Sean Lee: I’m Going to Take Some Time | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
EyeGreen -

LB coach


Hope he coaches the LBs one day.

Corey Sosner

Love this guy !

Greg Berry

One more year!

Slippin’ Jimmy

Can’t believe he stayed healthy this season

Kathy Sanders

GARRETT couldn’t motivate anyone on a consistent basis and his play calling was so predictable and so passive. PLAYERS need a ball Buster for a coach. 😠😠😠

    Dog Breath

    Garrett can’t help that JJ kept this slug to long .

Metal Dave

A great player #50, needs and deserves a winning team and a Ring!

    Dennis Bryan

    Metal Dave Agreed but it’s to late for him

David el

We still need you man!


Love Sean Lee, true cowboy through and through. It’s obvious it’s his decision to play another year but it’s not his decision to come back to the Cowboys. It should be the new coach that decides that. Same for witten.

Eric Carmona

Don’t just go yet Lee.. We need you baby. At least one more season! #50 💪🏼💯

    Dog Breath

    He should have been gone years ago.

The Faith

But love lee dude played his heart out this year

Manny Palese

Should be transitioned directly into the Linebackers Coach.

    Dog Breath

    Should have been transitioned out the door years ago .

Martin N

my fav linebacker ever

Nick Matthews

Thank you Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones for wasting this man’s career

    Jack Woods

    His injuries wasted his career. Everybody hates on Jerry must have never heard of the salary cap because it was created to stop him and not for one other single reason. I’d also ad that the great Jimmy was fired (for his insolence) 4 months before the cap. I’d like to have seen how dominant he’d have been without an unlimited checkbook….something no NFL owner has ever sacrificed for his fans. Jerry bought Dallas for 141 million and now they’re worth 5.8 billion…that’s over 40X return and they are the most valuable franchise in sports. The next NFL team is down at about 7 or 8. Jerry is not perfect but he is certainly a great owner imho.

    Talkin Bout Nawlins

    @Jack Woods Get yur nose out of jerrahs poop shoot,brown noser.Every other nfl team has had winners with lots less.Its about winning a superbowl..Not seeing whose wallet is the fattest.Damn yur stupid.Jerrah doesnt make decisions like a gm.He makes decisions like a fan boi.Hell you should be running the team….

My Friends Call Me Lou

Thank you for everything you’ve done for this team General. You will always be my favorite cowboys player

safety guy 101

We need one more season from you general!!!

Oscar Alvarado

He at one time had speed to keep up with running backs out of the backfield. Tight ends out run him and he’s lost a step. He would make a great linebacker coach with all his knowledge. His stats speak for themselves. Linebackers in this league are fast and quick. Ten years ago Lee had that quickness and speed, but injuries have slowed him down over the years.

jay luv

Even at his age he is still one of the best linebackers to ever play the game

    Dog Breath

    No f*%king way ! Are you drunk or high ?

    Fly Ty

    Like the dude said before. “Are you drunk”. If u actually knew football (which u clearly dont) you would have not made that statement. Lee has no business being in conversation for one of the best linebackers in the NFL. Any Analyst out today would not have Lee in that conversation. You sound like a Cowboy fan.

Robert Ward

3:18 what are we laughing about?

geoff spencer

Keep him in as a rotational player at lb , them when he lights it up keep him in, he’s had a few games this year that has been game changing, Lee deserves a ring let him play another 1-3 years at a smaller role he will motivate this young lb core,

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