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Pete Carroll Postgame Press Conference vs Cardinals | 2019 Seattle Seahawks

Hear from Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll following the Seahawks 13-27 loss against the Arizona Cardinals at CenturyLink Field during week 16 of the regular season.

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We were missing about 8 starters in this game and we lost more during the course of the game as well.. I had a feeling we would lose this game but the good news is, thanks to the Falcons we still control our own Destiny Boys! Hopefully we get right in the health department this week. We need our team as strong as possible for next week. San Francisco hasn’t been lighting the world on fire recently either. Seattle loves to lose these kind of games and come back and beat the very best. Cautiously optimistic still :). Good news is if we don’t win next week we become the road warriors of the playoffs and we have been excellent on the road this year. Merry Christmas 🎄!

    phil emard

    Sorry bud you shouldnt have hope.

    Keith Sparling

    @Anony Moose I said the same thing, why did pete call a time out for them? FN stupid what an insult to our kicker, and our offense, when it was 4th and a 1/2 yd… 54 yd F G, or let your offense pick a half yard and get the 1st dn, or punt and show 0 confidence. He punted… bet that made the team feel good.

    Shawn Heenan

    As a true 12, I appreciate your optimism

    Soap Box

    All of those 4th and shorts that Pete Carroll wouldn’t let the offense go for it in my opinion really took the momentum away from Seattle

roy ashman

49ers will go to town next week and seal the deal in our backyard…ok thats fine we have finished closer than i thought we would …lets please not go out in the p/offs with a wimper like in Dallas last year….

    Jac Heart

    Brian Andrade Sorry y’all we tried our best to keep the NFC West comp and swag goin. I’ve never been so scared in my life. As soon as I heard Carson and Prosise out the year..with Penny already being out..knew our season was over at that point. Good luck to y’all 🤙.

    Dancing With the Nintendo Stars

    Lol pathetic you Seahawk fans talk so much trash now look at ya

    Leon Hart

    Unfortunately, it’s going to be exactly like last year with Dallas. Go Saints!

    Jac Heart

    Dancing With the Nintendo Stars Well what would u do if you lost THREE rbs for the year two yesterday we currently have ONE. No way we’re goin anywhere without Carson at the least. Carson and Penny was our bread and butter but now their both gone. Ofc were not talking trash now.

Treb Luc

So we tried to “establish the run” this game and by the end of it, our entire RB corp is gone… I’m fcking sick.

    WCRQ Insanity

    @Keith Sparling havent all the seahawks wins looked unreal only winning within a possession.I feel like this season the Seahawks are supposed to win and the seahawks are desperate for another running back.Marshawn might play for just this postseason and hopefully lead us to the super bowl.

    Keith Sparling

    @WCRQ Insanity Its a beautiful thought! I love Marshawn, but hes not playing now for a reason… most if all, I doubt he’d play for Pete Carroll again, Id be surprised. Every Seahawk fan knows Marshawn was not treated right.

    Da 1

    Coaches want to “establish the run” when they have a MVP quarterback…sick is right.

    Christopher Saintelmy

    We have no choice tho. Pass protection was terrible today + Chandler Jones was eating us all day

    Keith Sparling

    @Christopher Saintelmy I agree, it’s an ugly picture. Down to one running back, and Homer is good, but not a big guy, using Lockett on run backs again… Wilson was being attacked all day. This is where I wish they’d let Wilson call his own plays. Why not, he knows what these guys are capable of better than anyone! I dont think he’d do any worse. He is our only hope ( you might say a prayer) so lets see if he can work his magic against the 49ers. Go Hawks!

Andre Collins

Pete you need better coaching and both sides of the ball defense and offense cannot play like this in the playoffs

Boubacar Barry

We pretty much got exposed, a team that only won 4 games beat us up at home. We are not going anywhere with this shitty defense can’t even stop a back up QB. I prayed all year for a blowout. Always want to play to the competition or we are just shitty and got lucky all year.


    we’ve been shitty all year, bish. We aren’t going anywhere. Especially since Russell dropped off.

