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CR7-_-THATZzzz CR7

Please get some body that’s good we need a good defense player

    Brian Daniel


    James Howerton

    Preferably DT or S.

Ms. Felony Strutter

Why do we have to talk about the super bowl?????? WHY????

    Silver Ancient

    Because it just happen, it’s a major event and people wonder if the Cowboys will be there anytime soon. Simple.

    Brian Daniel

    Because it’s a part of football.

Ellison Lowrimore

As a Cowboys fan in the Bay Area Sunday made me extremely happy! For the upcoming season I still feel we should sign Dak, Coop, Cobb and Quinn. Quinn was one of the best on defense. Plus draft a real safety!!

Jones 1

Good Show.

    Philip DuBeau

    shut up jerrah go back to your bottle of whiskey

    James Howerton

    @Philip DuBeau LOL

Football Philosopher

Who’s done it without help? Mahomes? No. Watson? No. Brees? No. Brady? No. That statement is so stupid

    Football Philosopher

    Bill Bates 1. You’re giving Mahommes credit for a win that his defense got him.
    2. You’re giving Mahommes major credit when he has all time great coach and weapons and was terrible through 3 1/2 quarters.
    3. You idea of a non-super bowl caliber defense is idiotic considering “super bowl caliber” defenses got embarrassed in the playoffs. (Ravens, Patriots, Vikings, Packers) were crushed in various ways this playoffs. Chiefs weren’t crushed on defense with a supposedly worse defense. Did you know the chiefs defense was top five since week 11? 7th in PPG total. 15th yards per play, 219 passings yards allowed. The fact that their defense couldn’t stop the run most of the year, then shut down Derrick Henry and the 49ers when it mattered is absurd to say it’s not a “super bowl caliber” defense. They got lucky? You don’t luckily stop the run.

    Bill Bates

    “Bill Bates 1. You’re giving Mahommes credit for a win that his defense
    got him.”

    The defense sucked 75% of the game or more. PROVE that they gave him the game. KC was not a top 5 defense all season long , yet they still win the superbowl and that was because of their offense. Mahommes absolutely gets the lions share of the credit for carrying his team to victory.

    2. You’re giving Mahommes major credit when he has all time great coach
    and weapons and was terrible through 3 1/2 quarters.”

    Of course , Mahommes DESERVES major credit, look what he did all season and look what he did in the post season, look what he did in the superbowl IN ONLY 7 MINUTES ; ) during that short span of time he snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. Yes he has great weapons but then again so do the 49ers with their rushing attack and their tight end is right up there witl Kelce.. KC used their weapons better and KC’s biggest weapon is Mahommes ; )

     “3. You idea of a non-super bowl caliber defense is idiotic considering
    “super bowl caliber” defenses got embarrassed in the playoffs.

     Of course thats because they don’t have the equalizing factor…….MAHOMMES

    Football Philosopher

    Bill Bates That’s the problem with society we project our wickedness on others, because we’re that way. I’m not a liar. I’m an avid Christian. I was literally driving. I can spell “passing”. I working on a second degree and a book. Projecting shows weakness and flaws in you.

    Football Philosopher

    Bill Bates So you’re proving my point. They were bad 75% of the game and gave up 20 total points against an elite offense? Ten points at halftime. Had two takeaways. You say this to anyone who knows football they’ll laugh at you.

    When you have to be dishonest you know your character is weak and you’ve lost a debate. 49ers and chiefs have equal weapons? WHATTTTT…🤦🏾‍♂️

    You’re delusional if you think KC’S weapons aren’t significantly better than the 49ers. Mahommes is their best weapon. But it wouldn’t matter if he didn’t have elite WR options. He didn’t do it Sunday, that’s the problems with fans… you have tunnel vision and inclusive vision… Look what he did three weeks ago… two weeks ago etc… Nobody watching that game would have given Mahommes this much credit if you just saw that one game. You’d think he was just another guy. He made two good throws all game. Pass interference play was an under throw, tons of passes in the dirt. Because he’s the best QB talent it doesn’t mean you have to give credit based on reputation. I watch each game equally and judge purely off how you played that game, and what help you had. Elite weapons, fact. Elite Coaching. Fact. Defense two two turnovers and played very good defense considering their opponent. 20 PTS and your offense had two turnovers? Against a dominant running team. If this was any other situation, you wouldn’t be making these terrible arguments

Robert Garcia


David Cantu

I really feel that Jerry would gladly pay Dak top money deserved or not, he’s not afraid to spend that money! But they need to be smart and spread it around, in the best interest of the team. People dont seem to understand that….I would pay him no more than 36-37 mil a year, tag Cooper, draft a new receiver, pray that Quinn stays, and definitely draft a BIGGO HOG for the d-Line….Greed is going to be the end of the NFL I think, money is getting totally out of control I.M.O…🤷‍♂️🤠

Keyz And O's

Pay Dak, Quinn, Cobb and Coop in that order. Let Byron Jones test free agency, offer him less than anywhere else, cause you can find any corner that doesn’t get picks. They usually aren’t in the league since they create no turnovers, I sure wouldn’t pay him top dollar.

