BEST OF: Houston Texans vs Buffalo Bills Wild Card Game || Texans Victory – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Noah Lane

JJ Watt’s sack was the turning point in the stadium volume


    Once JJ got that sack the momentum totally switched.

Marissa Ponce

Second and i know it


JJ sack Change the Texans After that sack we started turning things up

Vincent Vaughan

We did it!!! We did it!!! GO TEXANS!!! Let’s go Beat the Chiefs!!

Paul Garcia

This is the way.

    Austin Orfield

    I have spoken.

Manuel J.

Congratulations Texans, sometimes it’s good to dream…

…then wake up & check that the dream came true 🏈.

There’re still many dreams to come true…

…that the party doesn’t spoil the next game, from now on you have to be focused so that next week we will dream again & wake up again with much happiness 🎉.

Damian Avalos

Glad I’m texans fan 🤘🏼


It finally goes Houston’s way with payback from the 1993 Wild Card game. The Houston Oilers allowed the Bills to have the biggest comeback in NFL History giving up 38 points after half time. The Bills got the win with a 3 point FG in OT. This time Houston overcame a 16 point deficit with a 3 point FG win in OT in this Wild Card game! 🙏

TheApex Predator

Texans *PLEASE* get Deshaun Watson a better Offensive Line

    Inga Guy

    please please HE can’t do it by himself COME on men help him 🤔🤔🤔🤔 out

    Bob Dylan

    Some off those sacks are on him sometimes he holds the ball and doesn’t see a open man

Brad Groux


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