    Elana Mccullum

    @Gloxxify IM NOT A RAMS FAN DUMMY..🤔🤔🤔😤😤😤

    A Fucking Bird

    We will blowout the 49ers next week. We always blowout an opponent at least 1 time a season. Quit being such a shitty spoiled fan over 1 loss.

    A Fucking Bird

    @ChidoriGodThere are a lot of bandwagons in these comments. Including you. You must not have been watching the Seahawks for the past few years. It doesn’t matter what record they have, they always give us a problem.

    Skoden Fineden

    what this??? Seahawks talking with BeastMode, possible return? Can he even play still 🤭🤭?



Injuries? Yes. That said, there was zero effort out there. Maybe that’s because they’re saving steam for next week, but if they play like they did today…the season is two losses away from being over and thats a cold hard fact.

    Richard Crowley

    We got handled by their third-string quarterback, Brett Hundley. Anyway, it has been a very good year. Thanks, Hawks and thank you, Pete.

Stetson Malchow

You have to throw the ball coach. You can’t run on all these third downs.


    Running on 3rd and 2 with our 4th string guy. Bad coaching. Too conservative and unwilling to accept analytics.

Stetson Malchow

Throw the dang ball for crying out loud. You can’t just run run run run run run. What are you coaches doing out there.
We lose both our main running backs and you continue to do what was obviously failing us just about every time.
And come on, where was the defensive line. Do any of you know how to sack a stinking QB in this league???
Good riddance, what a try hard to lose game this was. You guys got a lot to work on, and fast. Merry Christmas.

    Keith Sparling

    I never praised him. I think he’s under qualfied, insecure, and not seasoned enough, AND ONE OF THE DUMBEST PLAY CALLERS EVER

    Da 1

    emmit brown there’s always that one play call every game that makes me want to rip my hair out lol.

    Christopher Saintelmy

    Thing is the oline can’t hold on enough for Russ to pass it to anyone

    Brandon Smith

    Damned if we do, damned if we dont

    Steve Oneill

    They threw it on 4 and inches from the goal line in the Super Bowl😂😂 NFL is rigged…Pete Carrol saying he doesnt wanna talk about the game is an easy out for trying to lie your way outta BS


Regardless of injuries and bad o line today. We had SEVERAL opportunities to make a comeback. I have no idea why shotty calls long developing plays ALL THE TIME, especially on third down.. it’s so crazy.. it’s like 3rd and 1 and we try and go for 20+ yards every time with a low % throw. I have no idea why we cant just play small ball and quick throws and move russ out of the pocket and just methodically move the ball down the field. Shotty just sucks. He has 0 innovative sense and terrible play calling. Cant adjust at all and he needs to learn high % throws and converting easy 1st downs. If protection sucks, you get the ball out quicker and move him out of pocket and play action. Fkin terrible play calls. I am firm believer that our coaching costs russ multiple MVPs and superbowls. Wasted his prime.

    Ramone DeCurta

    kaznpak : You are 100% correct! Pete Carroll has to go. Otherwise, I would support Russ asking for a trade. We haven’t even scratched the surface of what that guy can do. He’s LJ, Mahomes and Brees rolled into one, but we will never get to see it.

    Ramone DeCurta

    6 Fuzz *o* : Pete is not even a good motivator. If he was, his guys would block and tackle effectively. Wtf is Germaine Ifedi doing on the roster?! He sucks! He’s worth at least one false start a game.

    Ramone DeCurta

    Jesse Hinds : Bevell was better, aside from the one play, but they both suck!

    trending vevo

    @Ramone DeCurta hell no u went way to far in that one like real talk


No Carson penny prosise brown for the season .. clowney always hurt and terrible play calling there goes our season 😢😢 big credit to the cardinals playing real football and laying hits ..

    Solstice Beat

    WCRQ Insanity daaaayuum!!!!!!

