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Paul Trigger

Metcalf has two routes: open and opener

    Randy Marsh

    Paul Trigger not when they go up against greenbay 🤫

    Panda Fighter

    I tried to rub ur profile pic off the phone😂

    Andrew Hatcher

    @Randy Marsh actually yes when we go up against Green Bay. Not only is he crazy fast but he is bigger than anyone that will be trying to guard him. Will we win against Green Bay though? That depends on if our defense stands up.

    Autentyczna Joanna

    Szukam wiernych widzòw 🥰
    Zapraszam na sałatkę🥰
    Bo jak wiemy kto je sałatki jest piękny i gładki 😍

Anthony Ramos

Can we all at least say McCown played pretty good for a 40 year old coming out of retirement

    Logan Steisel

    @Shawn Granzow I’m a Seahawks fan and I agree with you. I’m sorry about that hit but it truly was not intended to injur him. But McCown played great for a 40 year old, he probably played better this week than Brady did.


    Wentz is clearly No Eli Manning.

    Logan Steisel



    @Logan Steisel GMen 4 Superbowl Titles.
    Eli with 2 and 2 SB MVPS.
    Wentz- 1 Injured Reserve ring with Foles finishing .
    Drops mic

Charles Lee

Carson Wentz: “I’m in the playoffs!”
Jadeveon Clowney: “Nah, bruh.”

    Logan Steisel

    @Derek Savage who the hell cares about that. This is about the Seahawks and the Eagles 🙄👎

    Adrian Garza

    Ben Kelly The Eagles won a Super Bowl more recently than the Seahawks, you moron.


Wentz: I have survived the season

Injuries: Am I a joke to you?

    Jacob Santeria


    ZZZtentacion StunningSteph#30

    @Brandon Ohara he’s just an immature kid leave him alone 💀

    Peter Toadstone

    Yeah until some thug cheap shots him

    Jacob Santeria

    @Peter Toadstone Wentz is injury prone.

David Chavez

Games during the day: *OVER TIME BABYYY*

Games at night: “we did enough just bleed the clock”


    Games Are New Vikings and Texans Saints and Bills same thing kiddo

    Edward Fights

    Great comment

    Brian Harting

    @little hollow maybe he’s a Vikings fan like he should be. Skol baby skol!!!


    Wow Wentz was absolutely amazing before he got hurt. He would have put up 50 the way he was going 😂😂😂

    Shane Bouton

    SOUNDS LIKE AN EAGLES FAN……stop being a hater👋

Charles Stevens

A lot of teams kicking themselves passing on DK

    William Sanders

    @TradingKid1998 As long as he has the skills like Bryant has, he’ll go places. As for the attitude that Dex got…hopefully he’ll never get that, as that will get you nowhere but out of a job.


    @William Sanders yes, you`re right. But he seems like a humble guy. never said a word during the PizzaHut MNF dinner.

    Nate Hester

    It’s cause he tries to do too much when he catches the ball. It is something that the Seahawks WR coach has been working with him on all season. He had a phenomenal game last night.


    Donkey kong?


    It helps when you have a QB like Russell Wilson throwing you the ball. He elevates others to be their best.

Brandon Burden

The peace sign that wide receiver gave the crowd at the end though lol, damn! He’s like “goodbye everyone!”

    Mark the Shark

    Bye bye bye

    Enrique Villasenor

    @Spoolin SVT you’re an idiot. He was clearly giving them the peace sign as in games over. Jeez idk how some people can be so dumb

    Dark Sharxx


Alex Sherman

Eagle fans: Sweet, field goal range

Pederson and his offense: Well yes, but actually no….

    Hai Voai


    Connor Hoagland

    You don’t go for a field goal when you’re down 8

    Elmer Baker

    Poured oh eagles

    Elmer Baker

    Is there any signal ladies on here

    Adrian Garza

    Connor Hoagland Yes you do when there’s a full 6 and a half minutes left. There’s no guarantee you’ll get a 2 point conversion, so you’ll probably need the field goal anyways, especially if you want to take the lead and not just tie it.

N. Willy48

Wentz is like the avatar, when his team needs him the most, he vanishes

    Dark Sharxx

    Bwaaahaha 😂 😂😂 😂

    Ryan Maliek

    D1nonly1 Well we know who WASNT playing in the playoff game.

    Ryan Maliek

    Chris Jones You mad bro? It wasn’t just that time. It’s been the last THREE times.

    Ryan Maliek

    Peter Toadstone Cheap shot? Funny there’s no fine or even a penalty called…

minh quan Do

Seahawks need to give the ball to lynch more often. That man still got it.


    Cuz Homer is a bum

    1k24 Dispatch

    @constantly_winning thank you for saying this

    Christopher Strebeck

    @Anthony Aveni giants fan here lol only females use the clap emoji bro hahahaha

    Christopher Strebeck

    @Get Some bro have you seen the shitty teams in their division hahaha nothing to brag about

    SPIRIT 13

    He still has it,but he still has a little rust,but he’s coming

Himan Grant

metcaf looks like a giant compared to those corners n safetys

    Adam William

    DK is only 6’3″ too. Imagine 6’8″ LeBron at WR

    Nash Scheber

    @Adam William just tackle he feet .

    Adam William

    @Nash Scheber ???

