Kirk Cousins LIKES That | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Kirk Cousins LIKES That | NFL 2019 Highlights

Kirk Cousins throws for 242 yards and a touchdown in a clutch overtime win against the Saints. The Minnesota Vikings take on the New Orleans Saints during the Wild Card Round of the 2019 NFL postseason.

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Kirk cousins came in clutch


    Who knew?!

Zachary Morris

Saints once again went from the Saints to the aints 😂

    Steven Stotts

    DirtyDon we need to believe that, otherwise they will for sure. If they think they have the edge they will lose it, happened with the packers game this year, the nfc championship in 2010 against the saints (the latter half specifically), the 2015 wildcard game against the seahawks, and, perhaps most infamously for fans, the 2018 nfc championship against the Eagles’s backup qb. The Vikings aren’t a championship team, they are underdogs. They have a ways to go before they can have a winning mindset like the patriots or the packers.


    SaltyBuns all that for nothing

    Mean Machine

    SaltyBuns And lost in the first round to a 10-6 team

Rub Tub707

Saints: Aight I’m A Head Out

Isaac A

Kirk proved a lot of haters wrong today



    Kyle Sanders

    JimBobWay *both


    JimBobWay no haters. Mans been balling for 5 years and never gets respect.

    myles francois

    ngpdreamteam2k4 that’s a fact

khavy vath

No body believed in us👿
The better team won. #GoGetIt 💜💛

    José Chahin Canahuati

    Hell naw

    Cian Shamrock


    Andrew Koloski

    The Vikings will die in Santa Clara. Trust me

    Cian Shamrock

    Andrew Koloski Ok bud we will see


    DBradshaw25 Luck wtf? How


I definitely *LIKED* that clutch throw to Rudolph.


    I poopied.

Americas Team

Won’t be talked about but give Rhodes credit , didn’t let Thomas go off today

    Steven Stotts

    Finally he didn’t suck, man’s been playing way below what he has before and should have been this season.

    Harry Singh

    meron Kesete He’s great but not the best

    Poopy Butt

    @meron Kesete Julio Jones is still better

    Cian Shamrock

    And no one talks about his forced fumble in Seattle which gave us a chance to win

Sports 311

He finally delivers in the clutch of a game when his team needed him most

    FakeUser NameTwo

    @Ren ren Throughout the whole entire season the refs have not called that offense pass interference for any game, yet they will call it for this one particular game?

    Hari Avula

    @Ren ren are you actually gonna blame this on the refs. Lmao you saints fans are stupid and will find any excuse for you shortcomings

    Travis Donald Stanley

    Troy was right.
    The bomb pass in OT was the biggest throw in his career.


Kirk’s road to redemption has started. I believe again Kirk. 🙏

    Max kaliber

    MafiaboysWorld he’s been playing lights out all season, the games he lost was either on his defense or Oline crumbling in front of him .. he’s legit


    @Max kaliber Only after he was called out by Diggs & Thielen. We started with Kirk but he changed to this worse version called Kurt. From the Saints game last regular season until the loss against the Bears to go 2-2 we had Kurt Cousins, not Kirk. After then he changed back. 👍

lil Beaner

So far the predictions are all wrong ☠️☠️☠️

    Carlos Inda

    Same right here

    Super Destroyer X

    I predicted seahawks and Texans would win so I got those right

    Andrew K

    @Super Destroyer X I had my Vikings winning, the titans winning the Seahawks winning but unfortunately I had the Bills winning

    Vicente Romero

    I predicted Bills, Pats, Saints, and Shithawks

    fizzle mygrizzle

    I predicted all 4


“Kirk cousins can’t do anything in big moment….” oh yeah then what’s this huh bud?

    An angry Jets Fan

    Jonah.Ricci you know you were saying the same exact thing


    An angry Jets Fan not really bud

    An angry Jets Fan

    Jonah.Ricci mhm

    Peter Zarate

    Minnesota … the land of all the boomers 😂

Dick Bayless

“First Cousins”
– Shannon Sharpe (2020)

Tony Preston

Packers-Vikings NFC championship would be lit


    @Legoat James NOPE

    K Jackson47

    Gotta get through the Niners first


    Im praying for a Vikings and Eagles NFC Championship game. The team that nobody believe in.

    Obioma Fashion

    mrtong1985 wentz just got hurt.


    Packers-Vikings in a snow playoff game at Lambeau would be pretty damn cool

Chris W

Redskins fans wish they kept Cousins lmao

    Rey Thomas

    I wish they did to.

    Mike Milton

    You’re not lying


    Chris W nah we good, only took the guy 7 years a great team behind him to finally produce something

    My Entire Team Sucks

    @Jcs guy was good with Washington, just not always consistent. The Skins failed to build around him

    Mostillist 623

    they have started 5 different qbs since he has left a little over 2 years ago

James Soften

Not a Vikings fan but I’m genuinely happy for Kirk

    myles francois

    James Soften fax

    Jordan Allen

    Cowboys fan same here


    He gets so much ridiculous criticism. He’s never going to be Peyton Manning, but people act like if he isn’t perfect, he’s the main reason the team lost

1000 subscribers with no videos

Vikings be like it’s about time to win a Super Bowl

    Chef Sweaty

    @Impeach The Orange Buffoon Iran be like “we will nuke America and implement Sharia law”

    Chef Sweaty

    @Impeach The Orange Buffoon cheese be like “I’m an intimate object”

    Reppid1 cringe

    Chef Sweaty I love Gen z humor

    Chef Sweaty

    @Reppid1 cringe I hate myself

    Ask Me If I Care

    @Chef Sweaty Chef Sweaty be like “I hate myself”

Yael Nunez

Everyone: Kirk cousins can’t win a big game Kirk: hold my horn


    @aaron berhane oh really?. my bad.. atleast he still won in that non PI game against the saints..

    aaron berhane

    razgriz821 yeah I’m proud of him

    joe smobody

    @razgriz821 even though they had to change the rules to accommodate the crybaby saints they still whine about no pass interference. Makes it all the more satisfying.

    myles francois

    Yael Nunez 😂😂😂 I’m dead , but hey he did pull it off 💯 I love kirk




From a non Vikings fan, I’m happy for Kirk Cousins. He gets destroyed by ESPN and the rest for being a “game manager”. I have always thought he was better than Dak Prescott, now he proved me right 👏🏾👏🏾


    Jeremias Ramirez My point exactly…

    Rob Banta

    Espn destroys him because they are a bunch of progressives and Cousins is a white Christian male.

    myles francois

    nmj530 he’s way better than Dak


    @jamesmontana29 Nice to know you can see the future!


    @eoe123321 It is nice. Thank you. Vikings suck.

Jason D

Saints/ Saints fans- it’s ok, playing the Vikings at home is like a bye week.

Kirk Cousins- finally won my first big game!


Joe “Pass iiiiiiiiis… CAUGHT” Buck

    Impeach The Orange Buffoon


    Barnacle Boy

    He’s gotten better. I thought he called this game really well


    @Barnacle Boy he needs to find a new phrase for calling long passes or passes in general. the pass issssss caught is so annoying after a little while

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