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Russell Wilson Postgame Press Conference at Rams | 2019 Seattle Seahawks

Hear from Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson following the Seahawks 12-28 loss against the Los Angeles Rams at LA Memorial Coliseum during week 14 of the regular season.

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Boxing 101 Reply


    Bun Chhun Reply

    @T O we said that about jimmy graham

    Wholetthebirdouts Reply

    We don’t have luck Wilson and our OL is beat. Up can’t block for anything

    trending vevo Reply

    @Cancel OK what do u do?

    Naumann Mascati Reply

    THUNDER LIPS THE ULTIMATE MALE last week Lockett suffered from the flu

T O Reply

It’s always those damn Rams that give the Hawks hard time it’s been going on for years they just really know how to play against them very well. All good next week we’ll bounce back 💯

    Android FoLife Reply

    What u mean we beat them in week 5 couple years ago all we did was beat them now they are a match for us just what happened was Seattle lost Ziggy and will Dissly and alot of great players we just didn’t play well that’s all need to step it up they got to relaxed cause been Winning for while now.

    Cancel OK Reply

    And still lose the wild card game like every year.

    Android FoLife Reply

    @Cancel OK nope not this year buddy

    Xzvius Reply

    @Cancel OK Maybe if they actually throw the ball instead of doing nothing but runs. Otherwise that garbage dumpster fire of Eagles or Cowboys gonna eat it up.

    oreosinmymilk Reply

    Idk why the Seahawks have to always play down to their opponents level….

Tommy Nguyen Reply

It’s okay we got this baby

Kilroy Gonzalez Reply

We have to win the next 3 and we can still be #1 in the NFC WEST. WHY NOT US?! #GoHawks

    The Seeker Reply

    @Brian Koski have you been watching the whole season?

    The Seeker Reply

    @Willy Grimm I’m stealing this fyi

    Brian Koski Reply

    @The Seeker
    Yeah, I’ve been watching every season since ’76.
    Another disgusting loss eh?

    Kilroy Gonzalez Reply

    @Willy Grimm You spend way too much time on the internet dude. Switch to decaf and chill.

The Seeker Reply

Shaken but not stirred. He’s fine.

Chase Kincaid Reply

Huge setback offensively idc what people say

    Joseph Canche Reply

    Chase Kincaid well thats what happens when you’re missing your starting center , tight end , and lost a big part of the running game…

    SEA CAWK Reply

    Watching all games this year offense is inefficient. A lot of games were won because defense had takeaways.

piikuni blackfeet Reply

wee needed this lose
at this time of the season
2 wake us up….next game boys

Rich F Reply

GG Rams. Let’s not let one loss define the season or the team! Go Hawks!

    Andrew Roberts Reply

    Russell Wilson has the best attitude after having just lost a game ! He takes things in stride. He doesn’t point fingers, unless he’s pointing out positive things that people have done!
    (Teammates, Coaches and and Opponents, too) That’s also a big reason why Russell is loved around the league, so much ! Russell Wilson projects a positive attitude 112% of the time !

    Eric Maeder Reply

    What season? Cause we 10-3…really should be 7-6..we have not whooped up on anybody for 3 seasons now

    Andrew Roberts Reply

    @Eric Maeder Huh ?
    Are you a SeaHawks fan or not ? “ALL” Opponents are Tough in the NFL, so “EVERY” victory is earned or else it’s not a Victory, it’s a loss! (or tie) No matter how the ball bounces…Even if your kicker is bouncing them off of the goal post that night, (make or miss), victories still have to be earned (by the winning team), ’cause you’ve got to put some points on the scoreboard in order to achieve one ! B.T.W…Did you forget that The SeaHawks beat the 49ers in what will be remembered as one of the best games of the entire 2019-20 NFL season and one of the best games in Seahawks History ? There are NO “Weak Teams” in the NFL. There’s just “Strong Teams” and “Stronger Teams”. (Injuries can change that from week to week, too)
    Any given team can beat any given opponent on any given Sunday…Monday…..
    or Thursday!

