Adam Thielen Comes Up CLUTCH vs. Saints | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Adam Thielen Comes Up CLUTCH vs. Saints | NFL 2019 Highlights

Adam Thielen leads the Vikings with seven catches and 129 yards in an upset win against the Saints. The Minnesota Vikings take on the New Orleans Saints during the Wild Card Round of the 2019 NFL postseason.

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Saints choke everyear
SpongeBob meme : Hey wanna see me do it again?

    Agent_WestCoast A

    The Saints defense are the primary reason for the losses. Blown tackles to blown coverage year after year.

    I'm Your President

    I wouldn’t say choke. To me being in the playoffs most years in recent memories is good for me.


That man put a voodoo spell on New Orleans 😂😂😂😂

Trinston Yang

Minnesota Home Grown 💜💛💪🏼

    iowa panner

    And un-drafted…. glad he walked on at a Vikings try-out!

    B F

    Trinston Yang YESSS🙌🏻🙌🏻

    Andrew Ongais

    Tell the story.
    He came from where and made good… How!?


And that fumble should’ve been blown dead because it was a false start


Thielen, Diggs, Rudolph all stepped up today.

    Jay Holm 623

    jamesmontana29 do they really? They just beat the Saints so maybe they don’t


    @myles francois only reason i wrote down those names was because as a receiving cord they stepped up the

    Stephen M

    @jamesmontana29 Vikes fans care don’t be a dic

    Stephen M

    @AMBITIONZ AZ A RIDAH I would trade Diggs for a high school player. He has dropped more balls this year than jamesmontana29’s mom. Got his ankles fixed, now just need some work on his hands.


    @Stephen M nobody cares


Kirk cousins and Ryan tanninghill after defeating the Patriots and saints :

Hey look at us , look at us . Who would have thought ? NOT ME

    Jank Meta Productions

    lmao i love this reference




    @Jank Meta Productions and me on snap chat @ovo_man 😅I post daily memes on there bcz my 4 of my instagram accounts were deleted

    myles francois

    Your dumb

Space Ghost Skaduwee's Perspective

He has been a Saints killer for years.


Drew brees choked , Lattimore got cooked by thielen the whole game

    Prentiss Harris

    Jdd3 cooked him like gumbo

    Steven Cheng

    I’ve watched these two teams play against each other for about 3/4yrs now and seems like Thielen has always been a bad match up for Lattimore.

    Richie G

    Daddy Thielen showing his son how it’s done

    Dee Chen

    Lattimore always gets roasted by good WRs


Captain Kirk with the throw of his life and Thielen always with great hands. Happy to see Kirk finally break through with a playoff win

    Zack Haselius

    FMR393 finally? This is just his second playoff start?


    Zack Haselius I think they meant considering how many years he’s played, not considering how many playoff games he’s started

    Edwin Dwicahyo

    perfect throw right there, right in to thielen’s hands

Jacky Bars

The Saints are the NFL’s version of the lob city Clippers. All the talent in the world just to get bounced out in the 1st rd every year.

    Andre Walker

    They did win a title though


    That’s a terrible comparison considering they literally made it to the NFC championship last year and was on bad call away from the Superbowl. Dudududumbass

    I'm Your President

    They don’t lose in the first round every year. They were in the NFC championship last year. I get what you’re saying, but it’s a little exaggerated. And the Saints still have one more ring than the Vikings do since the existence of the NFL when looking at the big picture.

    L o l

    Lob city never made it far due to injuries. Cp3 and Blake were never healthy enough to do anything in the postseason, but if they were then they would’ve at least have made a conference final.

Jay Clemons

Who dat! Who dat! Who dat said they gone beat them… oh wait they lost🤣🤣🤣

    Living -living

    Jay Clemons he is !!!

    Jay Clemons

    Living -living should’ve played teddy bridgewater

    Mig_Carrera 4

    Jay Clemons did you even watch the game

    Mig_Carrera 4

    If you did you would have known that they didn’t put the game winning touchdown in the highlights because it shouldn’t have been a touchdown. It was offensive pass interference because Rudolph pushed off the corner back before the ball was thrown. Literally the announcers were saying they same thing.

    Mig_Carrera 4

    The refs for the saints game are always garbage.

Mason Stoltz 28

Cook, Thielen, Diggs best trio in NFL


    Saunders, Mostert , Kittle, Breida all have something to say about dat next Saturday, go 49ers

    Chad Lease

    @kdentonjm101 doubt it


    And Cousins

Race Car Steve

Brees choked, defense had no answer for Dalvin Cook, this game shouldn’t of gone to OT

Jay Manning

Saints now have the longest choking streak!! Lol


“Micheal Thomas is going to cook the Vikings.”

    Notebook Master

    jamesmontana29 bro most people would think he’s a saint fan

    myles francois

    Isaac 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Zack Haselius

    Jayden Rhone here we go again with the refs excuse. 😑😒

    Zack Haselius

    Jayden Rhone WHAT PUSH OFF!?!? There wasn’t any push off!! Williams and Rudolph both were hand fighting and the refs havent called that PI all year. Noe you want it in a playoff game just because? What BS.


Who “dat”

Aint “dat”

Vike “dat

You like “dat”

    Noel Truong

    AD HB everyone liked dat

    AD HB

    MultiBlooperz LOL good one

    AD HB

    MultiBlooperz Sharon Rodgers and co won’t get much help from the refs with a healthy cook and Thielen


    Bro this is genius

    AD HB

    Unknown spread it bro



Money Blaise

Whenever he was 1v1 it was game over for the Saints


after that dropped pass he become an absolute animal. love that dude


    & fumble whoops

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