Chris Graham

Lay off Coop , along with Gallup they were something special they just need some speed in the slot ( Jeudy,Ruggs,Reagor,Hamlet,Hill) .Guess he the scapegoat like Dez,so bring Witt back again(oops)

Chad Christopherson

That intro music is terrible in a bad way.


ON the Jets game, all the WRs were on the injury report and they *chose* not to make Devin Smith active. One health receiver with speed could have changed that game. Austin ended up being our leading receiver for that game.


Gallup, Cobb, Smith, Wilson, Austin, Jonvea Johnson.
If we’re paying Dak franchise money, we can’t keep pumping money into the offense. Gotta be able to win w/o an elite WR. And looking at NFL history for the last 15 years, the big name Pro Bowl WRs haven’t been winning SBs.
I’ve thought for decades that veteran WR cap casualties are great value. Speaking of which, there’s one out there desperate to sign with the Cowboys. X.

mike hike

sorry Dave that 2016 falcons team wouldve destroyed the cowboys that year by 30 points

    Football Philosopher

    mike hike At least 14 lol.


Years ago,Jerry Jones figured some things out.When he payed his players and to avoid the salary cap,he would pay them a big signing bonus.When he did that,the bonus wouldn’t count against the salary cap.The league figured this out and tried to stop this,so Jones countered it.He would sign a player and the signing bonus at year 1 would be 2 mill,then year 2 the bonus would be 3 mill,etc.

Kenneth Lott

When Dak wins League MVP and 1st Team All Pro the excuses will come from these haters. When Dak wins Super Bowl MVP the excuses will come fast and hard

    James Howerton

    @Philip DuBeau Nice attitude.

    Kenneth Lott

    Philip DuBeau next season watch what Dak does

Brett WB

Did Derek say Lawrence didn’t have a bad year? He was tied 73rd in the league for sacks. Quinn came in 9th in the league in sacks. Quinn should be a priority. The DE talent in this year’s draft is thin thin.

Bill Bates

Amber looks so natural here, not too made up. What a beautiful woman.

James Howerton

It must be tough for that young woman to have to sit home on her couch when she could have been at the Super Bowl on the Cowboy’s dime. Meanwhile, for the rest of us the average cost of a ticket is $2500. Cry me a f***ing river. She’s been a Cowboy’s fan for about 15 minutes and I’ve been one for over 50 years and was in the Marines at her age and never went to s SB and never will. 🤮

James Howerton

You’re ALWAYS taking a risk that ANY player will work out, PERIOD.

B Mackell

Get the Dak contract done WITHOUT setting the market which, Mah-home-boy will eclipse Dak’s contract next season anyway. There is always the newest highest paid player in NFL history.

WR Amari Cooper
– franchise tag, make 2020 be a PROVE IT YEAR and if he doesn’t live up to the First Pick given up, let him walk after the 2020 season

WR Randall Cobb
– 2 year deal

WR Tavon Austin
– let him test F.A.

TE Jason Witten

C/G Joe Looney
– 2 year deal unless he gets greedy

G Xavier Su’a-Filo
– 4 year deal

DE Robert Quinn
– 3 year deal

DT Maliek Collins
– 2 year deal unless he gets greedy

DL Michael Bennett
– let him test F.A.

DL Kerry Hyder
– 2 year deal, low money

DT Christian Covington
– let him test F.A.

LB Sean Lee
– 2 year deal, decent money, decent signing bonus

LB Joe Thomas
– 2 year dea;

LB Justin March
– let him test F.A.

LB Malcolm Smith
– let him test F.A.

LB Ray-Ray Armstrong
– let him test F.A.

CB Byron Jones
– let him test F.A.

CB Anthony Brown
– 3 year deal, decent money, decent signing bonus

CB C.J. Goodwin
– let him test F.A.

S Jeff Heath
– let him test F.A.

S Darian Thompson
– let him test F.A.

S Kavon Frazier
– 3 year deal, deent money, decent signing bonus

K Kai Forbath
– 2 year deal

LS L.P. Ladouceur
– 2 year deal

Restricted (3)

TE Blake Jarwin
– restructed, give big signing bonus

QB Cooper Rush
– let him test F.A. and draft a a better QB

DL Daniel Ross
– let him test F.A.

Exclusive Rights (2)

NT Antwaun Woods

OL Adam Redmond

Club Option (2)

OT Cameron Fleming – CUT HIM
, draft the best available Swing Tackle

FB Jamize Olawale – CUT HIM, draft a legit FB

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