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Russell Wilson Postgame Press Conference vs Cardinals | 2019 Seattle Seahawks

Hear from Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson following the Seahawks 13-27 loss against the Arizona Cardinals at CenturyLink Field during week 16 of the regular season.

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Eric Ciriano


    A Fucking Bird

    @Dangeruss WilsonNo it didn’t, it comes down to week 17.

    Dangeruss Wilson

    @A Fucking Bird the packers are ahead rn unless they lose also so if we won the division we’d be 3rd seed unless they lose today

    Dangeruss Wilson

    @A Fucking Bird so root for vikings

    A Fucking Bird

    @Dangeruss Wilson I’ve been following this team since I was 3 in 1997. You guys are overreacting. I’ve been through the seasons where the Hawks went 5-11 and 7-9, and to see everyone reacting the way they are is making me mad. These aren’t real Hawks fans. I will always root for the Seahawks even if they go 0-16 next season. I know we can bounce back from this loss and you guys should too.

    Dangeruss Wilson

    @A Fucking Bird I have full faith in them also and will ride with them all the way but I also recognize there strengths and weaknesses


Shotty sucks at play design and play calls. How do you not move russ out of the pocket more. Also, you score quick on first drive, so why not use that as a reference point for play calls. Instead you stick him in the pocket and throw mainly deep passes like you have been all season. Learn to move the sticks and 10yd passes. Quick passes. Shotty is getting more and more exposed.

    T M

    Because after Mike went down, the left side of the line was a turnstile

    Gerald Stelly


    Dangeruss Wilson

    @Jesse Hinds injuries

    shane nelson

    Exactly what i was yelling all game! Why not call same plays that worked on first drive?! Its like they lost any creativity after that

Pamela Bluitt

Russ got that look in his eyes! He do not like what went down! Did you hear him say what I’ve been saying all along let Russ throw the ball! We have Tyler and Metcalf. All we need is some good protection for Russ. I like what was said in some other comment. ” let Russ do the play calling”. In Russ we trust! GO HAWKS!!!!

    Gerald Stelly


    Pamela Bluitt

    @Gerald Stelly Not at all! If we don’t go to the Superbowl this year we will for sure next year!!!! In Russ we trust! Have a blessed day!

    Pulla Bradley


    Pulla Bradley

    The offense is great defense not

    Peter Cullen

    He can’t throw the ball when our O Line crumbles in every play

NutriShop El Segundo

Whoever is calling plays needs to go on concussion protocol. This was pathetic.

Christofer Brown

You deserve better than Schottenheimer Russ. We need to hire Kellen Moore immediately at the end of this season. Fire Schottenheimer!!!!

    Ryan Scarborough

    Folks been blaming the coaches for 8 years now. Wilsons overall game is pretty average and as he loses his speed its going to become more and more apparent.

    Sym Taylor

    How is Dallas offense looking? Gfoh, Russ been trash and holding the ball too long. He takes too long to step up in the pocket or run.

Boxing 101

No protection, while the damn Cardinals could do what they wanted to all day long??? At home? Makes you wonder what the hell these Seahawks are doing all week long! They should be designing a game where we should be unstoppable!! We have so many weapons out there, I get it Russ can throw the ball down field but we need to also work it down field and convert 6 yards plays 12 yard plays!!! Go deep here and there but on 3rd and 22 try and get a good 10-12 yard pass and get a 4th and 10 not 4th and 22, we should NOT be losing at home to a team with 4 wins all season long! In fact I wont even mind if the 49ers beat us and we have to go on the road, or wait another year and get some damn pass rushers and some CBs. Where are these young beasts on the practice squad??? Pete is the worst for letting talent sit on the bench, we have a stud WR crew how about we start using them and converting so our Defense can get a break!!!

    Boxing 101

    @Joe Cool Berry yep for sure, really sad to see the Hawks fall apart at the worst time, injuries sure didnt help. Would be awesome if Lynch came back lol

    A Fucking Bird

    Have faith, the season ain’t over yet. We will beat the 9ers. Russ got that look like he ain’t playing no more.

    Boxing 101

    @A Fucking Bird no Diggs, no Brown, no Griffin, No Woods no runningbacks???

    A Fucking Bird

    @Boxing 101 Faith…just have faith

Terry Lasparkin

Holy crap I`m shocked and so disappointed, not going for it on a 4th and one ,wtf was that? then not trying the field goal? then later he makes a 51yarder?then all the injuries in the defense killed them.I`d run Wilson more.Carrol got completely out coached today .I feel bad for the great Seattle fans that attended that game today …

    Jeff Black

    Why? They earned that L. Will earn the L next sunday too : )

    shane nelson

    @Jeff Black they earned it today, but then next week will be earned from these injurys

It’s Me

Doug Baldwin replace Schottenheimer Kam Channcallor replace Ken Norton

    Buddy Hampton

    It’s Me boy that’s a great plan 👍👍👍

    It’s Me

    Buddy Hampton Why thank you! I think it would work.

