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William Keliehor

Let’s go cards ez win

Locked and Loaded

To ez

Charles Mendoza Vlogs

First one

Humble Rumble

If Steven Kiem doesn’t resign Kenyan Drake, I’m not watching cardinal football anymore.


    i love how you haven’t changed your name but maybe it’s time, Dj got his money and isn’t humble anymore

    Fred Castro

    I agree he’s going to win us games next season

    Sojo R

    2 decent games dont make Drake an all-star *dumby!*

    Angel Nieto

    @Sojo R yeah 2 decent you should say really good games KD was the main reason we won last game and this game do you ain’t no Cardinal we cardinals fans actually pay attention and KD is our running back so we pay attention to him the most and you probably don’t so if you are a real cardinal you should be agreeing with that comment 🙄🙄🤬🤬🤬


I can not believe we won but I hope Kyler will play next week

    Dank Tenders

    Idk I think we should let him rest, let hundley prove himself even more


    Would love to see Kyler play next week, but why risk further injury? Let Hundley start. He’s capable of playing a good game. Besides, the Lambs will have to break their necks game planning for a different QB that they’ve never seen before.

    STEEL Metal

    Almost like a preseason game. I’d say give Murray first quarter then Hundley the rest.

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    @esterixis is Bortles starting?

Angel Nieto


    Sojo R

    Lol 🐦

Jeff Sanford

Love the cardinals I always wanted to meet kyler Murray when he started and whenever

    Sojo R


    Sojo R

    @Jeff Sanford yall trash

    Jeff Sanford

    Sojo R I am not a bandwagon what am I kidding you probably don’t know what bandwagon even is I live in Arizona I love the cardinals more then you ever will

    Sojo R

    @Jeff Sanford Arizonians & the cardinals are *TRASH!!!* CAN U READ?

    Jeff Sanford

    Sojo R you are trash and why are you watching the cardinals YouTube channel if their trash

Pablo Sanchez

How’s kyler

Kevin Campbell

DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS MR. KEIM. Here are my first four picks in the 2020 draft: (1) Derrick Brown, DE, Auburn, (2) Javon Kinlaw, DT, So. Carolina, (3) Terrell Lewis, OLB, Alabama, and (4) Bryce Hall, CB, Virginia.

    Michael Wellman

    There might be 1 out of the 4 of these good college players that will still be there when the Cards pick, Maybe.

    Kody Nez

    In the 1st round they’re not gonna pass up CeeDee Lamb reuniting with Kyler Murray

    Sojo R

    Ahh shut up!!

    Who’s House!!


Good win Cards… You made the Hawks look like a bunch of FOOLS… Out played, top to bottom… Props.. from a Seahawk fan….

    Sojo R

    Some fan you are!😠

Murr Plays

Never been happier to be a cardinals fan, I can now once again say… the future is bright! Shout out to Brett Hundley, glad he got his chance to shine! 🙂

    Sojo R

    Super Bowl here yall come bffft!!

    Go Rams

Mike Peifer

Game ball should’ve went to Drake, that man ran with some intensity! He saved some jobs the last two weeks.

1- 9

Keep it going guys

Kevin Campbell

Drake is the second coming of Walter Payton.

Pedro Raya III

It was my birthday yesterday cardinals made it even better

Fred Castro


Kody Nez

Vance Joseph needs Kliff to run RPOs against his defense during practice because that’s about 80% of what the Rams run. RPOs is what killed us during that game.

    Sojo R

    Ahh shut up, yall trash. ✔ go rams.

Joseph Garcia

We better sign drake for next year he’s proven him self and he’s a good fit for kyler and that’s that.. mr. dul

Sojo R

Ok Zach suit up, next man up!! Get in there & relieve Patrick Peterson!!

Oh dont forget to take your coffee cup with you! 😂

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