Ryan Tannehill DISMANTLES Raiders w/ 391 Yds & 3 TDs | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Escocivo 30 Reply

Tannehill is proving that the Titans don’t need a new QB next season. Say all you want about how trash the Raiders defense but he is the QB the Titans needed.
Even when he had a turnover he made a great tackle and didn’t allow a pick 6! That’s why you gotta respect him.

    farojaco Reply

    @Tennessee Titans sign derrick Henry, just let logan ryan go

    farojaco Reply

    I mean, lose logan ryan hurts, but henry is a game changer

    KRH MaryJane Reply

    @farojaco Henry gets signed next season has one more year and tannehill Is making a difference a bigger difference than most qbs could making great throws he has more time in the pocket than ever that shows how good he can be with more 2 secs to throw cause in Miami he had like 1.5 sec before he was pressured average qb is 2.4 sec to throw

    stuckinperth Reply

    Tennessee Titans 😂😂keep talking.

    Dottie Arrington Reply

    Titans will be Superbowl champs!!!!!


And just like that titans might have a spot in the playoffs 🤣🤣

    King HolmVik Reply

    Just have to win 2 out of 3 and we are in


    King HolmVik y’all have Texans next week and I got y’all winning that after what bronco did but then again y’all be up one week and down the next but good luck to y’all just gotta keep playing with that same energy

    Jacob Drake Reply

    @VONN HIPPSTER in previous years i would side with you when it comes to titans inconsistincy but with tannehill at QB tennessee has actually been extremely consistent. Its a different team this year


    Jacob Drake you make a great point can’t disagree with you there, as I said i predict they can beat Texans especially at home if they win that they’re in no doubt very different team with hill behind center

    the business handler Reply

    Might have a spot in the bowl

PickleFN Reply

Tannehill is dad

3lement2010 Reply

Benching Mariota was the best decision the Titans have ever made.

    L G R W Reply

    D Pleasy I was on team Mariota when the season started, but I think anyone with 2 functioning eyes can see that Tanny should have been starting week 1. Almost zero chance we lose to jags with Tanny. And I like Marcus as much as I could ever like someone without actually knowing them personally. He is a great guy, handing out turkeys in Nashville on thanksgiving, but he’s just not a great quarterback. I truly do hope he finds a team that he succeeds with though.

    Liam Briggs Reply

    Happened before then. Best decision was trading a 4th round pick for Tannehill. He was the best backup in the league coming into this year and right now he’s playing like a top 10 QB

    D Pleasy Reply

    @Liam Briggs no cap

    Malikai Hoon Reply

    D Pleasy real Titans want the best fir the team.

    thekingbradable Reply

    @Allon Adams Yeah, sucks cuz Mariota is a great guy so you want to root for him. But a change had to be made.

Shiggy Miyamo Reply

As I Miami fan….

I’m really happy for the Titans, and for Tanny. The guy gave us his all. He just didn’t have a real shot under Philbin and Gase. I hope you guys have a good run into the playoffs. I’ll enjoy watching Tanny and you guys play for the rest of the year.

    Jason G. Reply

    Same man, same

    moxeus Reply

    With virtually every other fan base saying tanny sucks, its really awesome to see week after week how many Dolphins fans still have love for RT17. I hate that he had the deck stacked against him in Miami, but man I’m loving his revenge tour.

    KingChamp95 Reply

    @moxeus I’ve been watching Tanny’s highlights *EVERY* week since he became the starter in Tennessee I wish he was still playing for my Dolphins right now but I’m happy to see him putting on a show every single week

    Matt Perry Reply

    Miami fan here as well. I agree, it’s great to see him playing so well. He had no shot with Gase as his playcaller. I’ll be rooting for him and the Titans if they make it into the playoffs

    Ildar Galiullin Reply

    thank you, he is great

Jak Jones Reply

Tannehill I’m sorry for ever questioning your skill. I am a believer, since starting you’ve shown me your a beast.
I had to post this.

