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Billy Brown

This brought tears to my eyes as a lifelong chiefs fan never thought I’d see the day and just the pure happiness for reid by all the players was just amazing to witness

    Huey Newton

    That ending was so heart felt ❤️ Kelce and his dad saying “he worked hard his whole life but never got the recognition he deserves”, and how Mahomes was embraced by Patrick Sr. So genuine and beautiful.

    Poti Gotti

    Im a pats fan but im happy for them. Especially coach reid. It was a long time coming and its truly well deserved. Hats off to mahomes and the entire chiefs organization

    KC Wildcat

    Watched this at work and lost the fight. Kleenex box was used.


    Congrats sir! Enjoy it.

Nick Diaz

It’s MAHOMES game now… good luck everybody else

    All Might

    It’ll be tougher once he gets a big contract

    Mohit Kalro

    @All Might that is true, but in 2021, new collective bargaining agreement, who knows, could be capless, cap goes way up. Let’s see.



Ibrahim Naser

Wow. This is what makes Mahomes stand out.

Andy Reid – what do you think?

“I got off Sam too quick. He ended up winning: He was getting pressed, But, he ended up winning. and I was like ahh… I tried to hit the back in the flat.”

His ability to immediately recognize that… that’s AMAZING. That’s the difference between a leader and a pretender, who would look to blame someone else. That’s how you elevate yourself, paying attention to small details like that. It’s good to progress through your reads quickly, Especially when under duress, but that split second to give your receiver a chance might be the difference between a first down and a punt.


    @UCON tf? All coaches tell their QBs where to look pass unless the QB is the OC himself. Play calls are schemed with options in mind

    Carson Potter

    This is why he is the greatest right now, he knew who to watch as soon as the defense lined up, didn’t work out and he made a bad pass to Williams, but he knew Sammy was open one second later. Most QB’s have no clue and the OC has to show them what they missed on the I-Pad after the punt etc.


    the guy is very intelligent and remembers coverages for days . His memory is really really good .

    Barrett Bryan



    Mahomes is athletically gifted and also highly intelligent. Great qualities for a QB


When we watch in the close range of the game and realize this is not easy as top view

B Miles

“…do you trust Jimmy Garoppolo with the Super Bowl in the balance?” Well, you shouldn’t.

Ashlyn Corley

This was just as good as watching the game itself. To everyone who put work into making this, thank you!

    Chamath Zoysa

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    Hasen Pfeffer

    I was wondering what Mahomes was saying after he got hit at the 3 yard line. I thought he might have been taunting. But now that I see this, he was congratulating the guy on a good hit. Amazing video.

    Eric Faber

    Ashlyn Corley same here. I look forward to this video after every super bowl!!

Stephen Alan

Mathieu the most aggressive on field…

Also Mathieu: feeds his baby on field

    The Watcher

    @danny woodson nothin finer than a crying niner 😂😂😂

    KC Hotpocket

    @danny woodson To be fair, you need points to beat anyone….lol


    @danny woodson hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Ethan Roberts

    Stephen Alan when your crush is in the stadium and you act tough. Off the field your GF walks in the room and sees you feeding the baby.

Brandon Cheung

Mahomes’ positivity gave his team belief they would comeback. That’s a leader.

    Paul Kersey

    That’s why he deserved the MVP

    Lisa Green

    he is the best leader,he gets his boys pumped up,

    Ashley Brown

    And that’s the truth. He never loses that faith and he never lets his team lose it either. Mahomes pep talks got everybody feeling like Superman.

    Aric sikora

    Yeah unlike Aaron Rodgers. He makes an attempt but you can just hear it in his voice and see it on his face.

    Vladimir Alvarez

    Brandon Cheung as a chargers fan I wish rivers could have done the same but he wasn’t a leader for 16 years

DeadlyAssassins9 / BlazingCentury

Complementing the defender that rushed you. Just Mahomes things. Gotta love this dude

    Ryan Revoir

    DeadlyAssassins9 / BlazingCentury or the dude who literally tried to take his head off at the goal line making him fumble. That hit was borderline but he hops right up and was like hey helluva hit man

    Austin Spangler

    Ever heard of Andrew luck?

    Ryan Revoir

    Austin Spangler that could totally be where he got it from, luck was the best at that

    Eduardo Lopez

    Austin Spangler EXACTLY thank you sir.


When kittle says he’ll be back I actually believe him he sounded determined

    Chimi Abuede

    Too bad he is not the quarterback Lmaooo


Mahomes just exudes so much leadership throughout this entire thing… he’s so special

    Miles Saker

    ChrisSmoovefan just like any franchise QB

    Gunnz N'Butter

    Miles Saker right. Like Jimmy G right? Lmao go outside troll.


Patrick every game : give me my helmet , someone get me my helmet , I need my helmet , where’s my helmet .


    “Honey! Where is my super suit!? Where. Is. My. Super. Suit!”

    Jeff R

    He needs one of those wallet chains… to his helmet.

    pat webb

    Patrick ⭐️ mahomes👑

    Edwin Olio

    He has the same relationship with his helmet as Kimi Raikkonen has with his steering wheel (hope someone gets that lol).


    Jeff R they gotta put a gps tracker on


Oh god the part with Kelce and his dad.


    jessica m



    Both of that guys kids have been massive contributions to Super Bowls with different teams. Probably feels crazy.

    Chozen One

    I’m at work…I had to continuously blink to hold back tears…😭


Unreal! It feels amazing!!!

Side note: No idea how someone can dislike Kittle. Even in the middle of an intense game he is still nice as hell. Lol

    Jeff R

    I actually didn’t like him at all prior to watching this. Now I definitely do

    Ryan Revoir

    As a chiefs fan, I wanted to dislike him for being like the younger/next Kelce, but after watching this, you can’t not like the guy. He’s a class act. Have a lot of respect for him

    jessica m

    @Jeff R Same here! I wanted to dislike him..cant anymore.

Dwight K. Schrute

“They paid Jimmy all that money to run the ball”

    mvrice jr



You know you have a great QB when he not only inspires his teammates but also the fans of his division rivals lol MAHOLMES! BRONCOS NATION!

Jacob Dunbar

Shanahan after Mahomes extends a drive with his legs: “Damn he’s so good”


    Jacob Dunbar I picked up on that to. It made me smile that he’s just as amazed by Mahomes. Incredible talent

    cameron john

    What time is it at?

    David Van Horn

    cameron john 26:20 great play

    Brandon D

    @cameron john 26:24

    justin robley

    @cameron john Start at 26:08

No division Just Unity

When that old man told his son – ” You struggled your whole life, but you never got the recognition that you deserve. Well , , , now you finally did! I am so proud of you! ” Man, I lost it 😭.

    jessica m


Dakota Eads

Frank Clark: “You gave Jimmy all that money… run the ball??”
Me: That’s a damn good point

Adrian Paneto

“Bosa’s walking around like he is going to strangle someone.” -head coach.

    Spiritual T

    Adrian Paneto this didn’t age well

    Lorby Castelly

    Spiritual T how

    Lorby Castelly

    Spiritual T he commented after they list

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