Saquon Barkley Rips Through Redskins D | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Julio Serrano

Saquon is a goat

Rocco Speakz

This title is sus

    G5 The goat

    Rocco Speakz 😂

    Terrance Watkins

    🤣 I’m done



    Legend__ 21

    Sus asf🤦🏾‍♂️🏃🏾‍♂️✌🏾

    Swa Sho

    I low-key think the editors do it in purpose. Set the title and giggle under their breath

Myles Curry

Heeeeeeeesss baaaaaaaaccccckkkkk!!!!!

bruce lau

Absolutely Saquon’s 3rd season he’s gonna be breaking records big time , gonna be just unbelievable for them for many years to come

    Justin Tague

    Lol especially if the their division stay as bad as it is

    A.T X

    Justin Tague I don’t think it will…philly had a lot of injuries and if the cowboys get a new coach I think they can be good

    A.T X

    bruce lau giants will come around tho just give em time

k m

future HOF

RoguePepper 9606

I wish he had 190 yards instead of 189

    RD2 4


    RoguePepper 9606

    RD2 4 now you talking

    Jimmy Mashengus

    He did have 190 but he got tackled for a 1 yard loss

    Eddie Le

    Next wk


    I with he had 200


Healthy Saquon= Unstoppable Saquon

    maverick lewis

    EntertainmentUniverse : an exciting runner.

Nash Scheber

He is still best running back in the league . Injuries have just held him back. He has missed 4 games and missed nearly the entire game of the bucs . He still has a chance to get 1000 yards . After playing injured since week 7

    Enigmatic Elephant

    Tim Doyle He is the talent they are regardless of their health. He just doesn’t get the media hype and he plays for Carolina.


    im the biggest barkley fan, his mental was banged up after the injury otherwise he would be sitting pretty on 1000

    Schuyler Savage

    Nash Scheber I’m not just going to say “I agree” because my opinion on your opinion doesn’t change the FACT that your opinion is just the TRUTH. Saquan is still everything we knew he was after his rookie year. All of your reasons are valid for why his numbers are down, and we could even list more. Now, I will say I think he actually only missed 3 total games AND 3 qtrs of the bucs game. So not sure if that’s what you meant? So basically 4 total games, but not 5. But he has been so banged up still for most of the seaosn that some games might as well not even count as games played lol. I wanted him to be shut down, but I’m so impressed that he’s somehow been able to PLAY himself healthy. Rare to see. Maybe he’s still not 100 percent, but he’s healthy enough that he’s able to use his IT factor that had left him ever since the injury. As you said, it’s soooo awesome that he is still going to have a shot at 1000 rushing yards! Despite all of this! I mean it’s such a bummer Becuse he had such a great start to the seaosn those first 2 weeks. He barley got 15 touches each game and still produced over 100 yards. I mean his first carry of the year went over 50 yards lol!! He was primed for a 1800 rushing yard seaosn. Oh well tho! I’m glad the way things turned out because he’s a role model for a lot of young men and it’s great to see how amazing people like SB handle adversity with such grace. So impressive. To persevere like this? Wow! Not give up. Wow. He didn’t shut it down when he was hurt and struggling. Didn’t care if peolle siad he wasn’t good anymore. He kept going, and now he’s finishing the seaosn with 4 TDs and about 350 total yards his last 2 gmaes. I got a feeling he’s going to 150 next week we’ll see!!

    Lee Brown

    Virginia Cavs thx you

I’m wrong but

if he somehow ends the year with over 1000 yards that’ll be pretty impressive

    Nash Scheber

    He just needs 89 more rushing yards , he missed nearly 5 games due to injury. He most definitely would’ve had 2000 scrimmage yards again if he didnt get injured .

    I’m wrong but

    Nash Scheber and had a couple terrible games this year

    The Keeper

    @I’m wrong but after he rushed himself back from an ankle injury


He’s finally looking like himself again. That ankle is healed up . Next year with DJ , another draft and all that cap room. The giants will be relevant again


We need to keep this kid a giant for life….

    Tac on crack

    JayeCrook29 no don’t waste his career like the lions did Barry


    trust me, they have his extension ironed out already lol

Big Blue Squad

People forget that he’s our franchise back. We drafted him at #2 to help the QB win games. And that’s what he did

Jai Norman

Anybody Can Beat Deadskins

Ⱥղէօղé ͲąվӀօɾ

Adrian Peterson is like touché


Saquon Barkleys fantasy owners must be hella happy right now, including me 🙂

    Daniel Jones is 2 Tough

    Ik. 43.9 fantasy points don’t just happen every week

john KnowsSports

Saquan Barkley has the Talent akin to GOATS

Maquan Thomas

He activated his X- Factor ability early.

Angelo Ghost

Best I’ve ever seen


I won my fantasy league thanks to his 40 points today! (Plus 30 from Kenyan Drake.)

    Pradyum Chitlu

    same except i might lose and i benched kenyan drake.

    Jeff Lucas

    The 53 Jones put up helped get me a 🏆


Go Saquon!! And the whole Giants!!!
Please beat the eagles!!

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