    Eric Z

    Budda Baker hurt both your rbs lol and he’s 5’9 185lbs. Testament to how hard he hits and plays

    trending vevo

    @Eric Z 5’10 197 *

    Eric Z

    @trending vevo I’ve met him in person he’s not that 😂

    Shelton Shieh


NutriShop El Segundo

Pete oh Pete. You better put this game behind you because this was absolutely pathetic. Whoever is calling plays needs to go on concussion protocol.


Shotty out here trying to play to much chess lol . He’s trying to throw them off guard by setting them up …. they playing chess too and aren’t stupid . They know you’re going to run run run run and then randomly pass . They’ve all known for months that’s how shotty works

    Ramone DeCurta

    melt138 : That’s how Pete works, and it’s how Bevell worked.


How about short passes? Are we unaware than if were 3rd and 1 or 2. We only need those yards to get a 1st down? We dont need to throw deep everytime. Learn to play smart and play smart ball. Jesus.. our play designs take WAY too long and we are terrible situationally. We arent creative and we dont adjust or adapt. Time for a change. Our coached are too outdated and predictable. Ridiculous. Feel bad for russ. It’s on pete for not correcting shotty or ken.

    Jack Blow

    There were a few 3rd down conversions where simple screens would have easily gotten y’all first downs. My theory is Carroll lost his rhythm after the fist drive and never got it back. Conservative when he needed to be aggressive (4th and nothing) and aggressive when he should have taken safer chunks of yardage.

Mihai Grigoras

Pf thank God I didn’t lose a night of sleep to see this thing you call a game. Screwing up the season in front of an unformed team that plays for nothing except to pee on your parade, quite a show of character on our part :/ GoHawks


We scrapped a defense together with players that can’t stay healthy. Now we don’t have a RB. WTF?


No excuse, but…
DT Al Woods suspended 4 games for PED (game 1 = vs AZ)
WR Josh Gordon suspended forever (pot)

DE Jadevon Clowney out with groin injury
FS Quandre Diggs out with ankle injury
FS Tedrick Thompson IR
CB Shaquill Griffin out with hamstring injury
CB Neiko Thorpe IR
CB Kalan Reed IR
CB Jeremy Boykins IR
LB Mychal Kendricks played with hamstring injury
LB Bobby Wagner played with ankle injury
LT Duane Brown out/IR with knee injury
T/G George Fant out with illness
C Joey Hunt played with fibula injury
C Justin Britt IR
G Mike Iupati played/out/played with neck injury
G Jordan Simmons IR
G Demetrius Knox IR
TE Luke Willson played with hamstring injury
TE Ed Dickson IR
TE Will Dissley IR
TE Justin Johnson IR
RB Chris Carson played/IR hip injury
RB CJ Prosise played/IR arm injury
RB Rashad Penny IR knee injury
RB Adam Choice IR
LB Cody Barton played with thigh injury
LB Emanuel Ellerbee IR
DE Ziggy Ansah played with neck injury
WR Tyler Lockette played with shin injury
DT Demarcus Christmas IR/PUP
DT Nazir Jones IR

    Brian Koski

    Don’t forget WR John Ursua..

    trending vevo

    Actually Ziggy Tyler and Wagner was good Wagner even said he was good

    Shelton Shieh

    RB Marshawn Lynch ready to go


What a shame. Be tough to watch the next game if its like this, but with this many injuries my hopes aren’t high. They need to do everything better. Go Hawks!

Liquid Swords

Still a playoff team but not a deep playoff team with all the injuries. Think it’s time to make some major changes. Rather have a few bad seasons to build a SB caliber team. Seahawks won’t go anywhere as a 1st-2nd rd playoff team. As long Russ is QB super bowl is all that matters.

    trending vevo

    Are u sped???

Jason Braun

Not a Seahawks fan, but do admire Pete Carroll as a coach and a speaker. He answers the questions, isn’t nasty and is honest.


It’s better to lose next week because 5th seed better than 3rd seed this year

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