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Josue Tejada Reply

Crazy how quickly this Jaguars defense changed

    Milli Macro Reply

    Jaguars defense is the worst every year. Plus they wasted money on nick foles

    4 7 Reply

    No Telvin Smith
    No Jalen Ramsey
    Very poor strategy from an organizational standpoint. They want edge rushers galore but they cant stop the run; most teams run half the time, pass half the time.
    They want a power offensive scheme.
    Their whole philosophy on football seems outdated to me. They could have paid Ramsey and Telvin Smith, maybe look for a quarterback from the draft and get a one year player like Flacco etc. Idk.. just doesn’t seem right the Jags pick in the top 5 or 10 every year and they just aren’t even a mediocre team. Just sucks.

    889976889 Reply

    They lost a lot of key players

    Google Google Reply

    Milli Macro Pocket QB’s need protection. Foles is the closest to a super bowl the Jags have ever had.

    Defcat Reply

    this isn’t the same defense from that successful year to the AFC championship. half that defense has been butchered. thank Coughlin for that.

Just a chap Reply

I’m inviting all 11 LAC fans to my crib for a birthday bash for our QB.

    Mom Reply

    Just a chap 10 of them are the qbs wife and kids lol

    FScorpion678 Reply


    Kirk Moore Reply

    Don’t forget to bring a brown paper bag to wear on your dome! Bwahahaha! Losers!

    Kirk Moore Reply

    @Derek Frankovich
    Terry Bradshaw called them the San Diego Chargers on the pregame show! Thank God for Directv!

Josue Tejada Reply

This is a game all Chargers fans needed

    Javaris Walker Reply

    Bolt Up!!!

    beneathdatrees0 Reply

    @Stephen_ A Part of me wanted the Raiders to win today so that I could declare that “all AFC West teams have won today”!

    Stephen_ A Reply

    beneathdatrees0 lol, trust me I REALLY wanted them to win today. But, alas our fate was sealed.

    Stephen_ A Reply

    Depressed Florida Fan hopefully!

    Cat Lover Reply


Aric sikora Reply

The Jaguars benched Foles like it was his fault they were losing their games by 30 points.

    NathanTheNinja56 Reply

    Jags linebackers hella suck

    Fullmetaljango Reply

    100% Doug marone and tom coughlin

    Éric V. Arellano Reply

    It was mf we need defense

    Karen Hardie Reply

    I agree. Foles was only back for a couple games and had a bad injury. They will turn on Minshew too. He was 4-4 people. Foles can enjoy all that money from the bench he didn’t deserve that. Wish he would go back to Philly.

    Cara Pool Reply

    Eagles fan here, Foles is a great QB if you have a good o line to let him hang in the pocket. Not saying Minshew isn’t good just how you have to play with Foles

Ian Schmian Reply

Damn good game but kinda sad that the chargers are playing like this now and not like this earlier in the season

    Legend__ 21 Reply

    @Depressed Florida Fan aprrectiate it bro💯, but don’t worry, those draft picks y’all have will come in clutch💪🏾💯

    Derek Frankovich Reply

    This is what they do. They are recovering from their 6 month party binge the first 6 or 7 games of the season, then they go super saiyan when it doesn’t matter anymore…. Welcome to being a San Diego fan for 15 years.

    Alberto David Jr Reply

    Almost every game they lost was a by a TD or less lmaoo plus this team gave up on Doug Marrone last week after he went back to Gardner you bench the hot QB and put in the money guy easy way to lose the locker room

    kwirk Reply

    I know all fans love to pull the injury card when they suck but I honestly believe if Derwin and Phillips were healthy for the first 3/4ths of the season they’d have 2 or 3 more wins at least. Completely different defense when they’re on the field. Also losing Okung hurt because the replacement tackles were absolute trash

Malik Lander Reply

Chargers played the Jags on Rookie difficult

    TheColorBlack Reply

    Nah ain’t no way the cpu’s scoring 10 on rookie lol

    The Carolina Native Jxan Reply


beneathdatrees0 Reply

I’ve predicted a very close game. However, to my delight, the Chargers proved me wrong. (I’ve originally predicted a 17-16 Chargers.)

novadragon12 Reply

Chargers: we out?

NFL: like the playoffs? Basically

Chargers: alright, now it’s time (goes super Sayian)

    Niceguy 100 Reply

    novadragon12 they didn’t do nothing good it’s cus our defense went from best to worst we were expecting to get bopped

    Excelling DEICIDE Reply


    perfect stranger Reply

    1:08 still the best pompoms in the league 👅📣

MichaelDemented Reply

Rivers scored 38 points on his 38th birthday!

    El Ondeado Reply

    MichaelDemented Happy Birthday to our QB ⚡️💯😎

    El3PH4NTE M4N Reply

    dad gum it thats my qb :*)

    Excelling DEICIDE Reply

    Now it’s time for him to retire😐

Mikey Stark Reply

This guy has got to be the worst announcer in the league. He said like 2 words with no emotion during Ekelers long touch down catch

    bee man Reply

    i actually was about to shout but I didnt get the anticipated announcer hype

    Navon Myhand Reply

    @MichaelDemented “[QB] going deep… and its caught at the 30…. he runs to the 20, the 10… no flags!!!! touchdown.”

    Tristan Butcher Reply

    That’s because it was just sad at that point

    Virginia Cavs Reply

    @Chesscom Support Joe Buck vibes

Nathan Ingle Reply

I do not like that the Vikings are facing the Chargers off of this game

    Ben Toney Reply

    This is actually when Chargers play bad. They win big one week and lose the next week smh

    Brandon C. Reply

    The Chargers are inconsistent though. Remember when they beat up the Packers earlier in the year? Then after that they go on to have more mediocre games. You have to hope as a Vikings fan they play mediocre football next week and not play like they did against the Packers or Jags.

    Bashar Al-Assad Reply


    G T Reply

    The Rams need the Chargers to come through this this upcoming game. LA hopefully helps out LA this week

Alan Zen Reply

Is it me or did it sound like this announcer didnt even wanna be there. No emotion.

    Niceguy 100 Reply

    Alan Zen it’s cus at some point it gets boring to see cus ain’t no conpetition

    winkyla Reply

    its probrably because since its a jaguars home game he has to sound like he’s supporting the jaguars? idk that or he’s a pro-jaguar person and he likes hte jaguars more than the chargers. normally its liek that

Q Jefferson Reply

If the Chargers played every game like it was December…they’d be in the Playoffs

    Dwayne K Reply

    Q Jefferson nahh defense wasn’t right especially with James out for almost the whole season and now we got a new offense coordinator we’ll be back next season

Byrd Setta Reply

Jags fans should stop blaming Nick Foles. Consider the team’s OL ,DL ,LB ,CB and Head Coach first. Even if Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes on this team, the result was like that.

    Hank Dixon Reply

    I don’t usually comment on sports games. Every team can have a bad day. But really????

daniel mayer Reply

Mfers running it channeled their inner LT on the jags D

Val Lim Reply

This is the chargers team we shoulda been seeing all year smh

Glenn Denning Reply

Playoffs: y’all can’t make it anymore

Chargers: now let’s play our game

Me: 😭😭😭, whyyyyyy

MrRictusGrin Reply

The Chargers I thought I’d see this year finally shows up.

    George Clayton Reply

    MrRictusGrin didn’t you see the Green Bay game?

Ab And Reply

Where was this when I was at the broncos game?

Chargers fans, next year we have to show up and show out at the new stadium.

Get your color on and lets go. 2o2o gonna be our year.

ImaLet YouKnow Reply

Every offense playing the Jags defense is like giving a stray dog a steak

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