Dalton & Fitzpatrick Combine for 800+ Yds & 8 TDs | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
too many men on the field

Two negatives make a positive

    Nehemiah Howard

    @Op C youre drunk

    Dewitt McDidditt

    @Op C (-1) × (-9) = 9

    Negative times negative makes positive, my dudeski. Lol

    Op C

    @Dewitt McDidditt (-1). +. (-9). = (-10)

    Op C

    @Dewitt McDidditt I didn’t even multiply, I added

    Dewitt McDidditt

    @Op C I know

Escocivo 30

The Battle of the Upcoming Journeyman vs Journeyman.

    Zechariah Cameron

    Escocivo 30 So you think that Dalton will bounce around from now on?

    Asserting Word

    @Zechariah Cameron yea hes done in Cincy unless hes willing to be the back up but when he was benched on his BDay he requested a trade before the deadline but nope Cincy never trades.

    Joseph Peeler

    Dalton isn’t a journeyman.

Other 49ers highlights

Both Teams are Bots this Season


    Stfu stupid 49ner fan


    Before I file an investigation protocol

    No Actual Way

    @Other 49ers highlights then don’t be making fun of other teams when you guys were trash last year


    My saints will clap Niners in playoffs, just hope our defense show up then we’re good.

    Fabian Ramirez

    Not the dolphins


It’s always funny how the worst teams in the league tend to have the worst defences yet always “need” a QB.

    Escocivo 30

    I mean Dalton did throw 4 ints in a half vs the Pats so the Bengals still need a qb whil the Dolphins need a young consistent one.


    CometVS No he’s not. He literally threw 4 picks against a good defense

    Asserting Word

    Cincy has always needed a franchise QB, Carson quit bc its Cincy, Andy was a Family Fokmar discounted QB. Cincy had a good D. But they’re deflated. Honestly Cincy just need to fix their secondary and they’d be a good Defense.


    Asserting Word What? Their linebackers are the biggest weakness. We have good players in the secondary. I think the scheme is killing us. They didn’t look like that last year.

Enzo 09



Greatest Tank Bowl of All Time!


This was the greatest tank bowl ever. UrinatingTree will definitely make this its own video.


    American Sports Fan nah I don’t live there anymore. I moved to Maryland when I was 7 and lived there since. (Freshman un HS)

    American Sports Fan


    But you lived in Tampa so you have a reason to support them. Therefore local team


    American Sports Fan yeah, but I have no ties to Philly and I am an Eagles fan.

    Asante Sacko

    As a Bengals fan I’m happy and sad at the same time 😂😂😂

aman k

So I guess special teams just don’t exist

    Asserting Word

    Funny thing, Special Teams is Cincy best side of the ball this season haha


    aman k I too forgot that this wasn’t the game highlight video but just fitzmagic and Andy

teris ladwin

Great to see two super bowl contender quaterbacks duking it out for the first-round bye.

Aaron Jenkins

Epic game today at the “Bottom of the Barrel Bowl”

    Nicholas Magliano

    “Tank Bowl”

    Harlem Harrison


Saint Aubyn TFG

Ryan Fitzpatrick looks cool I can’t even front lol

Angel Carrillo

When u put ur game mode in arcade instead of simulation

Asserting Word

This epic Tank against Tank was everything expected. 10/10 would tank again.

Jeffrey Vences

They played good because they’re both tanking.

Jimmy Mashengus

He protecc
He attacc
But most importantly….

The Red Rifle is bacc

    Coldbeef Bryant

    Lol nah they still gonna draft Burrow. Sadly because I’m an lsu fan and they gonna waste his potential

Zachary Sturgeon

I’m a Bengals fan, and despite the ending this game was totally one to remember.

    I hAve nO MEmeS

    Zachary Sturgeon That game gave me hope

Nehemiah Howard

why fitz lookin like Jesus in the thumbnail

    watch men

    Nehemiah Howard 😂😂lol

Decay_ JPP

I was #1 ranked in my fantasy league, my friend was #8 and had Fitzpatrick and Devante Parker… I lost by 50…


Rather eat ink and lemon my eyes just not to see this


GOAT QBs 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

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