blisterypoet Estrada Reply

I believe in what Russ says and there still more time to go through what they can all improve on

Noah Williams Reply

We took our slice of humble pie today guys we good 13-3 let’s go

nick 445 Reply

The offense didnt score any points, what a joke

    Webbit2019 Reply

    sick of Russel excuses and Pete Carrolls conservative football…Go Ravens

    Gavin Beard Reply

    Webbit2019 Russell doesn’t make excuses he’s always positive and that’s what makes him a good leader and a great qb. Pete isn’t conservative he’s a defensive minded coach. So stfu

    Gavin Beard Reply

    I mean we scored 3 but I hear yeah 😂

    trending vevo Reply

    @Webbit2019 then stop watching them u don’t put in work u just watch on TV stop complaining if u do nothing

    trending vevo Reply

    @shane nelson ya it’s all about money just watch we gon beat the 49ers

SomeSnowGoon Reply

why is everyone freaking out
1. We aren’t eliminated from post season contention
2. The rams are Russell’s kryptonite
3. Every team has a bad game (14-2 was a long shot. Be honest)
4. In 2013 when we won the SB we went 2-2 in the last 4 games.
5. If it comes down to week 17 against a the niners in Seattle… trust in Russ.

    JohnPaul Sein Reply

    i totally in on in russ we trust im not freaking out im just pointing out how badly they played…

    ddhgdzdf flookoe Reply

    Bro jared goff is basically mentally challenged and he looked the next brady or manning its unacceptable the only good thing is that diggs was a great trade

    Bryson Jones Reply

    mkellsoo24 what about the two interpretation? I think the defense played well this game showed the team what they need to work on and knowing the hawks they will figure it out

    WCRQ Insanity Reply

    And the 12th man

    JohnPaul Sein Reply

    @Bryson Jones diggs played well… pass rush… not so much..

Correy Thomas Reply

I will never understand why they never went to hurry up and pick up the pace to get that defense moving to tire them out. They are missing the boat on that

kb Reply

Offense has been trash ever since defense picked up smh

    Tony Nguyen Reply

    kb right I realized that!! Lockett ain’t been the same since 49ers game. I wish we would use josh Gordon more

    Puppygod Yt Reply

    Tony Nguyen facts take dk out and put gorden

    The Jack Rabbit Reply

    @Puppygod Yt why? DK has been doing great for a rookie more practice he gets on the field the better

War Same Reply

we just never match up well with them, I always factor a possible L in our record when we play them.

QuickStix26 Reply

We had two huge drops on 3rd down that could have kept drives alive early on.

    raider2503 Reply

    QuickStix26 first play of the game, penalty. then these drops. Wasn’t good from the get go.

Fun&Games Reply

Russ needs to run when the play breaks down like Lamar.

    Daniel Louthain Reply

    Russ isn’t Lamar. We need route concepts to give Russ quick options. He can be either a timing pocket passer or a scrambler. We’ve made those adjustments before. We didn’t tonight.

    JohnPaul Sein Reply

    Russ does not have an online like Lamar’s, to compliment his running style..

    Brandon Valentinez Reply

    Russ need to get out more the pocket last night I was at the game and he had many opportunities and yards to run and he didnt he got the sack.

    JohnPaul Sein Reply

    @Brandon Valentinezeverybody has a bad game or two… look at lamar and mahomes.. they both have had bad games… I have faith in russell to produce “like an mvp” but oline HAS to protect him..

Krock Tv Reply

On me they should of
got Gordon In there more he a beast like come on dude u got 3 top flight WR . Dk Gordon and Locket u nigha should be going up and down the field. But when they lost penny it was over

Far West Reply

Congrats to Diggs and Carson for showing up to the game. Hope the rest of the team has a long ride back to Seattle

    CoreyTrevor Layhey Reply

    Yep, it’s not rocket appliance

Darren Yi Reply

At least you don’t have to stress about that whole MVP thing

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