Jason Garrett OFFICIALLY Fired As Cowboys Head Coach – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
The Big Man

Garrett walked into the building like noone was gonna see him


    “NOONE” is not a word.

First Name Last Name

This is a bigger playoff win than the Saints and Pats got lmao 😂😂

    Mike Montana

    Most talented in the league? It’s a team full of losers and a new coach isn’t going to change that! Better start drafting better.

    Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

    @First Name Last Name sounds exactly like what a stereotype cowgirl fan would say!! 😂😂😂

    Mike Montana

    Mike McCarthy is going to be the new head coach. Won’t make a damn diff.

    Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

    @Mike Montana it wont, this is great 👍👍👏🏽👏🏽😂😂

Shortest SB Champion QB

LOL Garrett “allowed” them. Like he had a choice

    Brian Waller

    Next time I get fired I will refuse lol


    yeah wtf was up with that comment? lmao

    Rob M

    Probably depended on the language of his contract. Him voluntarily resigning early/getting fired.


He “allowed them to do so?” Lmao

    The Rabbit

    I’m telling you. He knows what Jerry did last summer.

    Gus Cuellar

    @The Rabbit Hmmm… You maybe on to something!

    Jon Doe

    @The Rabbit Do tell.

    Tglass Gaming

    Garret got fired on Thursday but wouldn’t accept being fired and he’s been trying all week to come back but Garrett finally accepted the fact that he’s done

    Ba Doai


Philly Prince

Everybody in Texas having parade right about now.

    WB Bils

    @Vicente jr Baldovinos Yo, ese. Houston Texans es no cojer bueno. They no campeones. Buffalo muy macho hombres. Wait til next year.

    HT82 Smash

    Dallas Cowboys fans you mean. Houston Texans fans still have a heart attack from the Wild Card game Saturday


    Isaac A what Texas are you in?


    Philly Prince yes sir

Ricardo Masvidal

Jason Garrett should’ve been fired. But Jerry got emotionally attached to this guy and cost him.

    donald deluxe

    Steven Juris and yet he says that he wants to win one last Super Bowl before he goes. Which is why I said his power of control is lax by which you continued to ignore.

    Eliazar Reyna

    yeah  jerry jones is a trash drafter I can name multiple gms/coaches who have had better draft picks in the last 5 years and what’s up with jerry jones giving every1 hella big contracts lmaooooo jerry jones b like “You get 30 mil a year you get 30 mil a year you all get 30 mil a year” lmao most pathetic excuse for a gm in NFL history

    Eliazar Reyna

    deluxe  Stephen jones and will mckray aren’t doing good they’re just giving every1 whatever contract they want lmao that’s y so many players are getting released this year

    Steven Juris

    donald deluxe not going to happen with Mike “I like throwing 50+ passes a game and don’t need to run “ McCarthey. Dak isn’t Aaron Rodgers or even close.

Webster Kollie

The Cowboys got their first win of the 2020 season 😂


    @Fat Lip hahahah

    Billy Hicks

    Doesn’t make a difference who the coach is there not good enough to win a Super Bowl


    Billy Hicks yes they are they been good enough for the past 3 years just failed every time


    @Billy Hicks Thats right Dak is a Back Up Qb at best

    David Esparza

    We got 3, Patriots and Eagles are eliminated


Skip Bayless was doing the Dak dance all over his living room when he first heard Jason Garrett fired…


    Kai Myers btw, is that Stuttgart on your profile picture? 🧐

    Crystal Charity

    They started losing all Superbowl chances after he came . Sorry to say
    I wasn’t rooting for him in the beginning thinking he was too young . I remember him just( on) A Team. But I grew to like him . Then after so many years I went back to he just stopped playing himself ,he was too young.

    Linda Callazo

    Omg!!! I hope didn’t pull a muscle trying to do the Dak

    Gerald Woodard

    @Will Gomes he will say no matter who we get we are going to the super bowl!

    Lost Timing

    @Will Gomes lmao


“…Garrett has allowed them to do so?”


