Russell Wilson Secures Wild Card Win w/ 370 Total Yds & 1 TD | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
yoot ube

Eagles: make playoffs
Carson wentz: Ight imma head out

    Shanna Smith


    Harold Santiago

    No Eagles:Make playoffs
    Jadeveon Clowney:Ight wentz is gonna head out

    yatin menon

    M Chaney what are you talking about how the hell is foles better so what he won them a Super Bowl Wentz was the one who secured a playoff spot

    Mk 25

    M Chaney if foles the better Qb why isn’t he starting ??

    Giffond Hall

    @yatin menon choked

Shortest SB Champion QB

Wilson owns the Eagles #GoHawks

    Jerry Mejias

    Jermaine Harris bruh I’m 19

    Jerry Mejias

    Jermaine Harris you guys may win in Green Bay but the 49ers will destroy you

    Jerry Mejias

    Jermaine Harris last time I checked, the Packers have the 1st round Bye!!!

    Steff Cuddi

    Shortest SB Champion QB you beat a practice squad🤙🏼

    Fôrtñïtê Šüçkß

    Jerry Mejias Rodgers hasn’t owned anyone this year

Go Gators

By far the best QB that won on Wild Card

    Devi Lisa

    @SuperFireX the most passing yards, total offense, yards per pass and QBR was by Wilson and his passing rating trailed only Watson.
    Wilson was better on 3rd down than Watson was.

    Watson struggled at home for much of that game.
    Buffalo lost that game when Josh Allen had passes dropped, guys didn’t get their feet in bounds or he missed passes downfield.
    Watson played great in the 4th quarter and OT, Wilson played great all

    Devi Lisa

    @Benevolent Protector -Wilson has done this 8 years.
    Did you really make that statement?

    Marcelo C

    Benevolent Protector lol you are probably 13 or something right? Ridiculous comment. And pls, dont disrespect wilson comparing him with jackson.


    Devi Lisa I am wrong about that


    Tucker O’Neal Uhhh the Ravens go rid of star players on their team and no one projected them to be this good without C.J Mosley, Terrell Suggs, Za’Darius Smith, Eric Weddle. Clearly the team isn’t a stacked team anymore

English YT

The H in eagles is stands for healthy


    English YT 😂😂😂

    Flame La

    English YT at least spell healthy right😂

    Op C

    Stolen Af

Concoran YT


The word I use to describe what I will do to my happiness after my beloved Eagles lost.

Jaceistheplace- Gaming

Jadeveon Clowney was the real legend today, tbh, also Metcalf helped the team today

    Nate The Great

    Robert DeFrank Shut the hell up and take that loss… It’s not Clowney’s fault Wentz failed to slide…. I’m not even a Seahawks fan but people like you irritate me…. Let’s go Ravens😏

    Shiny Wooloo

    Nate The Great now that the playoffs had started I’m cheering for you as my Afc team (Seahawks fan)

    Giffond Hall

    @Robert DeFrank crybaby

    Robert DeFrank

    @Giffond Hall CHEATERS!!!! GO PACKERS!

    Nate The Great

    Robert DeFrank I’m just in awe that the Packers made it to the divisional round with a bye… How tf did that happen😂

Ryan Chill

Beastmode is a gamechanger in Seattle.

    Marcus Middleton

    Ryan Chill 2:21 beast mode straight disrespected dude

    Robert Ward

    Eat mode, dude without Russell Wilson you’re a below 500 ball Club. You’re going to get smoked next week.

    Ryan Chill

    Robert Ward of course Wilson is the Heart and Soul of this offense but you cant deny the difference that Beastmode brings to this offense. You are fool if you dont see that.

Warren Parker

D.K Metcalf is a monster. How this guy lasted until the 2nd round is beyond me

    Yochan Hwang

    My thoughts when i see this guy. A real specimen. Genetic freak.

    Louis Cyfear

    His father Played for Pete Carol as a Jet. We could have used him now.


Best QB in the league. Some of his throws tonight were just ridiculous 🤧

Marcus Middleton

2:21 one example of why we call him beast mode

Otoya Yamaguchi

Was hoping for a Russel Wilson/Carson Wentz shoot out, bummer.

    Kinoe Foster

    We may see one in green bay with Rus and Aaron

    Hamze Ahmed

    Will get Russ vs Aaron Rodgers now

    Devi Lisa

    In 2016, 2017 and 2019, you didn’t get that shootout and the way Wentz has played, didn’t expect one Sunday.
    None of those games were close and the score was very misleading earlier this year.

Seattle Seahawks

That’s our QB1!!!

    chris midkiff


    Shiny Wooloo

    YES HE IS!!!

    Aaron Rodgers

    Nobody asked!!

    Alex Saucedo


    EXotic Nova

    @Aaron Rodgers found the eagles fan!


2:21 he said get off me !


Russell Straight Baller 🏈 Wilson

(I’m not a Wilson or Seahawks fan but I can recognize game ✊🏽)

Jeffrey Abbey

I sense R Wilson will win many rings….

My giants better find a QB like him or else! I may rock that hawk emblem

So elusive and such awareness in the pocket

    Ben W


    Lil FreeZer

    Ben W that’s what I was thinking 💀😂

    Blacklight Productions

    Nah y’all stuck with Jones for a at least 2 more years

BenYamin Ben-David

Just Classic Russ. Great throws, great runs, great game! Hope he keeps the momentum going into Green Bay!
Go Hawks!

    Alex Saucedo



Breaking news: Jeffery Lurie is selling the team. Russell Wilson is the new owner of the Philadelphia Eagles

meron Kesete

Wilson and DK pure perfect duo The Big 2 what a Great play by all the hawks i can see a SB ring coming letzzz Gooo baby get the rings home again.

Twahan Simultaneous

Wagner and Wilson. 2 of the 3 best players drafted in 2012.

    UwU Nafnu

    And neither of them in round 1

Twahan Simultaneous

Is Russell Wilson a lock for the Hall Of Fame yet?

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