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Learning From The Loss vs Cardinals | Locker Room Sound

Go inside the Seahawks locker room to hear how players and coaches plan to move forward from the 13-27 loss against the Arizona Cardinals in Week 16 at CenturyLink Field.

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Pato G. Santacruz Solis

in my opinion, they should be looking for a wild card spot instead of home field advantage. They have been way better on the road than at home


    Pato G. Santacruz Solis statistics don’t lie but u always rather be at home


    With all the injuries it would be nice to have the bye week for extra rest though.


    Pato G. Santacruz Solis seahawks are undefeated at home in playoffs with russ


    Seahawks are 4-3 at home this season with russ and 7-1 on the road.

Hans Heusser

going to be on Wilson and the defense to step up if the hawks in order to make a run in the playoffs. no carson hurts a lot, this team is going to need Wilson to carry them.


This loss hurts, but the injuries hurt WAYYYY more, yet for some reason that rams loss seemed to hurt more…


They gotta focus on offensive line, they always draft everything but offensive line. Without a good offensive line no run game or passing game, just pressure on Wilson. Otherwise Go Hawks!


    I will still go for a CB in the draft to help this secondary, with Ken Norton leaving and hopefully Dan Quinn returning will get my hopes up high for the D next season…..but after that we can just go all out on O-Lineman in the later rounds as much as we want because literally I feel that most OLs in the draft will be better than what we have now……and I 100% see the Seahawks going for a star receiver in the off season ……Most likely gonna be OBJ, AB or probably even Dez Bryant…..who knows. But as much as I love Lockett, Wilson needs some better targets (why not improve) and I believe DK will be great one day, but he’s still just a rookie with more things to learn.
    Overall 4 major things that needs to improve…..literally an any order works
    1. Secondary
    2. O-Line
    3. Coordinators (mainly Norton)
    4. Receiving Core…..


    Britt is out for the season, Duane brown is out for the season, lupati was out last game. Our o line has been doing good up until the injuries. We have 8 starters out atm.


    I am really not sure how we are going to beat the 49ers next week with so many people out including both running backs, and like you said most of our O-Line. Cant ever stop believing tho!! They will find a unique way to win!!

    Ryan Staiger

    Wilson can’t run like he used to, he needs support. Are defense is also pretty pitiful rn too


Signed Marshawn and Holmgren to be our OC

BenYamin Ben-David

Everybody’s gotta step up. From the coaching staff, to the qb, offense and defense. Stopping belittling the serious problems in the team because they are serious issues that need to be addressed in order for to be successful in the future. It’s time to take action, make a change. Evolve, Innovate. Improve. Can’t keep doing the same thing or leaving the issues unchecked. Problems and failures don’t just go away because you forget about them or decide not to address them. They eventually come back and hurt you, I.e. today.

    Harangutan Thefaithful

    BenYamin Ben-David well said Coach Nobody

    BenYamin Ben-David

    Harangutan Thefaithful bro it’s just a comment. I want my team to succeed. Hating is unnecessary

    Catherine Beck

    Stop all the dancing and profiling and play football, the LOB NO LONGER AROUND

Seahawks Fan

Seahawks want this win more than anything Go Hawks 💙💚💙💚

Seahawks Fan

The Seahawks are ready for next week

    Mr Pringle

    Seahawks Fan 😂

    Irina/Milan Vishevsky

    No way.

    Osama Bin Thottin

    Seahawks Fan Have no rbs atm

    Irina/Milan Vishevsky

    @Osama Bin Thottin Hopefully we can snag Marshawn.

    Catherine Beck

    @Irina/Milan Vishevsky he will be great also L. Blount


Dan Quinn where are you!!!

Aniceto Sanchez

Waste of year… Next year I guess.. go seahawks

    SDS Mixtapes & Albums

    Aniceto Sanchez long azz next year we gonna be more like the chargers stuck in the wild card

hunter duffell

There no reason we should of lost this game

    David Wilson

    hunter duffell People over look our division rival the cardinals we should watch out for them next year

    Khasan F Fazilov

    hunter duffell when you have 8 players missing I don’t know how will you win lol

Shahiem Cook

No Carson, no Penny, no C.J, no Brown,


    No Britt, no diggs, no Griffin, no lupati, no Clowney

    G Ho

    No Woods, no Gordon

    D Lakland

    No Dissly

    Osama Bin Thottin

    Shahiem Cook no Thompson


Looking down these comments makes me appreciate why you shouldn’t drink and type…

emmit brown

I feel for Russ. Dude should request a trade, if Pete’s gonna keep wasting his prime.

Liquid Swords

Seahawks running a 4th string rookie RB, practice squad TE, out key OLine, injured starting LBs, CB, FS, DEs, suspended WR and DT, etc…list is too long to recover. Probably win 1st rd playoffs but can’t go far out 75% starters. Protect Russ and build for next year.

Cooper 2k

We gotta stop focusing on the run game and get the ball down the field

5150 OU812

Good luck! Too many injuries

Harangutan Thefaithful

Love how this orchestra of comments from absolute nobodies reeks of Band Wagon fickleness. If you’ve been around this franchise longer than the Carroll era your loyalty and faith can weather this. Most you here give the 12s more shame than the team’s actual performance.

Kilroy Gonzalez

What we learned :
The game against the Whiners has been changed to SNF? WHAT A COINCIDENCE

    David Wilson

    Kilroy Gonzalez you are acting like a baby dude one loss and it’s rigged all of a sudden

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