ate soo much


    If you’re talking about Eddie Lacy then yes, if you’re talking about Lynch then no he’s not at all…

    Obinna Nwakwue

    Feast mode, yes

    Yeeto DaCheeto

    Marshawn Lynch went beast mode and Eddie Lacy went feast mode lmaoo

Terry Johnson

We literally watching the game big dawg😭😭


Guess Who’s back

Marshawn lynch

    The Noonies

    shadys back


    Gg seattle good win

    bman classics

    Nope jus looks like him n fizzles of greatness at moments

    bman classics

    @ninjah man nope he’s happy in frisco


    Lycan4647 minnesota looking kinda dangerous tho….

An angry Jets Fan

Marshawn found a solution to not getting the ball on the one!

    ninjah man

    Run it in mannnn

    Maurice Briscoe

    That’s taking matters in your own hands!!!


0:19 what did he just say?
“Right in the middle of the b**ch right now”

    Mandalore the Unknown

    Got some earwax I see.





    Chicken Man


    Smith Gamer 56


Jay Kelz

It’s like he never left man…

Some people are just born to do what they do

    KRD TV

    Jay Kelz 💯

    Bon Paoi


    Christo. Posted 10 Years ago

    4th and inches

    The Highground

    Christo. Posted 10 Years ago
    Yes nick bosa made a good play against a 4th string tight end…

RuscleMuscle #MVP #3 #GoHawks

So in other words…


    lol lol


Rico Suave

If only the Seahawks would give Lynch the ball on the goal line more often 🤷🤷🤷

    Freddie Simmons

    You know, he has historically not been good on the goal line, right?


    @Freddie Simmons Possibly that was the reason why they opted to pass in Super Bowl XLIX

    Freddie Simmons

    @eddyzow the pass they went with had been picked off like once in two years, no matter what team ran it. It was just a monster read by butler

    Bao 641ao

    @eddyzow Lynch was 1 for 4 i believe that season inside the 1. It was just a good read by Butler.

Nick Hunter

Marshawn may not be as fast as he used to be, but he’s still VERY strong and hard to tackle


    he was never about speed anyway. even when he was young he wasnt all that fast. power, balance, elusiveness.

    Semaj-Prophecto-Travista Barker

    Not gonna lie he wasn’t all about speed but he still had wheels

Grant Comer

The goat is back in Seattle and they say he’s washed

    Grant Comer

    John Leone the dude is running over people and he lost 5 cuz a tfl that he couldent stop


    to be fair he doesn’t produce a whole ton but he also usually doesn’t get too many carries. he’s not washed tho

    John Leone

    6 carries for 7 yards .

    Grant Comer

    John Leone and a touch down where he carried three people after getting hit in the chest


    John Leone 2 catches for 25 yards as well…

    Had our center done his job and not let Cox run him over every other play those running yards for Lynch would have averaged around 2.5 – 3

    And that’s all we need from him, in fact even more than we need. We don’t need long runs from him, we want somebody we can rely on to FORCE a good 2-3 yards in do or die situations like 3rd and 1…

    He’s perfect for if. Plus he’s teaching other players how to fight for yards. You see Metcalf go beast mode on that touchdown? Our team is learning how to FOrCe their will.

Shelbie Hall

They not letting him beast like Henry beast on the pats yesterday that’s my guy Let Him Beast

    Kevin Oshaughnessy

    Shelbie Hall they don’t have T Lewan at left tackle either


    Chris prime marshawn was a different beast bro 💀 Henry looks good but nothing like prime beast mode

    bman classics

    I’m a Texans fan n I gotta give Henry credit where it’s due

    bman classics

    @CloutSteezo I’d call em close Marshawn was a lil more spry and agile where Henry is a Coke machine with legs


    He’s not quite in shape to take as many handoffs as henry, he just came back 2 weeks ago from a year off.


No one :

Marshawn Lynch : *ight imma head IN to the end-zone*

Alex L

O lineman tackled him forward into the end zone😂

Grayson Manczyk

Russell didn’t even let Pete make the call to pass, just straight up hurried em to the line for beast to go beast!

    Bon Paoi



    He owes Beast Mode another Super Bowl.

    Hans Kjellsson

    1st n goal.. Why wouldnt it be true.. If you are on The roll and you have lynch in.. Decisions like that is russels job


    Grayson Manczyk You have to know that they are still regretting that call.

    Semaj-Prophecto-Travista Barker

    Pete Carroll doesn’t make those calls the oc does

bruce lau

welcome back BEAST MODE, it’s like he never left Seattle

e soss

Let’s get it

Beast mode at his best like he never left

    xNightm_res YT

    e soss sorry but he’s nowhere near what he was.


    atown 22

    xNightm_res YT I think that if they keep him next year he will be back to the beast mode we know and love.

    OOFmachine2000 •

    Should have ran at the 1 smh


    I love it

    Bon Paoi


JamesMatthew Rivera

Beastmode has to buy something for his o line men who helped spin him in the end zone. How great is that, you haven’t played all season but than you get signed to play one regular season game and score. Than you score in a playoff game. Wow! Shoutout beastmode

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