Sean Lee Hauls in the INT to Set Up a Zeke TD! – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Sean Lee Hauls in the INT to Set Up a Zeke TD!

Sean Lee picks off Jared Goff, leading to Ezekiel Elliott's second touchdown on the day. The Los Angeles Rams take on the Dallas Cowboys during Week 15 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Oh yeah yeah

Sean lee over here looking like ezekiel elliot 😂😂🤣

Gaming with K Channel

1 view 5 likes 👏👏👏👏👏 round of applause to YouTube

Seahawks Fan

I was not expecting this lol 😂

    Cater Dig

    @Osrsmaster1267 Joseph the team u lost to in the NFC championship Last year

    Osrsmaster1267 Joseph

    Cater Dig atleast we made it past the divisional round in the last 25 years

    Cater Dig

    @Osrsmaster1267 Joseph yet won one Superbowl but still u guys are good

    Osrsmaster1267 Joseph

    Cater Dig yes we are good, have you not seen the way we play, and have you not seen the way the cowgirls play? Cmon don’t start with The Who’s good and who’s not 🤣

    Ryan S

    Osrsmaster1267 Joseph the way “we” play? So what number are you? Tell Payton I said what’s up for me


Sean lee playin?

    Louie Jones

    Was about to comment the same thing lol

    Sckrt Sckrt

    Scrooter mcgrooder!

    Cater Dig

    Scoot scoot scooterrrr

    Cater Dig

    Yep Sean Lee playin

    aaron rogers


Stefan Salevao Jr.

LETS GOOOO !!!!!!!


I’m a seahawks fan but this might be the only game I root for the cowboys

    Jerry Junior

    Infernocus You guys can kick back and relax, we don’t mind helping you guys.

    jaiveer d

    Don’t worry we got y’all

    Quack Attack

    I hope the dallas cowboys make your team proud 😀



Bossk 619

He was hustling

Chris Corcoran

Ah yes seattle needed the cowboys to do something

    Luxe HammerHead

    Chris Corcoran don’t worry we got y’all

    Jonas Alston

    44-15 we got u fam

bruce lau

Sean Lee looking like Zeke Elliot out here my god

Mason Manabat

We eating 🍽


Rams are one of the most inconsistent teams this year. There goes your chance of playoffs.

    Nyjee Bradley

    That’s because it’s rigged the Rams are throwing this game I’m not a fan of anyone of these teams

    Dylan Wu

    man, im not a rams fan, but i wanted them to get the wild card spot, but now the vikings r beating up the chargers so sorry rams

    Aaron Robledo

    ༼ つ ಥ_ಥ ༽つ feelsbadman. We don’t deserve the play offs though we’ve been below par all season we’re not playing in the tier of top 12 teams, we’re not inconsistent, we just beat up bad teams and get smacked by good ones. The only positive things we’ve done this season are last weeks game & beating saints in week 2 but we had to break Brees thumb in order to win that lmao

    Dylan Wu

    im not a rams fan, but i just dont like the vikings


    Compared to my Cowboys yea no

First Name Last Name

Why the hell would Goff throw that?? Woods wasn’t open at all

    Jonathan Vico

    First Name Last Name Hes a one read QB lol.

Mr Cactus 455

“I always just go with”
“for my Coins on Madden NFL 20”

stan point

The cowboys are dominating the Rams

stickerautosarethebest 30

Scooter Magruder voice: Sean Lee playing? Sean lee playing


Ayyy Sean Lee’s playing! les goooo

Hector Rodriguez

Fox sports undisputed Skip is going nuts right now of his Cowboys winning

Hayden Rodriguez

Straight up thought Dallas was gonna lose lmaoo

Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard

Whatever it was that jump started them today, HOPE they keep it up now through the rest of the season and playoffs ! Well done Cowboys, FINALLY 🙂


Skip Bayless rubbing out a good one tonight

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