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So the Mega Tank Bowl ends up being a much better game than Super Bowl 53.

    Cam Vet

    Lol 😆

    Bricen Cook

    Zack The Exception bengals have a great running back in joe and in geo but the o line is just so bad

    Brian Carriere

    One of the better SB was between the St. Louis Rams and the Tennessee Titans

Blackthorn 461

Only the bengals could make one of the greatest if not the greatest comeback in nfl history and still lose

Edit: for anyone that doesn’t know what I’m talking about. The bengals were down by 16 with 30 seconds left. They got a touchdown, then a two point conversion. Then they recovered an onside kick. Then Andy dalton threw a 35 yard touchdown, and they got another 2 points conversion. And after all of that they lost in overtime, but they won the tank bowl.

    King Markbarry

    35-3 Greatest comeback

    Skloop Mcdoop

    “Edit: for anyone that doesn’t know what I’m talking about.” Proceeds to tell us what happens in the video that we can all clearly see. Thanks for writing out the last two minutes I guess 🤷‍♂️

    Larry Kinsella

    I know right

    Larry Kinsella

    @Blackthorn 461
    Not only a second 2 pt conversion but Dalton had to run for for the 2 pts.

    Terrance McCray

    You myst not have heard of the Miami miracle from last season

Gerson Crispin

Who knew that the 2 worst teams can deliver an amazing game

    Enoch Escalera

    Same thing happened with Redskins and Giants!!

    Obviously Yudai

    I’m surprised you guys havent said “Giants” yet

    Larry Kinsella

    @Farhan Suyitno

    Namavoid Kundra

    erika garcia i’d put giants below lions, lions vs dolphins is a hard pick tho. rn probably dolphins but with stafford lions easily.


    the redskins and giants was a great game too


And the award for the worst NFL team in 2019 goes to…

    Francis Fulloffrenchpeople

    @Chazz Treat I think the Browns will be better next year. Mayfield needs some help.

    Aidan Wire

    Francis Fulloffrenchpeople true, also if obj has a good year

    Kyle Dunnell

    @Aidan Wire And if Kitchens shapes up, which I think is more of a possibility than most commentators say it is.


    Browns, Giants, Falcons, & Dolphins definitely been the most trash & disappointing teams this season to me.

    Braylen BRYANT

    JamesJamersonIsAGod jets

Mack Gyver

Bengals- score 16 points in the last 33 seconds.

Andy Dalton: coach we could win this

Coach: we don’t do that here

    Zack The Exception


    Kevin Rose

    Coach: We are doing so well passing the ball, lets switch to Joe Mixon running it and see how our luck holds up.

Gerson Crispin

Tank Bowls > Super Bowls

    Alex Griffith

    “The culture is actually damn good”

    Dewitt McDidditt

    This was the new “Epic In Miami”. Lol

    Vince Snyder

    Tank Bowls > Super bowl 53



    America Reigns

    TOILET BOWL 2019


The Bungles are Tank Bowl Champions!

    Mr Pickle

    2j1n and soon to be super bowl champs once we draft joe burrow

    Billy Yates Jr

    @Mr Pickle Exactly man WHO DEY

    Daniel Williams

    And every potential Number 1 pick is going back to school to play their senior year. 😂🤣😅😆

    America Reigns

    They win the 💩AWARD

Jake Mathis

The worst team in the league scored 16 unanswered in the last 33 seconds. How in the world did that happen. Let me tell ya the craziest things happen in this league

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    And still lost


    The Dolphins aren’t too far behind from being the worst team in the league is how


    simple, the Dolphins tried their best to win the tank bowl at the end.

    Lee's On Stream

    Only a bad team can get blown out.

    Only an even badder team can allow a 23 unanswered point comeback in a single quarter.

Dr Froot Loops

We all joked about this being the game of the century but it actually turned out to be a top 3 game if the year so as a bengals fan Merry Christmas for the Super Mega Tank Bowl (only the Bengals come back to lose)

    Rodrigo Ruiz

    I vElitx I you left our 49ers vs Seahawks and there rematch will be interesting as well…

    Bill Clark

    I only liked Revans vs 49ers and 49ers vs Saints more than this

    Bill Clark

    @Rodrigo Ruiz Oh no way. The 49ers should have beaten the Seakhawks during that game. 49ers almost gave 5 interceptions during the 4th quarter and in OT alone. Plus Jimmy choked way too much in that game. 49ers will smash them in the rematch.

    Fast’Life Marley

    @Hector Rodriguez Joe Blow baby

    Billy Yates Jr

    @MrCrispy WHO DEY bud

George Ferrera

The Jets Worst nightmares were really battling it out.

    The Nimble Ninja

    Bengals beat Jets. But Jets beat Steelers. Browns beat Ravens earlier in the year. What a weird league.

