Eli Manning Highlights vs. Dolphins | NFL 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Eli Manning Highlights vs. Dolphins | NFL 2019

Eli Manning throws for 283 yards and 2 touchdowns in victory vs. Miami. The Miami Dolphins take on the New York Giants during Week 15 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Eli Manning *highlights*
Can’t believe I’m seeing this

    Tyshonn Harper

    A me too and I’m a Giants fan

    Harrison Jolly

    ask a pats fan that, you’ll get a diff response

SoccerCraZze FL

Who thinks Eli Manning shouldent retire

    Ian Jones

    @Zachary he isn’t an Eli hater. He’s just realistically saying what will happened.

    Da Sports Fan

    @Zachary are you an idiot? he is a giants fan, why would he hate eli. and what he said is true

    Tommy Lin

    @Big Blue Squad If he goes to a contender with a good offensive line he can still pick your team apart. Not every team has a formidable front 7.


    He can definitely still play not a starter for a majority of teams but is good for depth


    and break the all-time career INT record? Sounds good.

Luciano Souza Ienny

You are gonna be forever in our hearts.
Enjoy the hall of fame

Edit:Why the description is saying that the broncos take on the chiefs?

    Boo Thornton

    Speak for your own self Sonny Boy I wont miss that MF period.

    Yeelicious -

    Boo Thornton you must be a chargers fan

Will TheSuperW

Could be Eli’s last game of his career


    It was😭

    Nash Scheber

    @w777lves its possible Eli finishes the season if Jones isnt healthy


    @Nash Scheber Jones played basketball with a broken wrist. He’ll be fine

    Nash Scheber

    @w777lves I understand that but if he cant run when he senses pressure coming at him then I’m pretty sure he wont be playing until he can . I dont think the giants want to bring him back how they brought back saquon 3-5 weeks early

Big Blue Squad

End of an era

    Jkap Pakj

    Big Blue Squad your not happy?


This man was a class act from day one and it’s sad that some Giants fans threw him under the bus when they should have threw the management under there. Much respect to you Eli and no doubt you are a HOF.

    Ian Jones

    Both to blame. He’s last great season was in 2015. 2016 and beyond was a mixture of bad management and qb hotting father time

    Yoboi Boy

    He threw 3 picks today. Relax

    Mike's Palace of DownTime

    MRTUPAC 28 well of course! He beat the patriots in the super bowl TWICE. No other team has done that

    Dayne Insayne

    @Yoboi Boy It’s not a real Giants game if we don’t throw at least one. From a Giants fan

    Jkap Pakj

    MRTUPAC 28 what does class act gotta do with his play ? All I see from Eli fans is that . It’s like y’all gotta say that so people can say nice things about him , how did anybody throw him under the bus he’s been the problem


Love you Eli you will always be remembered in my heart. I wish you an amazing retirement.

bruce lau

End of an era for the Giants . Eli Manning you will always be remembered as one of the Great New York Giants in history

Manhattan Island

Thank you Eli

Tyler’s Planespotting

Thank you Eli for everything. – Packers Fan

    Tyler’s Planespotting

    That doesn’t mean I dislike him, I’m sad Eli is leaving. I respect everything he did. He is a future hall of famer.

    Jkap Pakj

    Tyler’s Planespotting I get the respect thing but he’s not a hof

    Nash Scheber

    @Jkap Pakj stop trolling give me one reason why he isnt a hall of famer

    Jkap Pakj

    Nash Scheber hell I can give you more then one . Okay eli Manning is leading the league in total turnovers since coming into the league in 2004 he lead the league picks 3 times . He never lead the league in any QB category he , had to beat a 3 winning team to get back over 500 for his career! He has 4 one and done because his D couldn’t hold teams to unde 15.5 in the playoffs but when they do hold teams under 20 points he can beat you . He has zero first or second team all pro but he’s a hof seriously? But my question to you is how is facts trolling?

    Tyler’s Planespotting

    @Jkap Pakj He had a horrible team to work with what do you expect

Thomas Latimer

I love Eli Don’t care about the pics you the man & sorry our Giants wasted the end of your career

    Jkap Pakj

    Thomas Latimer yeah y’all never did care about him throwing picks or fumble but will call other QB trash for throwing them


    Jkap Pakj no no there are quarterbacks that are actually trash and there quarterbacks like Eli where u kinda can expect 1-2 picks a game

    Jkap Pakj

    _.A2k._ but y’all act like Eli Manning is a hof though


    Jkap Pakj he is😂 are u having a bad day ?

    Jkap Pakj

    _.A2k._ what makes you feel that I’m having a bad day because I feel like a man is not a great player ?


Hall of Famer! There is no QB I would rather have at clutch moments than Eli!


    @Jkap Pakj He is the clutchest QB in playoff history, so yeah, I would want him over anyone if I need a two minute game winning drive.

    Jkap Pakj

    eoe123321 clutch but he has 4 one done but when the D holding teams to 15.5 in the playoffs he can win right ?

    Tyler Hovatter

    @Jkap Pakj u clearly haven’t seen enough eli to know he’s a hof qb. I’m as saints fan and he one of the clutches playoff qb all time. Lol sthu and get your stuff correct bf you speak

    Cold Waters

    Jkap Pakj Eli led game winning drives in both superbowls and in the playoffs. You sound like a jabroni



Kimberly Condon

One like= 1 f to pay respect for eli

Mike's Palace of DownTime

You go Eli. You deserve to be the starter of the giants. You weren’t the problem.

David S

When Shurmer took a timeout at the end of the game and put in Alex Tanney at QB just so Eli could get a standing ovation from all the fans I almost teared up a bit. This is really the end of an era.

    Shiela Ingram

    I cried and if I was there it would have been even worse.

Ray Cook

Giants would have made it to the playoffs if they kept manning in the beginning

Kvng Crump

Thank you Eli for everything💯🤘🏾🔥🙏


I was at the game everybody went nuts for manning


*Deteriorating Elderly Man fights a group of Malnourished Homeless Men*

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