Travis Frederick: Today Is A Big Day For Reflection | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
G Gz

man i wish cowboys made it

G Gz

cowboys could have beat all the dang teams 🙂

    The Realist.

    To bad the cowgirls suck…..

G Gz

#cowboysNation #Dallascowboys #NFL

Adrian Garza

Shut up travis you got pushed around all season

    The Realist.

    Salty little cowgirls fan here. CRYBABIES.

General Jones

Well Garrett needs to practice what he preaches about preparing.

Metal Dave

A new beginning for this team, different team, different mindset, go back to the fundamentals of playing hard nose football like JJ era…they need that now, especially with all these young players they have now just like the young triplets #8,#88,#22

The Faith


The Faith

#72 best center in the league

Eric Kelske

Sometimes the Smartest Guy in the room is to stubborn to learn and evolve change … Garrett/Marinelli have proved they are Outdated Coaches who definitely teach repetition technique fundamentals…Which is what the rest of the League does with analytics in game adjustments formations wrinkles and modern blitzes..Are players have been outcoached it shows vs the Elite teams

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