Dalvin Cook Scores Twice vs. Saints | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Dalvin Cook Scores Twice vs. Saints | NFL 2019 Highlights

Dalvin Cook scored two touchdowns sending the Vikings to the next round. The Minnesota Vikings take on the New Orleans Saints during the Wild Card Round of the 2019 NFL postseason.

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Aaron Carrancho

This was a crazy game


Two Titans of the game got eliminated in the Wild Card.
Time to see what the young bucks can do.

    Mascuud ali

    GlitchMod I could tell


    Mascuud ali I was trying to think of something clever to say about the Vikings but I got nothin 🤷‍♂️

    Mascuud ali

    GlitchMod same

    Mascuud ali

    Can’t wait for titans vs Vikings in Super Bowl LIV


    Mascuud ali that would be wild!

1000 subscribers with no videos

Dalvin cook cooked up something spicy which was 2 touchdowns


    Henry Vlogs damn I didn’t know Dalvin Cook had a twin brother

Ruben Krishna

Last time I was this early saints were supposed to win the Súper bowl

    Zack Haselius

    Ruben Krishna oh, you mean this year?


Cook is gonna run all over the 49ers next and that’s painfully obvious.

    Victor Luu

    Sry but we’ll lose that one. Im just happy the aint drop another one agajnst us again

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    @Victor Luu I love the confidence you have in your team

    Victor Luu

    Larry Legend is a GOAT oh yeah i put $200 on vikes this game to win, I’ll prob do it again with less confidence, just because the pay out is worth it if they pull it off

    Anthony Lindsey


    Marco M

    Do you have any else to do besides hate on the niners

I'm Here

My god Kirk Cousin screams as if there’s no tomorrow. Feels bad for the sound techno guy

    Kahrem Favors

    180!!!!! Lmao

    mack wolfe

    loud stadium


    mack wolfe yeah he kinda has to


Derrick Henry, n Dalvin Cook. All you need to beat super teams. #HaveADay

meron Kesete

Wow MVP Player what a game


He’s a beast.

Khii SG

The 49ers are tough. Good luck

Webster Kollie

Saints are paying their bounty-gate dues, one playoff game at a time

    What Are Those

    Webster Kollie well said


    Saints fans are the worst. Always blaming the refs. Just go away Saints fans you suck.


    @jamesmontana29 that’s the truth

    FakeUser NameTwo

    @jamesmontana29 True. That kinda play was not called OPI the whole season, yet Saints fans wnat it to be called OPI for this one time in this one game.


0:01 1 EIGHTEYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Maybe they can cook next year lol

rinku singh

My goodness. Cousin voice like broken fluent lol 😂

Andrew Olivas

Damn only 800 views

I’m wrong but

one EiGhTyYyY

David P

That fumble from Drew cost the outcome of the game

    FakeUser NameTwo

    Honestly the Saints should just put in Taysom Hill or Teddy. It’s a fact that the Vikings don’t play good against backup qb’s.

Ken Shearson

I guess the Saints didn’t have a bounty going…

David K

Wow, Delvin Cook really accelerates explosively when he hits the hole.


    David K yeah he’s so explosive and his cuts dang

Jacob Lawing

Who else watched him in college

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