Derrick Henry Breaks Away for 103 Yds & 2 TDs | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE


Jackson Hodkey

First bc I have notifications on

Caiden Mclaughlin

Can’t wait for the Seahawks game

Wyeth Purkiss

This man is having a monster season. Him and Tannehill are so fun to watch.


Derricks my dad

Evil Duck

When Henry and Tannehill go off this team is unbeatable

    Blake X

    Lol referring to the Titans as “unbeatable.” Have you seen the Ravens this year?

    W C

    Blake X better all around team when healthy


The raiders are a complete joke

SW Productions

I remember when all the Auburn fans thought Kerryon Johnson was better than Derrick Henry lmao

    Don P

    I remember when LSU fans thought LF7 was better. The delusional ones probably still do.

    Adam Klug

    @Don P lmao bruh fournette is great. show him some respect. The guy is a monster when he’s healthy

    Adam Klug

    @Don P Fournette has 1400+ total yards this year hes still a beast. Derrick Henry is also a monster


    @Don P He was actually but Fournette’s biggest problem is that he keeps getting hurt all the damn time. Smh

Deandre Ray

Titans > Texans

Jak Jones

Beware of the Titans because they are foreal under the radar! Henry is a Monster and their defense travels!

ben parrish

I can’t wait til Tannenhill & Henry are signed for the next 4 years

nathan penketewa

Lol let’s face it it’ll be a career day for anyone when they play the raiders.

    Bubba Riots

    This was an average day yardage wise for Derrick Henry

    Don P

    The Titans had 500 yards of total offense through 3 quarters today. That was 2 games with Mariota at QB.


Hope that hammy heals quickly. He’s fun to watch when he has that second gear.

Bubba Riots

Best RB in the NFL right now

    Marquies Osborne

    Real talk 💯💯💯


    Bubba Riots nick chubb

Matthew Koehler

Henry treating me well for fantasy this year.

    Mark Michalek

    Same problem is he’s gunna bust in a week coming soon I can feel it


    Mark Michalek he’s too much of a horse to do that

Tennessee Titans

Would have been 160 if he wasn’t hurt


Thats a scary man playing rb.

Ride My Wagon

you know if Tennessee was actually consistent they’d be scary

    Jay Money

    Ride My Wagon Been consistent since the QB change.

    John Balnis Dad

    Ride My Wagon you are a bum who knows nothing about football


Derrick Henry is like a bigger and slower Tarik Cohen (agility wise) and when he needs to he can run someone over beast

    Mike B

    When he needs to be can outrun most teams secondary.


It’s like Derrick Henry don’t even try his hardest and still dominates everybody

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