Hangin’ with the Boys: Keep It Real | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Hangin’ with the Boys: Keep It Real | Dallas Cowboys 2019

The offseason has begun, so the boys talk coaches and take a look at the upcoming free agents. Who do you keep? Who can you do without? The bottom line is, what will it take to win?

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5:50 LOL

David W. Johnson

Cowboys need to hire a Jimmy Johnson-like coach to instill discipline into the team instead of just being buddies all the time with the players. Hard work is what leads to championships. Garrett was not demanding enough on the players.


    Urban Meyer pretty much, I don’t think Jerry has the balls to hire him.

T Landry

Pay the talent…not the memories… so we can WIN.

T Landry

Agreed about Lee

Jonas Alston

20th like


Amari seems either mentally weak or his heart isn’t in the game. Physical injuries accounted for i’ve seen him disappear and give no effort at times. Tag him. He’s a high risk of getting paid big and either disappearing mentally or getting hurt.


Damn! Nate came to work sober today and was all business!!! Good stuff great show


No they didnt Nate. They should done it a week ago.


Cowboys got exactly what they deserved Nate, and now it’s time to move on from Garrett

Luis Garcia

Nates comment to begin show obviously cowboys didn’t do enough to be in the playoffs

John Crabtree

I dont if amari was hurt or what but his effort was poor at times let him go and draft a wr there seems to be some good ones this year

TacoABeast 83

Dropped passes, tons of penaltys every year. We need a coach that instills DISCIPLINE

Michael Holt

“So easy a Shannon Gross could do it” Caveman looking mug hhhh


The Cowboys did what they had to do to be in the playoffs right? This is the only fanbase in the NFL that’s delusional as hell 😂😂


The Cowboys make tough decisions ALL the time. They got rid of Dorsett, Emmitt, Troy, D. Ware, & Romo. Witten should be no different. He’s a progress stopper. It’s time to move on. Thank you for your service. Go Cowboys!


Good show for Nate. He’s best when he does this type of analysis. I hate when he goes off the rails during some shows.

All up in the videos....

Facts Nate! The cowboys are stuck in the past, they’re stuck in their old ways.


Love Nate, this is the only show I watch now.

Oahu Guy

Nate is such a neanderthal. Amazing he can be on a talking show.

Oahu Guy

I was premature on Nate, this was one of his best shows. Especially on his comment on Witten.

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