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Quandre Diggs Two Interception Night | Locker Room Sound

Hear what Seahawks players and coaches had to say about Quandre Diggs' two interception night against the Rams including a pick-six.

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Reaper Reply

The only player who showed up tonight was Quandre Diggs. #BigFacts

Sunnyside Up Reply

12s don’t stress better for a fluke game rn than later

    Aaron Keeter Reply

    Rashaad wont be back anytime soon and I dont see this O-line getting better at pass protecting either

3LD Reply

Love ya Hawks, I’m bummed. It’s times like these I am forced to replayed the Phoebe Cates pool clip from “Fast times” in my mind to return to my happy place. Go Hawks!

    Brian Koski Reply

    “I can get an awesome tool set”…
    Something like that…Mybad

    “My father is a TV repairman…
    He’s got an awesome set of tools”… I can fix it!.. lol

    3LD Reply

    @Brian KoskiIf I’m here, and you’re here, doesn’t that make it our time? Certainly, there’s nothing wrong with a little feast on our time!” – Jeff Spicoli. The brilliance of the film was not so much the lines, but much more so the delivery.

    Brian Koski Reply

    I wonder if Charles Jefferson ever played football with R Wilson, and it that creepy dude Damone ever scalped tickets to the games? Lol
    Thanks Spicoli… Lol

    3LD Reply

    @Brian Koski I’m thinking Jefferson’s probably the age of Wilson’s pop, so no, but Damone I would suspect is at the top of his scalping career. I really need to go back and revisit that movie, it seems I have a very selective memory wholly centering around a red bikini.

    Brian Koski Reply

    … Oh yeah. ..
    All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and I’m fine”. Lol
    I wonder if Coach Carroll will ever pick those dude’s attitude back up with a simple Cali quote like that?
    I doubt that R Wilson would Lol.

Brian Koski Reply

Diggin this Badass!…
Hire Him Quick!
Long term!

3LD Reply

Nice work Diggs, the lone bright spot in an otherwise dim game.

Jesus Alejandro Ponce Reply


Jake Reply

Pressure up front? Didn’t see much of that tonight amigo.

Shortest SB Champion QB Reply

The Seahawks will get better during the last 3 games of the season. With this guy on our defense we’ll make the SB #GoHawks

    Seahawk777 GOATS Reply

    If we win out we can get a first round bye. #GoHawks

jslacson Reply

and we still lost. FML.

Popolampoh Reply

The only person on the whole team who can keep his head up high. Quandre that is

gamer siblings Reply

Of we win all of our next 3 games and the saints loss win we number 1

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