Saquon Barkley’s First 100-Yd Game Since Week 2 | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Darkz IKoNiK

Saquon is the man


Still a top three running back. You could tell that the injury was tough for him.

    Supreme Eddy777

    Exactly people act like they forgot he came back early from a tough injury.

    Isaiah Ling

    Jude Bernard buccs purposely injured him.

Nathan Spratley

Looks like he’s getting healthier. Wish him the best 🙏

Sam Co

Saquon watched the Ronnie Barnes piece on NFL Films and got inspired to ball out this game😂😂😂

Giants Pride

Saquon just plays better with Eli than Daniel. :/

    Big Blue Squad

    Giants Pride He was injured literally the whole time he was playing with Jones lol. Remember his injury was 4-8 weeks.

    Anuj Singh

    It also helps that Eli knows to check down to his best player for free yards, DJ goes out of his way to force things far too much and needs to learn otherwise at times

    Ian Jones

    @Anuj Singh still have Jones than Eli at this point

    Brandon Taylor

    Anuj Singh on the other hand Eli would check down to Barkley in situations where he should’ve taken a shot down field- needs to be a medium between the two

    Adam Christmas

    We won’t see fully healthy Barkley until next season.

Meme Central

I really hope Barkley’s talent doesn’t get wasted in the Giants with their trash o line, with that line he is bound to get injured again, and really doesn’t deserve that.

    Eli strickland

    I am a giants fan myself and the giants are wasting a best running backs talent with a bad of line

    Hokies/Cavs At Best

    @julio guzman says Rams fan

    Hokies/Cavs At Best

    I agree, Gettleman needs to prioritize on what this team needs if they are ever going to get back in the playoffs

    julio guzman

    @Hokies/Cavs At Best facts

    Big Blue Squad

    julio guzman Nah he’s better then Baker Assfield


When ur 5 minutes early

Big Blue Squad

The real reason we won this game. Without him performing well, we will never win.

Sir Toliver

He sent that boy into a proposal slash PLEASE DONT LEAVE ME stance




During fantasy championship week too NICE!


Ayy that’s the g

bruce lau

Wish Saquon the best , he’s really getting healthy again

Scott Covino

#52 so scared he was about to be shoved to the ground he had to pull Saquon down by the helmet

    I’m wrong but

    Scott Covino he got stiff armed so he couldn’t grab him

I’m wrong but

are these golf commentators

Jacob Denise

Finally getting his feet back under him. Dude’s a helluva talent when healthy.

Mo Salah

It’s crazy a quarterback did that same juke to someone😂

    Joseh Deblanc

    Mo Salah lol Ong

Curtis 23

He’s a bad man…. But he must get some help


Clearly Eli does something to help him get more yards, teams are too content on rushing jones cause he’s sloppy and bad at throwing the ball, plus he’s a fumble machine

    Big Blue Squad

    Eli’s only averaging 30 more passing yards & Jones played harder teams. We didn’t even score in the 2nd half vs Philly.

Atlsports777 Yang

Stay healthy Saquon Barkley! Beastmode today.

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