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Sean McDermott | “The Buffalo Bills will never stop fighting”

Buffalo Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott met with the media at NRG Stadium following the 22-19 loss to the Houston Texans. Topics Include: The team's reaction to the loss, reasoning behind going for it on fourth down late in the game, and where the team goes after the loss.

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    California Dreaming

    Um, hi back.

    In CogNito



At least it’s progress. GG.


    Playmaker on offense, depth at oline & a edge rusher in the offseason and we will be back in the playoffs next seaso


    @TheAngryBuffaloSportsFan agreed, we need the o line to develop and standup, we may also need to draft an wr.

The Way

This loss hurt. I never thought I’d say this, but I felt we were out-coached in the second half of that game yesterday. Had this game in the bag.

    The Way

    Th3WildRov3R _ I understand what you’re saying, but there were some questionable coaching moments.

    Ie. Not trying a long field goal and instead going for an extreme low percentage 4th and 27

    Ie. Having your QB who’s making his first playoff start in a hostile environment throw 46 times, and have your running back who is averaging over 5 yards a carry, carry the ball 13 times.

    Also got way too conservative at times, instead of going for the kill. Seen this before from this staff. Why are we handing the ball to gore on a 2nd and 10 at the end of the first half. It’s like we were playing for field goals at times..

    Dennis Madigan

    @The Way it’s all preplanned. A few are in on it, the rest thinks it’s real.

    In CogNito

    @Dennis Madigan Schizophrenia

    Mr. Chase

    We have had the same issue all season. We fail to put points on the board. Can’t win every game especially playoffs with field goals. Keep Singletary but let Gore go and get a power back like Derrick Henry to help with running game.

    Dennis Madigan

    @Mr. Chase Gore is good but it could be time to move on.

Buffalo Fan716

I really hope Brian Daboll gets fired!! Please this team needs a new offensive coordinator if this team will ever go somewhere in the playoffs in the future! Please please get a new offensive coordinator


    @Buffalo Fan716 josh still has a season or two before we let him run the offense give daboll one more season so that this raw offense don’t have to learn a whole new offense again and give allen another playmaker

    Buffalo Fan716

    @TheAngryBuffaloSportsFan I hope we draft CeeDee Lamb.


    @Buffalo Fan716 i dont watch college ball i will have to look him up

    Buffalo Fan716

    @TheAngryBuffaloSportsFan I heard hes really good. Hope he lives up to the hype

    charlie Walsh

    New head coach first ! Third and 27 McDermott has one time out instructs his qb to spike it instead of taking a time out which results in a loss of down now it’s 4th and 27 and he goes for it ! Who needs to go?

Ex Chris

sad lost but ik we going to do better next season. gobills ps josh allen is still my qb.

John Doe

I hope Daboll is gone monday! To throw the ball 46 times with to O line and running back the Bill’s have is ridiculous, period. That run call at the end of the half was one of the worst play calls I’ve ever witnessed!

California Dreaming

The Bills had a very good season. They made great strides. I had them making the playoffs this year with originally 10 wins — that was on the money — but next year I have them winning their division — remains to be seen. But I think they should keep their heads up and remember that next year they very well might win 12-plus games. They will be good in 2020 and when they originally drafted Josh that was about the timeframe I thought they’d be a real threat, so they’re actually ahead of the curve.

jim Digiulio

same thing as the Bengals AFC championship back in the marv days, came back the next year kicked butts all over


Fire Brian Daboll,he’s the worst offensive coordinator in the league,he’s always been the o-coordinator of the 31 or 30 offenses while he was in the NFL. Every lost this season was Brian Daboll calling shitty plays,I mean throwing around 40 times this game and 2 QB runs midfield

    Derrick Robinson

    If they would have try to score a td after Hopkins fumble its a different game and none of that other stuff happens

Aidan Kaczorowski

This was a great game with a sad ending to us. We played great in the first half but fell apart in the second. Some terrible calls by the refs lost this game for us. But I hope we can do good in the draft and pick up some good free agents. Go Bills!

John Arch

Y when you opt to always go forward on fourth down all your long and lose games because you rather go forward on fourth down and kick field goals this is what happens I don’t know why people think that he’s a good coach he’s average at best he got lucky that our defense held he should’ve went for the field-goal he’s done that on several games this year and we have lost many of them by just a few points he simply just get outcoached by making dumb decisions

    BloodyLegend 716

    He didn’t get coach of the week a couple weeks ago because he’s “average”.

    Clive Pinnock

    Yep, he coaches scared.

    David Mead

    I think some of you guys would not be happy even if God was the coach. Learn some football.

Paul C Bentley

Appreciate this coach Buffalo

Vito Anthony D.

No, McDermott has to go. I’m not putting up with close but no cigar and a second-half like that that pulled defeat from the Jaws of victory. If McDermott is your best chance going forward, good luck. They’ll just have to go forward without me. At 56 years old I don’t have any of my heart left to feed you. GTFO and take your trash Milano with you.

    David Mead


    In CogNito

    The play-caller has to go. I like McDermott

Polish Padawan

0:49 Not even a twizzler could cheer up Sean

Randy Johnson

Who called pass plays setting up for a kick ???
Run the ball???
Two end zone passes??
Run to get closer for the kicker…
Give me 5 more yards for the kid instead of a sack out of field goal range??

    In CogNito

    Winners find ways to win. Losers find ways to lose. The play caller is the loser. Drop that fucker

iONLYrobWHITE DrugDealers

Bad coaching and a AWFUL QB

DP Urlacher

Fire Daboll, that play calling on OT was terrible! When your 10 yards away from field goal range to win, RUN THE BALL, take some pressure of your QB who has no playoff experience.

Tony Dobbs

Why did they send the punter/ holder out on a 3rd& 20 something and have him spike the ball. Lose a down then go for it on 4th & 27 ??
Isn’t that a total waste of a down?? I was outside of my house when it happened and came back in scratching my head??? Didn’t the coaches know what down they were on when it was 3rd down??
I’m really confused.
I also can’t figure out why they kept going empty backfield and throwing the ball through the majority of the 4th quarter and OT??
Why no play action pass, screens , option plays, or even trick plays that seemed to work on the first possession of the game ???
Gore has been a hero throughout his career and is a first ballot Hall of fame player but he was held to 8 for 22yd. I believe. I don’t understand that line of play calling if it’s not working?
Brian Dabol has to go…imho
I believe the Dolphins coaxed Chan Gailey out of retirement to run their Offense next season. Combined with their current head coach, the Bills had better keep an eye on the Dolphins next year or they might compete for the conference title next season…
We shouldn’t blame this loss entirely on Josh Allen. He stands at the press conference and accepts all the blame for this loss. The coaching staff should definitely take some of the burden for the disgraceful second half and OT offensive play calling…
The Defence did their job all game !! PoorTre White just got tired, they all did..
Sadly, I’m kind of relieved that they were eliminated yesterday. My blood pressure felt like was getting uncomfortably high during the game. I don’t need the stress from frustration…

Gordy OConnor

Keep up the winning attitude!
It’s what we have been looking for in a coach for a long time!
You seem to have a loving and caring relationship with your players and a great fire for defense!
This and a quarterback who is growing into your system,
Is why I have something to look forward to as a Bills lifelong fan!👍🏻🙏🏻✌🏻️


I dont know if coach looks more hurt or more angry.

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