    1k24 Dispatch

    @Billy Snots CBS in general are small so what’s your point

    Himan Grant

    Nash Scheber he will just jump over you

Bluefox12 Factsbeforefeelings

Wentz goes down

Eagles: it’s ok we got Nick Fo……



    Undisputed Era Rocks

    @mrjkin are you a eagles fan?Then YA LOST HAHAHA


    @December Air I hate when foles haters sat he did nothing away from the eagles yeah he should have died an eagles qb he was good with the eagles he’s average everywhere else

    December Air

    @fiddleDdee That doesn’t change the fact that he’s injury prone and can only be a good backup at best

    December Air

    @Omega8kilo um…they both have rings lol… that backfired hard….

Benjamin DeCoursey

Man, how in the world did DK Metcalf fall to the 2nd round. He’s playing like a top 5 pick, like if you are a Seattle fan

    Colin Mahony

    The eagles took whiteside and passed on metcalf.crazy


    3 cone drill

    Smokeydabear _

    Colin Mahony what do you expect, the Eagles are a joke

    francisco lara

    It happens all the time. Nothing new. What Rnd they get drafted doesn’t matter never has

Bale Sahagun

The HAWKS got tired of growing white hairs and giving near heart attacks: so they did themselves and HAWKS fans a favor


    Let’s see: beat Wentz in November, was 1/4 for 3 yards and the Eagles had 33 yards of offense to that point. But yeah, he would have beat them, EASY😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄


    Jon Collins That was an accidental hit. Clowney didn’t try to hit him in the head but simply fell hard. It’s football, it happens

    Jon Collins

    @MGB anything could happen in the second half

    Jon Collins

    @MGB 12 emoji’s enough there bud?

Korey Hill

Analysts: “Philly will possibly win this.”

Marshawn Lynch: “Yeah…”


    Philly got cheated though… this was awful officiating

    Dorian Francois

    @LOOK AT MY NAME It should have been called but Wentz still would’ve been sent to the back due to protocol. Not much would’ve changed the outcome :/


    @Exyll I think roughing the passer on the 5 yard line cost more then that no call

    EXotic Nova

    @LOOK AT MY NAME pffft lmfao yea because 15 yards would effect the game SOOOO MUCH

Euphoric_ Dubu

Shoutout to McCown, man. Old vet got thrown into a tough situation and played well

    Nate Hester

    Yeah. He did. Just wasn’t good enough to beat Seattle.

    Dark Sharxx

    Here here


    Nate Hester they also had literally 1 wide receiver on the roster for that game

Redacted Redacted

Wilson when no one is open : “fine, I’ll do it myself”

    Nicole Robinson

    I just love a running QB.

    Panda Fighter


    Assuntay Cleaver

    He ran? He’s supposed to do that with speed. He was throwing bad passes all game

Oladele Olawaiye

Seattle now have “Beastmode” at wide receiver and running back!

    Walter Paddick

    Yeah 6 runs and 7 yards are really beast…

    The JokeRr

    Walter Paddick against one of the best run defenses. Homer who did well against 49ers couldn’t make plays too.

    Oladele Olawaiye

    @Walter Paddick You’re being too literal. Lynch already earned the monicker Beastmode due to past performances regardless of what he did on Sunday. He had a 5 yard gritty td run also which is 1 more td than Philly had.

Rick Haze

Beast mode is back? As a packers fan: I’m in danger

But nice to see him again for the Seahawks.

    Jeremy C.

    someone had to rescue him from the prep. line at taco bell; but I did hear he set a record at his franchise making chalupa’s. . 😒

    1k24 Dispatch

    @Walter Paddick obviously but this game and San Fran warmers just mis match and our o line we are strong enough but we have no teqnique so our guys get man handled

    Abe Tiko

    @Jack Marlow what kind of Fan is that@Tyjon Pittman🙂I’m confused

    ed hanes

    Lynch had a TD run and two wide open catches that got first downs…so yeah…but I would be more worried about Metcalfe

    Ryan Maliek

    Rick Haze Only in goal line situation what did he have the rest of the game? Like 10 yards?

Watch & Learn

Wentz: finally, I get to play in a playoff game
Clowney: hang on there little fella

    1k24 Dispatch

    @Charles Rillera III the hit wasn’t cheap and honestly you guys had a better chance with McCown than Glass wentz Carson was horrible to start and I doubt he would have got better I would rather have jameis than Carson at least you know what you are gonna get out of jameis

    P Dolla

    Wasnt dirty should have been flagged but it warranted no ejection.

    1k24 Dispatch

    @P Dolla thank you for being a sensible person

    Watch & Learn

    @1k24 Dispatch Just so ya know, as a Giants fan, this is the nonsense that we have to put up with year in and year out with Eagles fans. Philly has the 2nd most delusional, butthurt fans in Murica… 2nd only to Cowboys fans. My God, my division sucks. On behalf of that NFC East, I apologize for their stupidity. Good luck in Green Bay. Again, as a Giants fan… It’s not so hard winning up there XD 2007/2011 baby… It’s been a decade since my team was relevant.. Hurts..

    Charles Rillera III

    1k24 Dispatch The Eagles are just significant less healthy. And we have always had hope. You act like you will win the Super Bowl.(Not saying the Eagles were going to)I’m going to watch you lose in Green Bay. Don’t be so confident. I’m not mad as I had no expectations, just hope too. If we had Wentz we could have had a CHANCE to win. Everyone hates philly don’t they. Even giants fans now too(Didn’t know they still had them)Good luck in Green Bay, but don’t have too high of expectations…

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