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Josh Allen | “I Love My Teammates And I Appreciate Everything”

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen addressed the media following the 22-19, overtime loss to the Houston Texans. Topics include: the play of Texans defensive end, J.J. Watt, Bills head coach Sean McDermott's postgame speech to the team, and Allen's thoughts on the season as a whole.

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Secretpopcorn 44

It’s ok we will try next season we did good

    David Kelly


Outside Looking In

It is, what it is. That’s right.
Question is, what is it?


Bright future ahead Josh. Just one of many playoff games. Bills Mafia has your back and we’re proud to call you our quarterback.

    David Kelly

    Iceey…WELL said!! Thank you!!


big bruh moment

California Dreaming

Josh made some mistakes although few of those mistakes actually hurt the Bills. He gave it his all, and then some. But the goal needs to be medium-to-long term and the Bills are on their way. It would’ve been cool if the Bills won but, in reality, after watching the Titans yesterday they might be the best team in the AFC right now, mostly because of Henry — I think that’s the back’s name. He is unbelievable and he will be hard to stop. But it was the first time I saw the Titans this year and that guy is scary.

Michael Connor

Well at least the Pats lost. Next year we should be favored to win the AFC East.

    David Kelly

    WELL SAID!! Thank you! Great comment!


Damn at least we made the playoffs with a second year quarterback. Gotta stay on top of upgrading the offense and keeping the defense stout.

    David Kelly

    Thank you Trix!!! You are a true fan…Not a whiny crybaby!! GO BILLS!!!

Cole Mesler

That’s kick was a touchdown

    Shahram Sareminouri

    No kidding refs blown call again

    David Maly

    100% was a TD… The call wasn’t blown, it was called a TD on the field… should have never been overturned.

Cole Mesler

Hey josh, just think Jim Kelly made his first playoffs game at 29, that’s a lot older than you are, keep your head up bud

    Rafi Broer

    @Tony Black He’s 23 years old, goddamn it. Josh played better over the course of the whole season than any QB since Flutie. We just made the playoffs for the 2nd time in 20 years, give the kid a break.

    We’re a year early. I thought we’d have success starting in Year 3.


    Exactly, he’s just 23. There were a lot of other rookie miss steps out there, missed blocks, holding, route running, missed tackles. He is still 1/11th, and it takes all 11, on both sides! I thought he did a good job with what he had to work with, I’m proud of him!!!

    David Kelly

    @gtr1952 – WELL SAID!!!! Thank you! You’re obviously a SMART BILLS fan, and not an ignorant hater!

    David Kelly

    @Rafi Broer – You’re another smart, educated Bills fan!! Thank you! I think Josh did great in only his second year, and his first playoff game! No question…Josh Allen will do great things for this team!! 10-6 in only his second season, with new receivers, new RB’s, new tight ends, and a totally revamped offensive line!!

    Cole Mesler

    Tony Black yah In the USFL

Chris Spencer

No need to hang your head bud. You folks exceeded everyone’s expectations by far. The organization is in a good place with a bright future. For being 1 of the 2 only offensive returning starters with 9 new members and to be as successful as you guys were is a great accomplishment in it’s own. You have teams with only a few add ons that couldn’t do what you did. Heads down and grind in off season and get the outcome we all want for the team. CHAMPIONSHIPS! Good Season Buffalo let’s get it on the next one! This is gonna be a scary team to face next year. #BillsMafia4Life

    David Kelly

    EXTREMELY WELL SAID BROTHER CHRIS!!! Thank God that you’re not one of the bitchy, whiny, crybaby Bills fans that I’ve had to rip into on other Allen interviews! You’re the kind of fan that I could hang out with, and have great Bills conversations with! I LOVE my Buffalo Bills! No doubt this team will be back stronger than ever!! Many people were saying that this team would only be 6-10 or 7-9!! Yes, this loss hurts, BUT there’s a lot to be excited about! GO BILLS IN 2020-21!!!


Good season fellas. Gonna reup on my Bills gear. You restored my faith in the franchise


That was a heartbreaker, but probably the craziest game I’ve ever seen. Keep you head up, Josh. Looking forward to 2020. My son made sure to rock his BILLS gear this morning. GO BILLS!!!


I don’t care what anyone says, this season to me was technically Allen’s first year. Last year was a mess with him being out half the year and with a wide receiver core who couldn’t even catch herpes if you threw it to them. This is our first season with John Brown, Cole Beasley, Duke Williams, Devin Singletary, Frank Gore, Dawson Knox, etc. on the offensive side. We are losing Lorenzo Alexander and have 90 Mil in cap space. Our Defense will still be stellar and our offense will only get better. Trust the process

jim Digiulio

Next year brother! reminds me of the loss to the Bengals for the AFC championship back in the Kelly days, bills came back the next year killen. four AFC’s in a row. You guys are a good team.

Nolan Rhodes

The Future is So Bright! This game eats at me, but the mistakes can be cleaned up. Im excited for the future. Go Bills.

Isaac Allen

he gave it all he had and you can tell

Caleb DesJardins

Josh, we LOVE you here in B-lo. It was a difficult loss but we’re here for you and just focus on continuing your progression. We’re gunna be back in the playoffs next year baby.

Joseph Johnston

Why do all 50/50 calls go against the bills?

    Steve Barnes

    Because the league values bigger market teams. Houston is seen as a better sports market, with the Astros being in 2 WS in 3 years.

Mark Fiorella

great effort get it done nextyear keep your head up

Tom Cauley

The real houston houdini was the fact that a Buffalo touchdown disappeared

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