Scott McCurley Looking to Build on Strong LB Squad | Dallas Cowboys – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Scott McCurley Looking to Build on Strong LB Squad | Dallas Cowboys

Linebackers coach Scott McCurley compares the differences between the Green Bay Packers and Dallas Cowboys organizations and shares his thoughts on the LB corp currently on the roster.

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Air Champz

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caelsoloco 44

1st comment

Dmarius Holliman

Number 1 fan

isaiahh rodriguezz

Let’s make Leighton Vander Esch great again🔥

    Henry Hill

    Funny I’m not worried about LVE . Neck injuries . I’m worried about Jaylon smith . All he cares about is sunglasses and celebrating when we lose.


    @Merk1904 LOL 8 years on UTube and 2 subscribers! You’ve got quite the following


    @steal threaded Ahhh you poor thing, go outside and look skyward then Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee snowflake cause you’re going to have another 5 years of Trump


He said I’m a cowwwwboy baaabeh

Kamden C


Wallas Espinoza

This teams energy is very different from last year for sure.

    C Patton

    Not disagreeing but how do you know this at best as fans we may have a different feel but who knows what is happening with the team.

Patricia Pope

Now to get Dak signed and Cooper and also Quinn but dont forget Cobb..We will be unstoppable!!!!

    Rohan Sharma

    Dak Cooper Byron
    Cobb sucks and he’s old same with Quinn he’s old but we can’t bring him back


    @Rohan Sharma
    Quinn was literally our best player on the team, and Cobb was better than beasley.


    @NormanRockswell Cob was not better than Beasley


Man I wish I was a coach on this staff, looks like coach McCarthy is building something great.

brian niemeyer

Mike MCARTHY a 3-4 so were are these lb gonna come from


    They said they are staying 4-3 but doesn’t mean they will put hybrid stuff in it

Pinky P

This hirer wont b that great mike shouldve went a got a real linebacker coach he wont put no spark in jaylon smith


    The only thing that’s going to help JS, is a new leg


    And an actual desire to play football as opposed to all his business meetings at the Star.

Hilary MollyVegas

He kinda looks and sounds like jake gyllenhaal lol

David Howman

Bill Belichick’s illegitimate son right here

ONE4EACH FINGA Affixxed for that 6th

Dam, all across the board, negative negative negative! Wtf? Man, are you guys fans or foes?

    Law Nation

    ONE4EACH FINGA Affixxed for that 6th right

    ONE4EACH FINGA Affixxed for that 6th

    In all my years, i have never seen anything like this in my life. Ive been watching our boys since 75, seen and been to all 5 superbowls. Hell, they say me and Emmitt look a least when i was a bit younger! However, i go back to Roger the dodger, i cant remember anyone saying bad isht about him! Instead, they embraced his bad games and such. You ll getem next year Roger! Thats what i heard! Not Dakkkk Suckssss and all this BS. Im tired of the fake fans. When Dak leads us to the Lombardi, all the haters, STAY IN YOURE LANE, DONT TAKE I95, TAKE I276 STRAIGHT TO PHILLY OR THE TURNPIKE TO THE GIANTS!!!!

    Dividend Income

    I’ve been a fan for a long time and honestly I’ve never seen destruction to this teams fanbase like how Jerry has done recently with the 10 year nightmare with Jason Garrett. You have to understand that Jerry has beat negativity into everyone’s brains for the past 10 years by keeping a loser coach around just because he was great at stroking Jerry.

    ONE4EACH FINGA Affixxed for that 6th

    @Dividend Income true true!

    Teflon Breed

    @ONE4EACH FINGA Affixxed for that 6th i agree

steven weeks

I want to see more of that reporter lmao

Feed Me Highlights

He looks like Luke Gifford hahaha

Frankie Clayton

Mike McCarthy needs to know about who is going to be his qb or

andrew ray

Elite 💪 D..

Astro Rockets

Sorry, being a good person, being a good leader,…….is not justification to pay a NFL QB. Tell Dak to go run for president. ……He’s just not that good of a QB to justify 40,000,000.00 a year. No way.

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