Russell Wilson Tames Panthers w/ 2 TDs | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
PuRe Werxsy

First for my hawks

Jacob Budde

Tames wtf

Christian Suarez

Hawks going to Super Bowls???

    Yee Glock

    Hasan Abid no they font fool, Seattle already number 1 seed, we are 4 games up on the packers as far as conference games Seattle 4-0 while Green Bay is 2-2

    Hamdan Abdalla

    @Yee Glock no Greenbay has the 3rd seed, if the Saints lose tmrw we keep the 1st if they win we get 2nd (because of tiebreaker rules).

    Yee Glock

    Hamdan Abdalla your telling me something I already know but we are talking about Green Bay

    Hasan Abid

    Yee Glock yeah I’m a Seahawk fan, but I think the only way we could get #1 seed is by the saints loosing to the titans because all of there other games are easy.

    Hamdan Abdalla

    @Yee Glock I meant to reply to Hasan

Seahawks Fan

Go Hawks



Marady Mon

#GoHawks #NFL100 #Seahawks

sparda Hellkin

that title lol

Matt M

“Russell Wilson tames the Panthers” Ok, I know y’all had that one ready to go lol

    Hunna Gmgb

    Matt M exactly they act like they’re playing a team that’s ready to go

bruce lau

Tames WTF

Ryan Flanagan

Go Seattle Seahawks

Ryan Flanagan

Seattle Seahawks

Ryan Flanagan

Go Carolina Panthers

Curtis 23

Dangerous russ

Wilson Haas

Whoever thinks that Lamar Jackson can throw the ball like Wilson does is insane

    B Rus

    Yeah he doesn’t have Russ’s arm or accuracy but he is having an amazing season and has the mvp locked up


    We’ll see you guys in the SB.

    Devi Lisa

    @B Rus -Lamar Jackson pads his passing stats throwing red zone passes to all his tight ends while Russell Wilson CANNOT keep his tight ends on the field.
    Will Dissly was having a All Pro season and was lost for the year to a knee injury.
    Ed Dickson has not played this year.
    Luke Willson has missed many games this year.
    Wilson is now on his 4th tight end, who started the year on the practice squad.

Jay Brown

Hall of famer

Twahan Simultaneous

At this point, playing in Carolina is another home game for Seattle. They rarely lose there.


The panthers are a qb and corner form being a playoff team

the Greatjon

One of the *_perdiest_* deep ball throws in the league

Christopher Day

SF fans: “we are going to the Superbowl”.

Sea fans: “Go Hawks”
That tells you which fans are more tolerable


Seahawks are two home wins away from being the #1 or #2 seed.

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