    Derrick Frazier Reply

    Tannehill was doing this for us even with a trash oline for 6 of his 7 years with us. Better team better Tannehill takes a team. Wishing you more success RT17.

CaptainFicus Reply

Tannehill was never the problem, it was miami. If he stays healthy he will do great in Tennessee

    Getting Instructions Reply

    Night Owl Raiders got pressure on him all day and the offensive line is bottom 10 in the league this year in terms of pass blocking. He’s a savvy vet on a very young offense and he’s leading them.

    Whit Rhodes Reply

    @Night Owl Titans have been among the most sacked team in the league this season and pass blocking is below average. It’s why the Titans had the top 3 worst offense in the league when Tannehill took over. He’s made everyone play better and that’s something special for a team who was left for dead with a 2-4 record under Mariota.

    Glory Hole Reply

    @Night Owl hey is there any way you can hook me up with whatever drugs your on??

    Sam Reply

    @Night Owl I’m sorry but didnt the chiefs try and shut him down and he came back and won it with only a min and a half in the game. What about “sacksonville” ….went the raiders also making him throw yesterday but they couldnt keep up in second half. You’re just not seeing the big picture if 6-1 as a starter and only second qb in history to go 3 straight games with a 130qbr besides aaron rodgers. Hes number 1 in redzone…and let’s not act like this isnt the same exact team Mariota started the season with.

Dewitt McDidditt Reply

Mike Vrabel is low-key a Coach Of The Year candidate. Lol

    Dewitt McDidditt Reply

    @L G R W where’s your reply at? Why did you delete it? Lol

    Dillan Dillan Reply

    He was probably scared lmao

    Parker Peters Reply

    Oh yeah definitely, I mean, who else would be in that conversation?? Shanahan?? Harbaugh??

southparkfan9111 Reply

tannELITE proving he is the real mvp.

Jesse S Reply

Remember the Titans for you’re last home game👏

maybach music group Reply

Ryan Tannehill 🔥been telling people this since got drafted 💯

    Fear The Beard 05 Reply

    Imagine our record if he started from week 1, I wanted him to start since he got here

Brooks Orlando Reply

Tannehill is a perfect example why you need to stay patient with young QBs. He’s now 31 in a new situation and he’s playing the best football of his career. The career arch of a QB is so much different then a skill position player. Those guys come in young, make an immediate impact and then they’re done by 30. Playing QB is so much more mental. Early 30s is that sweet spot where you comfortable reading every defense and youre at your peak physically too. When you see young QBs who have struggled at times (ex. Goff, Baker, Trubisky), just be aware of that

Isaac Lara Reply

I knew he was a great QB, I’ve always believed in him, how else Miami went to the playoffs in 2016 xD

Mike Roagression Reply

Joe Burrow would probably excel with the titans playbook

    charlie webb Reply

    Mike Roagression I bet so, but we’re not drafting Burrow. It’s possible we take someone later like Hurts to learn under Tannehill, but for now we’ve got our guy going forward.

    Hunter Kelley Reply

    Him or Herbert but neither will fall that far

Laralette Reply

Tanne-thrill! We are a second half team so I figured we’d win this one even with the first half shootout. The defense locked them down in the second half.

Victor Luu Reply

Until today i still scratching my head on why the dolphins let him go after jay cutler didnt work out

NiceParker Reply

The titans got themselves a diamond in the rough. Hes there to stay.

Adhy Nugroho Reply

Tannehill proves that a good QB still needs help from the management. He’s been great since replacing Mariota!

    sabishiihito Reply

    Idiots be like “a great QB can still win with a bad O-line, bad WRs, no run game, crappy defense and bad coaching” 🙄🙄🙄

Whit Rhodes Reply

2-4 under Mariota
6-1 under Tannehill

But we did Mariota wrong some people are still saying AND “Tannehill is not that good”. Glad the coaches are not listening to the fans right now… #ResignTannehill

Lee Deplace Reply

Tannehill deserves comeback player of the year. He’s been balling.

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