Bryan Thueringer

Stupid play calling on offense. I mean you hand the ball off to a backup running back in the red zone, just let Russell throw today was sooooo frustrating

Seisman 75

Hawks are done. Play the backup QB or Russ will get kill against the niners.


Russ Deserves Better


Russ Do Not Deserve This Sh-t

Russ needs to GO

Pete Carroll is the problem

If they don’t get rid of Pete Carroll & his coaches

Russ needs leave

    Jojo Gonzalez

    NeverSettle Pete Carroll is an amazing coach it’s just the oc he is hurting us we need better play calls and we need to hit like we usually do

    A Fucking Bird

    Pete and Russ are fine. YOU need to go! I’ve had enough of bandwagons like you! You haven’t been with the Hawks since the 4-12 and 7-9 seasons, so don’t be a Hawks fan when we’re winning. You dont even know what the hell you’re talking about.

    Jojo Gonzalez

    A Fucking Bird me or the other guy cause I’ve been a fan since before the Super Bowl

Brent Jackson

This is the same offensive play calling that dialled up non-stop running plays against the Cowboys in last year’s playoffs. And kept doing it long after it became obvious that it wasn’t working. Either learn from your mistakes or keep repeating them. Those are your choices.

The only fun thing that came out of that was that the Cowboys saw the Seahawks fail with this strategy and decided it would be a good idea to copy it the following week. Just incidentally, with exactly the same result.


NE Patriots need to sign Wilson after his contract is up. At least then Wilson can win more SBs ams get MVPs. He’s not going to do it in Seattle. I feel bad for Russ for having to put up with this nonsense. He deserves better. He should’ve gotten the MVP this year but then play calling f Ed it all up. #1andDONE #rip2019seahawks 😢😭


    FoodIsLife it’s not over yet

Looking for Wyatte Earp

Sorry but we are not winning the NFC West. Were gonna be one and done in the playoffs.

    Harris James

    Looking for Wyatte Earp if we keep playing like this and don’t get some of our injured guys back I absolutely agree

John Hooker

13 points,weak o-line getting dominated,bad OC decisions.Carson was overworked and ran predictably as the offensive coordinator redundantly puts the team in 3rd and long.While the Coaches seem confused and inconsistant with their decisions.the team needs some energetic players who can step up be verbal like Doug Baldwin,Richchard Sherman were.Also with the battle skills of Marshawn Lynch,Earl Thomas,and Cam Chancellor.Sucking up to these coaches is not the way to win in the trenches.

Shane Hafner

Schotty and Norton should be getting heavily evaluated this off-season. The constant issue of not being able to adjust is really frustrating. I understand 1 or 2 quarters of bad play calling but an entire game of it is inexcusable.

    Buddy Hampton

    Shane Hafner I think they should be packing up there bags now!!!

Jaden Mcfield

russell trying hard not to admit he hates the offensive coordinator



Niner Nate

I’m a Niners fan but dam that was horrific Play calling on both Offense and Defense.Seahawks did everything to lose at home against the worse team in the NFC


    A niners fan notice how horrible the Seahawks play calling was. Wow I’m shocked. Falcons aren’t that much better

Jack Davidson

if Green Bay win tonight, I think we may as well rest players against the 49ers on Sunday. There’s not enough benefit in winning:

Green bay play the 3-11-1 Lions. And the Saints play 5-10 Panthers. Pretty much guaranteed they finish 13-3.
= Seattle will not get a bye. Even if they beat the 49ers and go to 12-4.
– also the Vikings will finish 11-5 (at best), and we have the tiebreaker over them.

So in Sunday’s match-up, we will effectively be playing for the 3rd seed. If we lose, we get 5th seed.
I don’t think 3rd seed is particularly an advantage over 5th seed at this point.
– If 3rd: host Minnesota (11-5)
– If 5th: at Philadelphia (9-7) *(could be Cowboys but Eagles would have to lose to Giants)

We’ve played both these teams already (same places too) and won both by 1 TD.
(personally I think we’d be better off playing at Philly. Because they’re a weaker, less healthy team, and we’ve also been evidently better on the road)

So a loss against the 49ers wouldn’t be horrible, by any means. Not going all out may be beneificial:
– Rest players who aren’t 100% (Clowney, Griffin, Diggs, Brown, Iupati – I don’t now others off the top of my head)
– A reserved offensive and defensive game plan. Keep strongest plays for the playoffs
– Run the ball – We can save our better passing plays. Give confidence to Travis Homer, the running back we pick up, and our weakened O-line.
If we rush everyone back, use all our strongest plays and still lose to the 49ers, those players won’t be fully fit, our team confidence and optimism will be down.

It’s the superbowl we’re going for, not the division.
I’m slightly confident in an underdog Seattle team, going on the road throughout the playoffs.

    Dangeruss Wilson

    I think if vikings win and we beat niners we get no 2 seed

    A Fucking Bird

    Ever heard the words “any given Sunday”?

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