    Bill Clark

    @The Nimble Ninja Yeah but the Browns are a decent team this year. However seeing them go to Superbowl within the next 2 years would still feel like the apocalypse.

    The Nimble Ninja

    @Bill Clark 6-9 is decent?

    Bill Clark

    @The Nimble Ninja Most of their losses are against high ranked and good teams. Plus they’ve beaten some decent teams. By decent, I mean average.

    Namavoid Kundra

    George Ferrera the bears have 1 very clear flaw, but they’re absolutely not worthy of the tier that the bengals and dolphins are in.


Urinating tree is gonna have a blast with this one

    A A

    Miamo Dolphins. He may not have enough energy left after the Steelers lost to the Jets.


    And the giants vs redskins

    Hugo 2017

    This week is going to be awesome for Tree

    Niall Jordan

    Hes gonna have a field day

Dr Froot Loops

Everyone gets a early Christmas present here Bengals get a great game and 1 pick Dalton guarntees a contract Boyd very close to 1k yards the dolphins get a win and of course all NFL fans got the tank bowl

    Dr Froot Loops

    When I said contract I meant from a different team

    Robinhood Hustle

    I think they might give dalton the FT and draft chase young who knows

    Danang Dwiatma

    The bengals will draft Ohio native Joe Burrow for sure

    Wayne Staples


Moon Woolf

I don’t care what anyone says Fitzpatrick must remain in the NFL he’s just so much fun to watch.
Also I seriously want the NFL to treat the Tank Bowl like it’s a real thing.

    Moon Woolf

    @TJ Strong I mean why not you watched this video right?

    Joe O'Malley

    I agree about Fitzpatrick.


    He is though, just imagine if he were more consistent!!!

    Wise Wolf Tony

    @curtflirt2 IDK if its more about him not being consistent enough or if it’s just down to the fact that he’s played on either bad or middle of the pack teams his entire career. When he was in Buff they had no weapons around him at all. When he was with the Jets it was more of the same and the entire team also sucked. When he was with the Bucs they had no defense at all. And now with Miami the only thing he has working for him is a good group of receiving weapons. So honestly I wouldn’t mind seeing them draft a young QB having them sit for a year and learn under Fitz next season. As I think if this team can build a good O-Line get a good RB and bolster the defense that this team could be a wild card team next season.


    If you’re a fish in the tank ohh it’s real, looking on the outside it’s just a tank 😂


Imagine scoring 16 points in the last 30 seconds of a game only to lose.


    S H But yall won! 1st pick is yours.. enjoy Jeaux Burreaux

    Nick Barrie

    At least you seal #1 pick grats!

    Bricen Cook

    This is the way of the bengals. Remember the 2015 playoffs?😭

Milli Macro

The buccaneers are stupid for keeping Winston and trading Fitzpatrick

    Mark Laver

    @MrOoferLoofer Winston looked like one of the worst qb’s I’ve seen this week. Almost threw back to back pick 6’s, except the second one got called back. I mean he looks good sometimes, but then he throws another pick.


    Mark Laver well he did to terrible against the Texans but other than that he’s average


    @Mark Laver he’s like a less talented brett farve because Brett throwed a lot of picks also.

    Terrance McCray

    Winston is the ceappiest black quarterback that I’ve ever seen He just cant find a way to be successful…He’s like the black Tony Romo except way less talented


    @Terrance McCray cough cough.jamarcus Russell.


Miamo lolphins

    America Reigns


    Dolphins 2021🔥

    Idk why tree thinks that’s funny lol


Fitzpatrick had another a big game (419 yards, 4 TDs) and made some cool NFL history as he became the first QB to ever throw 4 TD in a single game for 5 different teams. That’s a pretty crazy record that I gotta think will never be touched.

    Namavoid Kundra

    wildtopo12 i don’t think anyone wants to touch it.


    Namavoid Kundra yeah probably 😂😂😂

Jordan Bledsoe

Last yr I think cin had tb dwn 28-6 they pulled Winston put in Fitzpatrick he helped tie it then cin kicked a fg to win it. this game was similar but Fitzpatrick got the w. Coincidence

Wise Wolf Tony

Honestly if the Dolphins draft a QB I wouldn’t mind Fitz being the starter next season as well for the young QB to learn under. I know we also have Rosen and sure if he shows enough in training camp and pre season than start him. Just saying Fitz second stint as the starter is proving to me if you put a solid team around him this guy can win games. As right now he’s winning games without a solid team around him. At least in terms of offensive line play a lack of a running game and a poor defense at times. I mean with basically zero running game Fitz has still been able to move the ball pretty damn well. Which is amazing seeing how teams can just play the pass with us not have to worry about the running game at all.

America Reigns

Good game between 2 sorry teams. The 50 fans present saw an epic battle.

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