    Edwards Daniel

    He was trying to get his job back, but eventually gave up and surrendered.

    Gabriel Morales

    He was under contract so he agreed to not continue with it


Somewhere, Skip is sippin on some henny right now.

    WadeCounty Mafia

    Smoking the Henny 💯 He asked Unc if he good smoke some Hennessy last week when Shannon was celebrating the Cowboys being out I believe Monday’s episode it was legendary because Senile Skip actually thought he could smoke Henny due to the psychosis the Eagles winning the East mired him in.

Noahthegreat. One

jason garret said “ight im gonna let y’all let me go “ LMFAOOO

    Shane Douglas

    @BWM Mutual parting of ways would have sounded better

    Luna EB

    im not sure how he got fired, he was a FA , no contract

    pa. encema

    @Shane Douglas and jj gave a good statement about jason garrett as well, odd.

    Shane Douglas

    @pa. encema it makes you wonder what’s really going on…

    Ba Doai


Roberto Penalba

Probably one of the longest divorces in NFL history.

    Jon Doe

    LMAO! Jason won custody and alimony.

Tufan Kilinc

He’s a great guy but not a great coach for Dallas. I wish him well wherever he lands.

    GOlden St8

    No HC. Job ever

    justin pocsik

    new browns head coach

    Art Briceno

    It’s the coke head players not the coach

Shane Douglas

Garrett: “I’m giving you a allowance, I’m allowing you to talk it over, I’m allowing you to look for other coaches and I’m allowing you to fire me…”


    “I’m also allowing you to reconsider your decision to fire me.”

    Shane Douglas

    @Branulous LMAO 😂 Nice follow up! 👍


The Browns will probably hire Garrett because they’re the Browns.

    howard myers

    He would actually be good for them . If they are willing to make 4 yr guarentee. He has a winng record of the time in Dallas . He could help build the team just not get them into the finish . Which is still a step forward for the Browns this decade , or just keep the revolving door going of bad coaches and poor front office decisions .

    Ba Doai


    Jag Chris

    Hey, then they’ll get to .500 the best record they’ve had in a decade 😂😂😂

    howard myers

    @Jag Chris thought they were 1 over .500 last year ?

    Jag Chris

    @howard myers I believe they were 7-8-1 last year

Bud Lee

Jerry : You’re fired
Jason : So I’ll see ya Monday then ?


    It’s a process…

    2 Faces Of Evil

    Bud Lee 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹

    Mr Chris Carter FX

    Jerry: you’re fired!
    Jason Garrett Angry face 👉🏾😀

    Shane Douglas



The Cowboys are f*cked until Jones fires himself as Head Coach.
Let’s face it, Garrett was an administrative assistant at best.


    Been saying this since they let Jimmy get away


    @SHOWMEGOD That move exposed Jones for what he is. He’s going to find another Yes man, and nothing will change.

    G Chong

    @SHOWMEGOD they didn’t let Jimmy get away he ran like Hell al the way to Miami



Raxiom FC

Eagles lost and now this news this sunday has been a blast😂


    Raxiom FC yeah when your team sucks. You have to revel in someone’ else’s misfortune

David Parkes

On behalf of Cowboys fans everywhere: NA NA NA NA NA NA HEY HEY HEY GOODBYE!

Good riddance. Oh & called it on Philly being 1 & done.


    1 and done > watching from the couch


    Fork and plate

    @David Parkes your starting QB? My starting Qb was home getting a bye aka AR12. But your Qb is home couching.

    Clay Nava

    Only because wentz got targeted

    Holstorr Sceadus

    You predicted the worst team in the playoffs would lose? Wow Nostradumbass, Jason Garrett is clapping for your powers of prestidigitation.


    David Parkes yeah he sucks so bad he got to the playoffs two Years in a row. You’re the losing team you shouldn’t even be allowed to talk Yet here you are running your stupid mouth

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The reason this took so long is that only Jerry Jones’ doctors could surgically remove the puppet strings that have been attached to Jason these past 9 years.

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